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BOTD 8/1/13 "The High Price Of Fame: The Voice Of Truth" A Late Chat production

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David M. Katz


*A Late Chat Production
* Leti, Jkher, John Boy, DMK

Please first refer to part one of this adventure from 7/31/13.

It is the next day and you happen to be looking around on You Tube and, as is your practice, you check James' You Tube account.

There is a new video titled "Little Bros Epic Slide."  You open the video and there is James' voice daring Michael to make the slide and telling his brother he will be famous.  Michael is protesting but James keeps pushing and daring.  Then the entire incident unfolds on the video before you.  James has even managed to zoom in on the falling lamp.

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JAMES - 10
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How do you handle your newly discovered information?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
James has no business having a Youtube account at age ten, so I'll remedy that first of all. I'll also be depriving him of the phone or whatever media he used to make the video. I consider his behavior to be pretty reprehensible for a kid who is only ten: he encouraged his little brother to disobey, he exploited his brother to make the video, he let his brother take the fall and even made a point of lying about his own involvement. Clearly James is a sociopath, so I'll be making an appointment with a good psychologist in the hopes of addressing his issues before he starts killing animals or toddlers.



I certainly can't agree with Kat. On the other hand, I think the boy must have a problem if he missed the sore butt yesterday, then posted proof of his involvement.

I'm going to have a talk with Michael about peer pressure, letting his brother push him, and being honest with me.

As for James, I do think Kat has a point about the video camera and the youtube account (or internet access at all). I might reconsider, but my basic feeling is that those are the consequences of him proving his inability to handle them, and he still has a spanking coming for his part in breaking the rules, though it probably won't be too harsh.


oooooo......Jimbo is in deep hot water!

He's not only lied to my face he corrupted his brother and got him spanked. He's toast, plain and simple! After the waterworks are finished, we will review the whole issue of a 10 year old having You-tube access/an account. I see this going away also.


Has this sort of thing been habitual for James? Or is it a "one off".

It's certainly "anti-social" behavior, but not sure it's all that different from what many big brothers do to littler ones if they can get away with it.

I DO think, especially in light of Michael's spanking yesterday, James has one coming, which will be a bit upgraded as opposed to merely age appropriate. If he seems appropriately penitent pre-spanking, I may hold off on an appointment with a psychologist. If it's a pattern, getting a "neutral third party" involved is probably a good idea.

Either way he's getting spanked, and either way he's losing his youtube and cam privileges until he can demonstrate he's mature enough to handle them (18? LOL). Seriously, I thought you had to be at least 13 to have a facebook or youtube account of your own.


Editor Extraordinaire
My response was meant to be an exaggeration about the extent of how seriously I see James' behavior and how I would address it, but I do think it shows I'm failing somewhere to instill a sense of right and wrong in him. I can accept inciting his little brother to disobey for a video as typical, thoughtless sibling behavior, but not his cold-blooded lying about his role in what happened, which would at least have mitigated Michael's punishment.


Stone Man

I'm floored and completely blindsided by James' involvement in Michael's troubles. My gut response is a whippin' to James like nothing he has experienced before. If this is other than a one-off, James is headed for counseling.


scratch  maybe because I was the baby/girl of my family and grew up with all boy's and this being a regular occurance for me and most siblings I know.

I understand siblings doing this to each other and I understand lieing when faced with trouble. having just reread the first BOTD I dont feel that james is in trouble for doing the sock skating, so in regauards to that he wont be in trouble as he actualy did not skate. I will however be having a rather strong talk about how upset I am that he incouraged his little brother to do this but in the long run it was michael that went ahead and did the slide therefore he earned his spanking.

as for the Utube "what the heck" was I even thinking letting my 10 year old even have this account. me taking this away will depend on if when he was allowed to open it if we had a long talk about having this kind of account and if we went over the rules of posting stuff. really what he posted is not bad. the way he went about getting that video was.

no further punishment....

hugs kal

John Boy

I agree James lied to me, and has proven he can't handle a youtube account. Which is probably a good reason why I check it so often. He is getting a spanking. The other spanking was still justified since Michael was sock skating, even if there was tempting he was still skating.


James lied, AND got his gullible little brother in trouble. I think , being older that his crime was a lot worse so he will be paddled because this was a bit malicious. Michael and I will talk about not giving in to pressure to do something he knows is wrong. Oh and that You tube account, is no more.


Oh James! Your butt is kaput Smile


Of course he get spanked - for lying to me when I asked him if he had anything to do with the sliding (I just wonder why the little one didn't spill the beans when being spanked).

On the other hand I'm a bit proud of him for his skills in the computer world. So I won't discourage him from playing with modern media but I will monitor it more closely. No uploads without permission. The sliding vid will go so he will loose his trophy. That should be enough.


Padraig wrote:Of course he get spanked - for lying to me when I asked him if he had anything to do with the sliding (I just wonder why the little one didn't spill the beans when being spanked).

Very true, that is a bit curious. I certainly would have and there's no doubt whatsoever that my brother would do anything to get my butt whipped if his was already burnin'! Misery loves company and all. Suspect 

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