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BOTD 9/12/13 "THE NEVER ENDING STORY" A Late Chat Production

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David M. Katz

A Late Chat Production

You are noticing that for the past few days that your ten year old son Bastian (Sebastian) has been difficult to wake up in the mornings.  Normally he is up with no issues.  You got a call today that Bastian has been falling asleep in class.  Again, this is unusual for Bastian.

When Bastian gets home from school you ask him about the problems.  He sheepishly admits that he has been getting back out of bed after bedtime and reading.  Bastian got a new book from the school library and he absolutely loves it.  The book is rather long but Bastian doesn't mind.  He can't stop reading it. He says it is the best book he has ever read.  You are very pleased that Bastian finds pleasure in reading and tell him so but you also tell him his rest is important.  You tell him he can't be getting out of bed after bed time.

Bastian can't resist his book and so, despite your instructions to the contrary, he gets out of bed at 2:00 AM and takes his book down to the den to read it so you will not see his light.

You happen to pass by and see him sitting on the den floor and reading at 2:00AM.

Sebastian - 10
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He looks up and sees you and says, "I'm sorry but it is such a great book and I was at a good part. I just couldn't sleep wondering what happened."

How do you deal with this without discouraging his love of books?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

He gets a stingeroo and back to bed, with a promise of a real spanking if he gives me any trouble in the morning, or if I get another school nap time report.

David M. Katz

I am going to escort him back to bed with a reminder talk about why his rest is important.

Once he is in bed I will read the book TO him until he falls asleep which won't take long.

Tomorrow we will look at his schedule to see when he can work in some down time for reading.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm taking the book, tucking him back in, and warning him that any more sleeping in class will be met with a serious spanking.

Tomorrow night, maybe he and I can read together, giving him a chance to bring it to a halt before bedtime, then I'll just take the book.

I can't complain too much, since I've done the same darn thing - he's just proving he's his Daddy's son.


Very Happy  ditto jack....also cant say much as I do the same thing.....Embarassed 

the only difference is I can drag my booty out of bed and still work and function that is with the aide of star bucks coffee.....Suspect maybe I need to have him take my books....LOL

hugs kal


I'm with DMK though I will take the book. We will agree/set stopping points for tomorrow and the following days and I'll keep the book after bedtime. It's kind of sad I have to limit his reading but his rest is more important.


Developing a desire to read is much more important then going to school so I will tell Bastion to read as long as he can stay awake! Tomorrow morning I will write out an excuse for him to use when he goes back to school, probably not tomorrow!


Stone Man

Its already been said, but I like to hear myself type so....

Bastian is in for some stingoors to guide him back to bed. It was foolish of me not to take his book from him at a time I really wanted him to sleep, with leeway to finish a page pr chapter or the like.

Reading to him and rubbing his back is likely the best way to aid his sleeping and should not take long. Tomorrow we shall work out the ground rules for his reading time.

And if he falls asleep again in school, he'll be in for a spanking (just stingoors guys and gals, not for real) and be sent to bed early and without his book.

Not sure about that last part. Maybe just shorten his reading time before taking the book? A lot has to do with how this is affecting his other school work and outdoor activities. The school and I may have to bite the bullet on this one book and try and do better with the next one.

PS: We have two Sebastians in the school this year, one in Kindergarten and one in fifth grade.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm not going to interfere with his reading in bed, which is better than his getting out of the bed to conceal his activities. If he wakes up or can't sleep, there is little point in his lying there in the dark anyway. I can't have it both ways -- desiring him to be an avid reader but also expecting him to turn it off according to my agenda. I expect that from now on there will be periods when his sleep suffers because he has found a book he loves. Like most people, he will learn to balance the need for sleep against the drive to read on to the end.

In my opinion, anyone who takes away another person's book has provided justification for murder.



Ditto Kat.

IRL, the only time I ever actually spanked the demon spawn was for doing exactly this, but only after extreme coercion from his mother who then accused me of "child abuse" (six spanks with my hand on his bottom). He was a model child for the next two weeks, but reading after lights out was not a battle worth winning.


Hard one this.I think  Like most of you I suspect I read illicitly after the light were switched off. I was never spanked for it so I know my  folks had just this dilemma to deal with.I will just punish Bastian if he can't get up in the morning and he will have to take the consequences if it gets him inn trouble at school. For now will be escorted back to his bed and try to get him calmed down again. The book wont actually be taken away but it will be put out of range from his bed in the no doubt forlorn hope that he will prefer to stay in it.

I suppose I could try hypnosis> 'Your eyes are getting heavy...'

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Although I have always been an avid reader I have never read in bed nor can I recall having any desire to. So, from now on I shall take his book away from him at bedtime and place it somewhere secure.


Given that I read myself to sleep to this very day, I really can't fault Sebastian for this!

Lyn can't understand how I do this; she crashes as soon as we hit bed unless we have other activities planned What a Face  but I need a book to go to sleep.

As far as dealing with Bastian, I like the concept of reading him to sleep. Certainly no spanking here! I'll leave the book with him for as Kat pointed out, there are few things more fruitless than lying awake in the dark. He'll eventually finish the book and this 'problem' will self limit.


I honestly can't see this problem with a 10-year old. I've known kids who had trouble sleeping (I was one), but otherwise, most ten-year olds crash and crash hard. Assuming Bastien didn't have sleeping problems before this, I think just spending a few minutes rubbing his back will get him to sleep.


I am with the Iconoclast on this one.  Developing a thirst for reading and nurturing that thirst is way more important than anything else our young scholar has on his agenda for tomorrow.  

He can stay up and read all night as far as I'm concerned and I'll write him a note for tomorrow so he can sleep in 'til noon.  He can go to school for the afternoon session and bring home any work he may have missed.

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