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BOTD 08-10-13 Can I Get a Pop? A Jack Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Jack Production

You and your 10-year old son are spending the day fishing. The two of you are out in a quiet part of the lake, just enjoying the afternoon together. It's a change of pace, because Carl has been having some real behavior issues lately, including using language that you find totally reprehensible (he uses the n-word, not racially, but in the casual way that some rappers do,) and he kept using it even after you explained it's history to him, and how wrong it was. As a matter of fact, he kept using it until you promised him a thorough spanking the next time you heard it from him. Just now, when asking for a drink, he used the term towards you (Yo, my n---a, can I get a pop?).

CARL -10
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Is he going to get more than one pop? When and where?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
It certainly is spanking time

Can you dig it?


He's getting at least a six pack!!! Razz 

Seriously, depending upon where he lives this could be hazardous to his health.  While I may rail about how stupid society has become, I have a duty as his dad to keep him from endangering himself.

This is a habit that get's broken NOW!!


Carl has been warned numerous times, and has been promised "a thorough spanking the next time you heard it from him".

This is not the same situation as Paula Deen using that word after a "gentleman" held a gun to her head during a bank robbery, and even then her use was a private conversation with her husband while she was still nearly hysterical.

If Carl were to use that word in the wrong location (not that any location is a "right location" for it), he could end up dead or maimed.

So, he's going to get the thorough spanking he was promised. And maybe suck on some soap as well. Since he can't seem to learn through his brain, perhaps the other end will be more effective. Given the long term consequences of using that word, better he should cry now than either or both of us should cry later.

John Boy

He could use a good spanking like promised plus something to clean out that mouth of his.

Stone Man

Carl is most definitely getting a POP! I was thinking along the line of a "case" at the very least, Dimitri. Razz 

Even if it was not dangerous to him, Carl needs to loose this word... and so do the rappers who promote it through use.


Pop away, Pop.


He is testing borders - now he will learn the consequences of crossing them


At 10, Carl's old enough to wait for a bit, but I prefer to avoid that when I can. It really depends on how quiet this part of the lake is. Especially if we're way out, close in to a wooded shore, I see no reason those trunks shouldn't come right down. I wonder if that mandatory flotation device will help keep his hands off his bottom while I'm reddening it.

Normally this would earn him an upgrade to the medium spatula, but I think the situation will do enough to stress how unhappy I am, so hand signals should work this time.

David M. Katz

Sure, you can get a pop! How 'bout around six? And, would you like something to drink?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
The "n-word" and variations of it are wrong, regardless of who is justifying it. I've heard some heated discussions between generations of African-Americans regarding its use among African-Americans, and I side with the older generations. I also see little difference in pronouncing it so it ends with an "a" rather than "er". If I were African-American, I would not permit my child to use the word in a casual way. I certainly am not going to condone Carl's use of it.

I'm just not sure I would have threatened a spanking, as I see his use as a bad habit that needs to be broken rather than something malicious. However, having promised that response, I will carry it out. I think that rather than the usual spanking, I may cut a switch -- surely there are some river willows about -- and give him one sharp stroke with it over his shorts, which will certainly get his attention. Afterwards, I will tell him that from now on, he gets a lick whenever I hear the word in my presence; but I will also set some goals for him, with rewards for going certain lengths of time without using it. For instance, if he goes a week, I might give him something minor, such as taking him out for an ice cream cone. As I can't be around him all the time, I will ask him to be honest about it slipping out with friends for the purpose of reward, though I won't ask him to report on himself for punishment.



Surprised to find one I haven't looked at.

Guess the paddles are probably a bit unwieldy for this use! . If we are in a quiet part of the lake I think I am just going to put him over my knee and spank his bare behind with my hand. The noise may scare the fish away for a while but never mind. I hope this will cure this young man of using words like this. I suspect he is being thoughtless rather than with sinister beliefs. When all is calm again he may ask for a pop again, nicely!

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