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BOTD 08-31-2013 - Car Trouble - A Leti and John Boy Collaborative Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Leti and John Boy Collaborative Production

Bert is your six year old son. You recently introduced "real" spankings to Bert as a consequence for misbehavior and it is working well.

Ernie is the four year old son of your best friend and neighbor. Despite the age difference and possibly due to the fact that Bert is a little small for his age the boys are good friends and usually play together well.

Today Ernie and his mother were over at the house and Bert and Ernie were having a play date. The boys played for a long while and then Ernie started crying. Ernie's mother and your spouse rushed to see what the problem was. Neither Bert nor Ernie would give a reason for Ernie's crying. Ernie's mother just assumed her son was tired and they went home so he could have a nap.

BERT - 6
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It is now bed time and you are putting Bert to bed. He says to you that he feels bad about something. Bert confesses to you that he and Ernie both wanted to play with the same toy car and Ernie would not give it to him. Bert says he then bit Ernie and took the car. He says he feels bad about it and is sorry that Ernie had to go home over it.

What happens to Bert?

Can you dig it?

John Boy

This is tough, he did tell me he did something wrong so maybe enough stingeroos to get him crying just a bit. I will also talk to him about proper ways to handle when you are upset. Then hugs and kisses and bed.


They are 4 and 6.  I can't see how spanking this far after the fact is instructive, especially as Bert already feels bad.  Reinforcing "that's not nice", I'll just tuck him into bed and suggest he apologize to his friend when he sees him tomorrow.  

Given the attention span of boys that age, I doubt Bert or Ernie will even remember this tomorrow.

David M. Katz

I must agree with Kier.

K club = 2/3.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Tonight, Bert and I will talk about better ways to have handled the problem with the car, and about sharing, and about how we should go out of our way to be gracious to guests and best friends. Tomorrow, Bert and I will go over to Ernie's so Bert can tell him he's sorry.

I don't think this is a place for a spanking. I figure Bert will be in tears anyway. Time for hugs and a back rub to get him to sleep.


I'm joining the K Club - again.


That wasn't very nice Bert was it. Just remember that Ernie was your guest and that toy car will still be here when he goes home. And nice people don't bite do they(expect vigorous head shakes). I'm not going to smack you this time as I know your sorry but as big boy of six you should know better so I will smack if you bite anyone ever again. Tomorrow we will go round and apologize to Ernie shall we(expect vigorous nods).

We will see what both boys remember in the morning


I'll suspend my "K" club membership to agree with Square.

(not very different really)


Such things happens and since he feels bad about I don't think he has a history. Bert needs assurance that he isn't a bad boy and that he is still loved so he can sleep in peace. He can apologize to Ernie in private next time they meet (if any of them remembers), and the mothers will have a laugh about it at their next chat.


First of all, I always give more credence to claims of guilt and sorrow when a boy is confessing, as opposed to caught red handed.

If I'd seen this happen, Bert would definitely have gotten a good smack. As it is, I think this would be better used as a time to talk about sharing and the proper way to treat friends. Tomorrow, I'll remind Bert about this, and we'll walk over to give Ernie an apology.


Editor Extraordinaire
Count me in with the K Club.



K-Klub for me as well!

At this age this sort of stuff is expected; I am SO glad I missed it with mine!

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