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BOTD 08-17-13 Jumping to Conclusions A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Production

Your two sons, Declan who is twelve and Dewey who is ten, love to jump on their beds.  The jumping was damaging the mattresses and Declan got a nasty bruise on his head when he fell off of his bed while jumping.  You told the boys that jumping on their beds was not allowed and a spanking would be the consequence if they were caught.  Dewey tested you last week, jumped on his bed and broke the bed frame.  You administered the promised spanking.

You are now on a family vacation and have rented a nice guest house by the seaside.  The boys seemed to have settled into their new home for a week and like it.  You go to check on the boys in their bedroom in the guest house and you see:

DECLAN - 12 and DEWEY - 10
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You immediately stop the boys and tell them to prepare to be spanked.  They protest that they were never told they couldn't jump on this guest bed.  They say they thought you meant just their beds at home.  The boys also add, "And if we do break it, it won't be a big deal because it isn't ours."

Have your sons jumped to a wrong conclusion?

Can you dig it?


It's kid think.

But yes, they've jumped to the wrong conclusion, and will be doing some different jumping shortly. Additionally, the conclusion that breaking someone else's things is ok is wrongheaded and rude.

"Two little monkeys jumping on the bed
One fell off and broke his head
Daddy called the doctor and the doctor said:
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed."


Too bad, in a way, someone hasn't already ended up with stitches. That would be a logical conclusion they'd learn from. Sadly, they'll have to settle for a spanking that's firm enough for them to know I mean business.

John Boy

That is a tough one. I will tell them about the fact that I would still have to pay for the damages, or should I say their allowance would do a disapeering act till I was paid back. I will then kick myself for the old small jumping time on hotel room beds. I will give them the BOTD (Benefit of the Doubt) and let it slide butt the next time I will spank them if they jump again on these beds or ANY beds without permission.


Very Happy ....DITTO JB!!!

hugs kal


I can sort of see the kid logic on this, but there is also a question of respect for other peoples' property. Would they go round drawing on the walls because is isn't their house? Hopefully not!

They are getting a spanking, but not severe. Don't want to spoil the holiday!


Nice try boys; ...  now get those pants down.


Nothing has been damaged so far so they get one stern warning and the rule will be extended to all beds. You're lucky, boys, that I'm in vacation mood.


Such a response does not please me. Why should it be better to break someone elses property rather than our own! It would also. likely, end up on our

bill if the bed is broken. I Padraig also want to stay in holiday mood but having told them to prepare and also because I think the above point needs making the

boys are getting spanked. A short sharp hand spanking which will hurt but from which they will recover quickly is called for. The moral lecture may take a

little longer than planned.


A lot of this really depends on the boys' prior history. Depending on how they've behaved over the years, I'll know if this is really an honest mistake or if one (or both) of them have a history of rules-lawyering.

I think that a spanking is going to occur either way. I really don't mind a little jumping on the bed (though my kids really can't do it, since we mostly use bunk beds or captain's beds, which means no box springs), but it sounds like these two go crazy with it (bruise on the head? are they doing tricks or something?).

If I really think it's an honest mistake, having them get ready and over my lap should build enough tension that just a few smacks each will do the deed. If they're rules lawyers, then they're both going to be shedding a few tears.

(Also, remind me to teach these kids about safety deposits, as well as respect for other people's belongings.)

David M. Katz

I am more concerned about the nonchalant attitude towards the property of others.

I could almost excuse the "kid think" here but Declan and Dewey have earned a trip over my knee for 3 or 4 hard smacks. It won't ruin our vacation but it will send a message.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Thinking it most likely that I told the boys there was to be no jumping on beds (not the 'your beds' in the scenario) both boys will be getting some unwanted lap time with me.

Both would still be spanked had I said 'your beds'.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Padraig. I doubt they thought it was okay to jump on other people's beds, but I'll give them one warning so as not to spoil the holiday.


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