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(Caution: Strong Sexual Theme) BOTD 7/16/13 "A Chip Off The Old Block" A Memory Man Production

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David M. Katz

Note:  This BOTD contains sexual themes.  If such a thing bothers you then please exit now.

A Chip Off The Old Block
A Memory Man Production

You are the widowed father of four boys, 8yo Nick, 12yo twins Doug and Ernie, and Angus who will be sixteen in a few days. All the boys are spanked, but less often than they might be because you have a guilty secret; spanking them stimulates you. You love to feel the contours of their buttocks and to see them changing colour as your punishing hand turns them to a glowing red and as they twist and squirm around across your lap. Accordingly you are careful to reserve spanking as a final sanction but when you do spank you make it count and really wear them out.

Nick - 8
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Doug and Ernie - 12
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Angus - Almost 16
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Angus, your eldest was at one stage a right little tearaway who, in spite of your reluctance, spent quite a lot of time across your lap but now is growing into a trustworthy reliable young man, a serious student who readily lends a hand with the domestic chores and keeps an eye on his brothers in your absence. It is over a year now since you last spanked Angus and your relationship has moved from man/child towards a more adult one and you have (sadly) come to accept the likelihood that his firm pert bottom has bounced around across your lap for the last time. Some of your neighbours appear to share your view of Angus' maturity because he has developed a nice little earner baby-sitting their kids, "Getting paid to study" he laughingly calls it.

Today has been a fraught sort of day for you, the younger boys have been hyper all day and repeatedly ignored your warnings and remonstrations until you finally had enough and rewarded all three (and yourself) with an exemplary bed time spanking.

You leave them crying in bed and come downstairs to flop into a chair where Angus is watching TV. He turns and grins at you. "A good night for you there then Dad - all three of 'em."
"A good night?" You expostulate "Think I enjoy spanking them?"
His grin gets wider.
"Oh come on dad; when I was squirming around on your lap I could feel the massive hard you often had on beneath me."
You blush and splutter in confusion and he hurriedly carries on.
"It was OK; You are a hard spanker but you were always fair and I had to have been a right little shit before I copped it. Anyway I don't resent it 'cos I reckon now that I'm a chip off the old block"
Startled by that you ask. "What do yo mean by that? - - You've been spanking your brothers?"
"Nah! I don't really think I could do that; but you know what a right little brat Billy Pearson is. His dad knows it too, he's given me permission to spank him and he always drops me a decent tip on top of my fee. I've only spanked him once but Oh Boy!"

Billy - 10
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Angus' eyes were shining as he went on. "The little shit refused to co-operate and I had to wrestle his pants off and force him across my lap. His cries were like music and his arse was cherry red by the time I'd finished. "I'm going to tell my dad" he wailed, but when I told him I would tell his dad and I would also tell him he could find another sitter he went to pieces and started begging me; "Please don't Angus, I'll get the cane for sure."
I had to fight you all the way there, I told him, but get back over my lap yourself for a few more I wont. You know what dad? He went back over like a little lamb and gosh his arse was red hot when I rubbed it. I just gave him another six little smacks and let him up and he hasn't been any trouble since.

Then there's Landon. He's twelve now and one of the oldest I sit and he's a great kid; but one day when his cousin Keith was sleeping over I heard some funny noises after they'd gone to bed and when I went up to investigate they were both naked and playing cards for spanks.
"Don't tell Dad, or we'll get that" Lan pleaded, pointing to an old razor strop on the back of his door.
I wouldn't have told his dad anyway but I pretended to be thinking about it when Keith piped up "Please! .....You could spank us instead"
Lan was quick to follow "Please Angus; then you wont have to tell dad"

Landon - 12
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Keith - 12
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Well dad! What else could I do with two naked twelve year olds begging me to spank them. ? I took them over my lap and spanked their already pink little bums until they started to cry. Then when I'd stopped I had to make a dash for the bog.

Funny thing though dad, next time I sat for Lan he started playing me up and when I threatened to spank him he just giggled and said "Yes please." He told me I'm an awesome spanker, that after I'd spanked him and Keith their bottoms were really smarting and they'd had their best wank ever; they were still all tingly when they went to bed and he said it felt great with the sheets rubbing on them when they moved. "OK then get 'em down" I said - and he did and his little dick was hard when he climbed across my knees. So I spanked him hard until he was crying and he was still stiff when I let him up and he ran upstairs. I had a bit of a pole on too. Now he often winds me up deliberately until I spank him."

"Seems funny dad, why should a kid keep asking to be spanked until it hurts so much that he cries?" Angus asks turning to look you in the eye to say wistfully "I don't understand it; but then again you never stopped spanking me when I'd just started to cry and my bum was all smarting and tingly."

How will you respond? Will you take the bait?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
Having placed myself in this most uncomfortable of positions, I'm not going to confirm or deny Angus's conclusions, which undoubtedly come as a nasty shock. I will, however, tell him that he is in real danger of finding himself answering charges of sexual abuse. If he wants to spank someone, it must be consensual activity with someone who is his own age. Then, I'm going to take my own advice and remove spanking as a disciplinary option or arrange for my wife to do it from now on.



