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BOTD 8/20/13 "Kent's Caped Capers" A Late Chat Production

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David M. Katz

A Late Chat Production

Your seven-year-old son, Kent, is a little daredevil and has a vivid imagination.  He seems fearless and will try any sort of stunt.  This has earned him more than one trip over your knee.

Kent loves to pretend to be Superman.  You bought him a Superman costume and he loves to wear it and let his imagination run wild.  Kent decided if he wore his cape that he was certain he could fly.  There is a wooded area behind your property and Kent plays back there.  One day he decided to climb a tree and he managed to jump from tree to tree (fly) by using the branches of the closely growing trees.  He was wearing his Superman cape and so Kent is certain that is what helped him to "fly."  You came back to the wooded area and found Kent "flying" and saw it was really a dangerous thing to do, especially for a seven-year-old.  You called Kent down and expressly told him no more flying.  Kent said it would be OK because he had his cape.  You were firm and told Kent no more flying.

Today Kent is late coming in.  You assume he has lost track of time and go back to the wooded area to get him.  You hear Kent crying and calling for help.  You look up and he is all wrapped up and tangled in the branches of a tree.  He can't get down or loose and he can't get his cape off.  He is unharmed but is scared.  The more he tries to free himself the more tangled he becomes.  Kent sees you and asks you to help him.  He says, "I was flying but my cape stopped working."  You pluck your son, costume and all, out of the tree and look him over.  Remarkably, he (and his costume) are fine.

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Will he receive a superhero's welcome when you get him in the house, or, something else?

Silly, defective cape.  Very Happy

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I think Kent has probably had a really good scare, and a natural consequence that is a far better teacher than any spanking.

I'm going to hug him and get him calmed down, and then we're going home. En route, we will talk about "magic capes" that aren't, and how lucky he is not to have been hurt or worse. If he seems appropriately contrite and now understands what he's already been told, we're done.

If he insists he can still fly, I guess I'll have to, regrettably, talk with my hand to his bottom since my mouth to his brain isn't working.


Part of me wants to tell him his cape is tired, and needs a rest. And that it should stay in the closet for a while. But that is teaching him the wrong lesson. Instead I think we will have a talk about what is real and what is pretend. I will help him start learning about the difference. This time he will get a discussion about reality and how I don't want him to get hurt. And I will tell him that more flying will lead to his rear hurting.

Stone Man

Since no specific punishment was promised for any future flying, I see no reason to spank Kent as the scare he got was punishment enough. We WILL be talking and if there is any indication from Kent that he will try flying again, a spanking will be promised along with the loss of the cape forever.


like Stone man, because of there being no specifics on spanking. I think this scare will be enough but like the other I will be making it quite clear that if I see or hear of anymore flying stunts he WILL BE getting spanked and good.

hugs kal

John Boy

Let me get my HR back to normal and my skin to not look pale Then I will have a very long talk with him about this, then give him a choice- He can lose the cape for an unspecified amount of time or he can lose his pants and go over my knee.


I stand with Mahoover.


Kier has nailed it.


One of the hardest parts about parenting is having to be the one that spoils some of the magic of childhood for your own kid. Unfortunately, if Kent doesn't understand that he can't really fly, and that his cape is more hindrance than help while jumping around trees, I'm going to have to spoil it.

If Kent is really that much of a daredevil, and he has that good a time with it, it might be time for me to seek out a good gymnastics class, where he might learn to do some real (albeit limited) flying, which will also help burn off some of that energy.


Kier saved me some typing


I will look my boy in the eye and ask him if he still thinks he can fly. I hope and expect he will have had this knocked out of him. I will let this accident work on his little mind and trust it has done my job for me. I might not be so understanding next time and nor might the fates. I will not also be able to refrain from reminding him how he got stuck up a tree and had to be rescued like a stray cat.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier.


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