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BOTD 06-20-2013 Just Called to Say I Love You - A Lat Chat Production - Jkher, Leti, John Boy DMK

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Bransom Postmaster
I Just Called To Say I Love You
A Late Chat Production
*Jkher, Leti, John Boy, DMK
You are a single parent and you and your son are on vacation together. You are not the custodial parent and treasure your time with him! He is usually delighted to spend time with you, and you like to spend a bit to travel with him. This year, you have taken him to Florida for ten days.  He has just turned fourteen this year and has developed some annoying teen habits, but you put up with the rolling eyes and monosyllabic grunts.  However, he has just gotten his first 'girlfriend'.

Your ex has talked to you about their first love, and has concerns that they spend too much time together and always talking on the phone. This has not changed since you have left on vacation. You are concerned about the long distance bill that he's racking up and have talked to him about it. He has reluctantly agreed that they can talk when he gets back. On a visit to one of the larger theme parks. He excuses himself to buy a drink. Twenty minutes later, he is no where to be found!

After a panicky search involving staff, you find him:

Paul -14
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He admits that after getting his drink, he just had to talk to his 'love'.

What do you do now?

Can you dig it?


Editor Extraordinaire
I calm the f**k down. Why is a long distance phone bill an issue in this era of cell phones and Skype? If I want the kid to call me to say he loves me, I'd better chill, and so had his mama. There is nothing like parents insisting on meddling with first love to drive kids to one of those disastrous carpe diem moments. Instead of obsessing about how much time he and his girlfriend are spending together, she should make sure he has access to condoms, JIC, and focus on ways of including the girlfriend in family activities and group activities.



I buy Paul a cellphone with over 44,000 free long distance minutes per month!



Amen. Long distance is "free" in the modern era--one of the few things about it that's an improvement over "the good old days". Cell to cell calls are free; cell to landline ones are free after 6. And skype to skype is free all the time.

This is a non-issue. If I make it into one, I'm likely to alienate my son.


The only thing I will address is that he's gone missing. If he just told me he wanted a chat with his girlfriend everything would have been fine. This is not a issue for punishment, just one to talk out.

Stone Man

My primary complaint of Paul is not returning to me within a reasonable time. I guess I've taken the advice of the group as it looks like Paul is using a cellphone when I get to him, so the expense of long distance is not an issue.

After we talk this event over and come to a better understanding it will be of to more fun... I guess I'll have to wait until an unsolvable issue comes up to get my boy over my knee.

John Boy

My ex SO needs to get him a phone with better long distance plans. I can't see how fair it is to force him to stop talking with his GF, we shall talk about since it says we already talked about it, I will set up a half hour time slot each day for him to talk, otherwise he can't and maybe when the affraid Bill comes he can pay for some of those long distance charges.


I'm going to check out and we will go back home as it is obviously a waste of time and money being here in Florida.


was the phone bought before the GF came along. Perhaps Paul should be on Pay as you go. Then he'd know what it was costing. It bothers me more that Paul just fell off the radar like that. Iknowhe a big boy now but a little consideration wouldn't go amiss. Also that he needn't feel too embarrassed to talk to her in front of the old man. A bit of consideration on both sides is called for. I have no wish to get in the way of young love but I hope Paul and I can still have fun when together.


If he has a cell phone, I'm not sure from where the long distance bills are coming. If this is international or something (or some company with roaming charges I'm not familiar with), I'm making it clear to him that he's paying the phone bill (we can probably go online tomorrow and get an idea of what his charges are currently like, which might make the point to him).

What was I doing at an amusement park that I didn't just go with him to get a drink? If I was holding our place in line for something, I guess that boats sailed, and I'll point that out to him, as well as pointing out that I'm disappointed that a young man his age isn't capable of keeping his word.

Besides that, I think this is a less said is best impression case, and we'll just move on.


I'm in line with Kat on this one......

I'm more concerned with him disappearing and me to freak,so as I try really hard not kill him I will sit down and we will talk.

As for the girlfriend issue I need to be more understanding and when we get back we will do things that include the girlfriend as it seams I'm needing to share my sons time....

As for the phone well..... Really?

Hugs kal

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