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BOTD Extra: 17 August 2013 - Shots Cause a Sore Rear for Whom?

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It's nearly the end of summer, and you've taken full-time possession of the sons of two of your best friends - Kim and Curtis (during the daytime). Kim is a teacher, and the two weeks before school are used in catching up red tape, and preparing her class room and lesson plan. Curtis is the owner/manager of an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) company, and, even with storms bringing slightly cooler temperatures a couple of days for the second time this summer, he's been working sixty hour weeks since Memorial Day.

Kim and Curtis actually have eight children. Normally, when you watch the kids, you're actually watching the second through sixth eldest. The oldest, Christa, has always kept the two youngest at their home, while you watch the majority of the boys. This summer, for the first time, the youngest child, Brandon, who is now six and about to start first grade, has been making regular visits to your home, freeing Christa and eight-year old Morgan (the only two daughters) to visit their female friends more often (and even occasionally invade your boys' club to use the pool).

Kim had the kids scheduled for their annual physical a few weeks ago, but her sister had health problems, which required Kim to leave for a couple of days, and they had to reschedule the appointment to this morning. She had already okayed that with the school, and you knew to inspect the kids about 10:30 or 11am. You expected her to just drop them and run, so you were a bit surprised when she came in with them.

More specifically, she brought two of them in with her, and you were a bit surprised she wasn't dragging each of them by an ear.

Donny and Tyler are 12 and 13 right now, and it's hard to believe you've known them nearly five years. For most of that time, you've treated them like you have your own kids, and both of them have had a number of spankings from you. There have been times, when they've run to you for parental aid, when their dad was having to work long hours - especially as they've gotten older and more shy about being bared by a female.

Checking the clock, you realize that Kim is a bit later than you expected her. Obviously forcing herself to be patient, Kim explains to you that Brandon had a huge meltdown. He's never been scared of needles before, but he freaked when they confirmed he was going to have to have some vaccinations. It turns out that someone had been winding him up about how shots were different once you started grade school, and that they hurt a lot worse.

It didn't take much investigation from her part to learn that the two she has with her were the guilty party.

She explains to you that she hasn't done anything to them, she's too mad to do anything to them, and she has no idea what time Curtis will be home, so she's just turning them over to you and you can handle them or not how and as you please.

Donny (12), Tyler (13), and Brandon (6) on a less teasy afternoon.
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They don't really give shots in the butts like they used to (more commonly the thigh now), but you do remember some of them leaving you with a really sore butt. Who's getting a sore rear from this trip to the doctor's office?

David M. Katz

The older boys are just doing their "job" as big brother BUT it was still mean. Older brothers have been tormenting little brothers since the beginning of time but that still doesn't make it right.

I think a moderate spanking is needed here. Each boy can get a session with a medium paddle and will learn what really causes one's bottom to hurt.

And evil spanko me says Brandon gets to watch. Twisted Evil 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


The damage has already been done to poor Brandon.  Anticipation and built up dread is mostly what makes shots (and spankings) hurt more.  It's the reason why your dentist tells you that you'll "experience a slight bit of discomfort" rather than "this is going to hurt like hell".

Big brothers have behaved this way since time immemorial, but it's still mean.  I don't think I'd be nearly as furious as Kim, but since she's brought them specifically to be punished, I think that I'm going to temper justice with mercy and send my own message.

I'm guessing at 12 and 13, Donny and Tyler haven't yet experienced the Lexan.  And I'm also guessing that they've heard from the older boys how awful it is.  (If they have, pick another upgrade implement).  I'm going to tell them that's what they're getting, and then make them wait a while for it.

When it comes time to execute sentence, each boy will only get 1 or 2, but that should send the appropriate message.

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Twisted Evil I actually really like kiers Idea ..... So DITTO

Hugs kal


I like Kiers suggested punishment but I think if Brandon hasn't had his shot yet? I might wait till he has. A little fearful anticipation is not a bad thing



John Boy

Ditto Katz


Maybe they did not want to be mean with Brandon, but they need to understand that they caused him to be more anxious about the shots.
They will have to make it up to him.


Personally I'm ambivalent on this but their mother (and my good friend) who has turned them over to me clearly thinks they should be spanked ............ and spanked they shall be.

Stone Man

A couple of swats with the lexan sounds like a good beginning.