This is going to be the hardest talk I have with my oldest son ever. Kat is right, he is on a dangerous path and needs guidance. But, since I never abused my sons by spanking them unfairly I don't think I have anything to feel guilty about, so I won't alter my punishments.


Editor Extraordinaire
Padraig wrote:This is going to be the hardest talk I have with my oldest son ever. Kat is right, he is on a dangerous path and needs guidance. But, since I never abused my sons by spanking them unfairly I don't think I have anything to feel guilty about, so I won't alter my punishments.

I don't agree that the father in the scenario has nothing to feel guilty about or that he should continue to spank his younger sons. Already, his oldest son has picked up on his sexual enjoyment in administering spankings. Furthermore, the arousal he experiences isn't just incidental and something that he tries to suppress; it is something of which he is well aware and that he savors as a reward to himself. Even if the boys do not realize their father is receiving sexual gratification from spanking them, it's a form of exploitation that I find troubling for a father to indulge in. It makes his sons props and objects in a sexual act. I find it akin to spying on an unaware person who is in a state of undress in a place where he or she expects privacy. The person may not realize that the exploitation is occurring, but when the person does, there will be very real anger. The fact that this father is exploiting his own sons in this way makes it worse rather mitigating it.



Kat wrote: that he savors as a reward to himself.

One might understand the scenario that way, I don't.


Padraig wrote:
Kat wrote: that he savors as a reward to himself.

One might understand the scenario that way, I don't.

While it is possible for a person who likes spanking to spank purely for disciplinary reasons (as a matter of fact, the scenario makes it clear that this father makes a serious effort to do so), the scenario also makes it clear that the father does consider spanking the boys to be a reward for himself (it's actually a direct quote).

As a widower, I think Kat will have some trouble getting his wife to do the spanking, however, I think he has a point about the rest. This might be someone who doesn't spank often, but it's still someone who has sexual arousal during the spanking... I think it might be best to not use this method anymore if that can't be avoided (or if it's actually enjoyed during the spanking, rather than put aside for later contemplation - more likely to effect ones actions that way, I'd think).

On the other hand, Angus and Lan is within the limits of Texas law (three years), but I am going to have a long talk with him about what's legal and also what's ethical. Since this seems to be set in Britain, with their much different laws on physical punishment, I'll probably forbid him from spanking anymore.


The boys enthusiasm for this worries me. He is on a dangerous path. I need to feel he can keep this in check or I think I should stop him from babysitting. I don't think 16 year olds spanking 12 year olds is a good idea at all. So yes a serious chat is needed. It also needs to be unpleasant to the receiver not a way of stimulating juvenile sexual awakening. I think for me I will stop putting the boys over my knee if they can discern this reaction. Spanking, if needed may have to be slightly less. shall we say. personal in future.


Something is flashing red here, but it's a light rather than a butt.

I need to, at the very least, change my method of spanking my kids and Angus needs to be warned that he is on a very dangerous path if he continues as he is with younger boys.

Hopefully he will be able to find someone nearer his own age who shares his urges. If not then perhaps in a couple of years time.........


Hmm, let's drag myself out of semi-retirement to see what I can do here...

First of all, I give Angus one heck of a spanking.

No, I'm kidding. Let's be clear, I don't do that. I may WANT to do that, but I won't.

I'm concerned about Landon. It seems my interest in spanking has been passed along to Angus, who is now passing it to Landon, and I'm ultimately to be held responsible for that. I need to stop this, before it creates a domino effect that causes the entire town to become filled with spankaholics. Or gets someone in trouble with the law. Whichever's the more likely result. Either way, Angus is temporarily banned from using spanking from anyone he babysits.

I say temporarily, because I want to be able to make sure that he isn't crossing any lines when he spanks anyone. That's really important here. As someone who, in real life, did spank people who I was babysitting (typically my younger brother) quite hard and until they were thoroughly worn out, I need to be sure that Angus is using this responsibly, because the way in which he described these encounters is not filling me with confidence.

I have three younger boys (Nick, Doug and Ernie) who I can monitor. I will have a long talk with Angus, and explain that as he insists on giving punishment in means of spanking, he will be helping me out next time the three boys are in need of one. This will be carefully monitored and done under my eye. I will expect to see that Angus is using discipline in a mature and proper manner, and not doing so simply for his own satisfaction.

If I feel satisfied that he is able to manage this responsibly and safely, he may be permitted to do so without being monitored. At some point in the future, he may even be permitted to use spanking on someone he is babysitting again, if he shows responsibility in doing so.

If Angus feels happy with this result, I will also so happy. In which instance, I may tell him that any time he has done anything he feels guilty about or in need of correction for, or is uncertain what kind of sensation he is giving to another person, he can come to me and request a spanking, as I generally won't have need to give him a non-consensual one anymore. If he is angry, upset or otherwise not happy with the rules I have put in place, however, I simply won't mention this suggestion. Got to lead by example here, and all that.


At least I will insist Angus have written permission from the parents, before spanking anyone. I will mention to Angus that he carefully make sure there is no requirement to tell the parents if he spanked their kid! That will help him gain cooperation by being able to ask if the kid would rather have him tell the parents, and not spank the kid!


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