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BOTD 7/30/13 "Bruce Is In The Bounce House . . ." A Late Chat Production

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David M. Katz

*A Late Chat Production
*Leti, Jkher, John Boy, DMK

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Your son, eight-year-old Bruce, has been invited to a friend's birthday party.  There is a bounce house at the party and Bruce loves playing in the bounce house.

The party is wrapping up and it is time to go.  You tell Bruce it is time to go and to come on out of the bounce house.  He refuses saying he isn't finished bouncing.  You get firmer and tell Bruce that it is time to go home.  Bruce yells back at you, "NO!"  Bruce then crawls over to the far corner of the bounce house and continues to play.  Other guests and parents are starting to notice the situation.

How do you deal with your bouncing boy?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


By chilling a bit, taking a deep breath, and saying, "Bruce, the party is over now. You want to be invited back next time, don't you?"

If that doesn't work, I'll take off my shoes and go fetch him. If this is required, he and my palm will be doing some talking when we get home.


Ditto Jack

David M. Katz

Jack wrote: I'll take off my shoes and go fetch him.  

Since your shoe is off maybe it should be put to good use. Twisted Evil 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
Bruce is old enough to understand that all good things have to end. The first thing I'm going to do is remind him that telling me 'No' is disrespectful. If he is the last child in the bounce house and the hosts are waiting to take the thing down, deflate it, or whatever you do to them, I'm going to point that out and tell him once more, it is time to come out. Then I will begin counting, which he should recognize as a warning that there will be punishment if I reach ten. If there are other children still playing in it, I will tell him, "Two more minutes, and then we have to leave." That will give him the chance to play just a bit longer without making too much of a concession.



Okay, what happened to my sweet boy? I'm going to calmly tell him to get out once again, and that I will have them start to deflate it with him in it if he doesn't. If that doesn't work, I'll tell them to start deflating it.

Seriously though,

I'd give him a fair warning that if he doesn't come out now he's getting his little bare butt thoroughly spanked.


Very Happy  DITTO jack!!!

hugs kal


What indeed happened to him? I like Kat's approach of allowing a minute or 2 to 'save face' however if there's a second "no" hurled my way he's going to be worried about saving his rear instead.

Even if he does come out without further issue, we'll still discuss that first no when we get home. Said discussion is likely to sting a little!

John Boy

Having been a bounce house bouncer (Enforcer) I have had to go in after a kid (then again it was usually a scared kid not a rule breaker. He gets a spanking when we get home.

Stone Man

I also like Kat's suggestion of a short time limit and then we need to leave. I would think the hosts would need to be deflating the bounce house unless they have already planned to keep it another day.

I hope we can take care of things without a scene, but will not rule out going in after him.


I like Kat's idea of a 'countdown' which I'm pretty sure Bruce should recognise as a danger signal.

The alternative is to check when the hosts intend to deflate it. If immediately after the party that could work, but I have no idea how long those things do take for that.


Not even a minute. That was my first thought. However, having supervised dozends of bouncing houses (now I know how it's called in English), that scenario is very familiar. With some kids the countdown worked, with other two more minutes. But I wouldn't have allowed an adult inside while other kids are in the house, no matter what happened. If someone got injured, the house was shut down and people could go in when it stopped being bouncy.


David M. Katz wrote:
Jack wrote: I'll take off my shoes and go fetch him.  

Since your shoe is off maybe it should be put to good use.  Twisted Evil 

For sure if Bruce continues to behave like a toddler something is going to be bouncing off Bruces little backside. and Bruce definitly won't feel like bouncing after that. The tricky bit fo now is to make sure we can make a dignified exit. Hop to it Bruce.

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