As an eldest sib, I claim divine right to torture my younger sibs! Razz  Seriously, I did this for real when I was a boy though it didn't result in Misha bugging out of his boosters; it just meant that he was quite afraid when he went in. Of course if mum knew I had done this, ie 'when she found out', my rear would be toast summarily and so shall it be here!

Little bro can watch while I 'explain' that it does hurt more when one is older!! Razz 


Dimitri wrote:
As an eldest sib, I claim divine right to torture my younger sibs! Razz

lol!  no truer words have ever been said.....but then again as a younger sib, we can also make OLDER SIBS lives HELL.....hehehe

hugs kal

John Boy

kalico wrote:

lol!  no truer words have ever been said.....but then again as a younger sib, we can also make OLDER SIBS lives HELL.....hehehe

hugs kal


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll break out the Lexan, but only so I can tell their mom they've been punished. I'm not comfortable leaving them to her, as I think she has overreacted. Perhaps back-to-school stress is making everything seem worse.



After I posted this, I realized it was one of the 'unfair' scenarios about which I often complain. There was simply too much information to present. However, it was interesting to see how different people reacted, and which assumptions were made by whom.

One of the things I like about Kim is that, she does sometimes get too worked up about something, but she seems to be able to realize that. As far as I've seen, if she gets too upset to make a fair decision, she passes the kids on to Curtis, or me if he's not around.

This was definitely one of those cases.

To be fair to myself, I do not act strictly as her executioner. While I'm always happy to have a good excuse to spank cute boys, if I don't feel it is a good excuse (reason, whatever - if they don't deserve it), I'm not going to spank. Kim knows that, excepts it, and when she told me to 'handle them them or not as (I) please', she was being literal and serious. It was my decision.

Here's where I had the real trouble. I know how boys are, and I have no trouble with some brotherly teasing. I also know that sometimes teasing goes awry. For that matter, even when not teasing, sometimes a person manages to say exactly the wrong thing, at exactly the wrong time. I know it's happened to me from both sides.

If I'd thought that was what this was, I would have dismissed it and talked with Kim before releasing the boys to her. However, I was able to talk with the other Malones and I found out that this wasn't just a bit of teasing gone wrong, but that it had been carried on at least since the previous day, that it had continued despite Brandon growing obviously upset, and that they'd been warned (by Tim) that they'd better stop.

I wish I'd thought of using the Lexan. Instead, I got them both ready for their spankings, gave Donny the medium wooden spatula, and Tyler got the large one. Then I gave them both a thorough lecture about brotherhood, bullying, and how to treat people. I told them they were both going to get a deluxe spanking, then I put them in the corner.

I almost never use pre-spanking corner time, but this time I left them there close to twenty minutes, while I went and had a talk with Brandon.

Dr. Sammy has a great bedside manner, especially with little kids, and he'd been able to convince Brandon that his brothers had just been making a bad joke. By the time he was finished, Brandon was nervous, but he got through it okay. Brandon and I talked a bit more, then I turned him over to Kenny and they took off with some of Kenny's friends.

By the time I got back to Donny and Tyler, they were in a real state. They were pretty obviously both worked up about the spanking, but I think they also realized how badly they'd treated Bran. I gave them plenty of time to cry out all those bad feelings, though.

Both of them got the promised deluxe spanking. Those little wooden spatulas pack a real sting, but they're light weight enough that I can go for a long time with them without worrying about marks (remember, light smacks, but many, many repetitions). Donny was bawling before I started the second pattern, and poor Tyler was crying pretty hard before I even got him over my lap.

Both boys cried themselves hoarse.

After both spankings, I moved over to the couch and pulled them both in for cuddling. When they finally settled down enough, we had a long talk. I think I figured out what's really going on.

The problem is that they're mostly a boy family, and Christa is the oldest, so they didn't really expect Morgan to be treated the same way the rest of them are. However, right now Tyler, Donny, and Scooter are 13, 12, and 10. Scooter is younger than they are, but not a lot younger, and they're used to him being treated almost the same. On the other hand, Brandon is not just the baby, but there's a four year gap between him and his next older brother. When Scooter was six, they were only eight and nine, and even Tim was only twelve. I'm pretty sure that, because the rest of the boys are so close together, that they're seeing huge inequity in what is actually a legitimate age difference.

By that point, I let them clean up, use the bathroom, and get dressed. Without me having to suggest it, they went and apologized to Brandon, then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with him and the other, younger boys.

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