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BOTD 07-12-13 The Rules of the Game- An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
The Rules of the Game- An Ivor Production
An Ivor Production
It is the late 1950s and you live in a small village in rural France with your wife and twin twelve year old sons Jean and Philippe. It is summer and they spend a large part of the holidays playing out in the nearby fields and woods with their best friend Anton who is just over a year older then them. You don't know exactly what they get up to but you have found out that some of their games involve the loser paying a penalty.

This evening their is a knock at your door and outside you find Anton with his father who looks irate and is holding his martinet in his hand.. You invite them in assuming Anton and perhaps your boys have been up to some mischief and that perhaps your martinet may have to be used on your sons before the evening is over. Anton is told by his father to lower his leather shorts and show you his derriere. It is evident that he has recently suffered a switching. Questioning of both reveals that today's game involved Anton being captured by 'the enemy' (your sons) and beaten in order to reveal a secret. Anton makes it obvious that he did not split on your sons but the state of his derriere was noticed by his mother when he had a bath. As far as he is concerned the opportunity for getting his own back will occur at some point.

You rather suspect now that the penalties involved in their games could well be spankings which on this occasion may have gone too far.

Are your boys going to feel your martinet or will you leave Anton to get his own back on them?

The picture below might have been taken earlier today

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Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
This one is easy. I shall be getting out my martinet for sure! (When in Paris....)

Can you dig it?


So long as this was consensual, and it clearly was, I'm not getting involved beyond suggesting the boys be more discreet.

David M. Katz

Sounds like it is between the boys. Like Kier, I may suggest more discretion but it sounds like no one is complaining among the boys.

Boys will be boys.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Boys will indeed be boys! I agree completely as long as it was consensual and Anton is ok with it they can work it out between them. We are definitely having a chat about discretion however!


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Kier and company. I see no need to interfere as long as all parties consented freely. I might remind the boys, however, that if they do get in trouble, the martinet will be very uncomfortable on an already sore cul.



Very Happy  DITTO the rest..... I will leave it to the boy's to settle, who's to say one of my own boy's has not been on this recieving end and gotten the same. I will however make my feelings quite clear for any future happenings of this kind.

hugs kal

John Boy

depends on how I can appease Irate dad.


John Boy wrote:depends on how I can appease Irate dad.

See, I won't appease another parent by disciplining one or more of my children unless it's REALLY needed. If it was consentual and Anton isn't injured nor upset, then oh well for Dad.


Why is Anton's dad carrying a martinet?  

My instant reaction is that I'm not going to be bounced into whipping my sons on demand by another parent.

When the details emerge and it becomes clear that Anton is cool about the affair but the marks show that my boys may been somewhat over enthusiastic and gone a tad o.t.t.  I will take the proffered martinet, hand it to Anton  and send the boys out to the shed to sort things out between themselves while his dad and I enjoy a glass of wine together. Cool


The honest truth is that I'm not going to get the honest truth of this. Not with Anton's Dad standing there, obviously upset.

However, as far as I'm concerned (especially if Anton does seem like he thinks he'll 'get his own back' later), this was just a childish game, giving them a chance to be the punishers (and probably to explore each others body a bit).

All I'm going to do is set a few guidelines and limitations for them.

Now, if Anton was really hurt, or if he seems upset beyond his dad finding out about it, that might be another subject....

As for me, I'd be more upset about my mom spying on me while I bathed at 12 years old.


That isnt a scene from Le guerre de les boutons is it. Think that was around the 50s or 60s and then there was a remake set in 1970s Ireland.

Big problem will be Antons parents. They clearly expect retribution and Antons father has brought his martinet along. I will see if bonhommie and a glass of wine will help placate the man. We are French after all! I won't be whipping my boys nor letting the irate Papa but if Anton wishes to I will allow that and tell the boys to take whats coming.

Sa suffit?

Oui D'accord


squarecutter wrote:That isnt a scene from Le guerre de les boutons is it. Think that was around the 50s or 60s and then there was a remake set in 1970s Ireland.

Not that I know of. It was just a pic I happened to come across and I thought should be used as it was rather different to the norm as well as being from, shall I say, a more spank inclined era.Very Happy

Stone Man

It does not appear that Anton is an aggrieved party, but rather a willing participant in an activity allowing the opportunity to also give punishments rather than just receive them as well as participate in some mutual exploration.

I will not be punishing my boys to appease Anton's father. Anton is told to have nothing to do with my boys because of that, all three boys lose.

My boys and I will talk this through once we are alone.

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