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BOTD 09-13-13 Busted by Social Media? A Lat Chat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Late Chat Production

You are a single parent and have a thirteen year old son, Phineas. If a punishment is needed, a spanking typically brings Phineas back in line.

When Phineas turned thirteen you took him to eat at his favorite restaurant and told them it was his birthday. The wait staff sang to him and he got a free piece of cake. Phineas was impressed with the free cake.

The next time you went out to eat Phineas told the waitress that it was his birthday. You were in the restroom at the time and were unable to correct the error. You were surprised when the wait staff showed up singing with a piece of cake. Phineas was proud of his free cake and even suggested the next time you would pretend it was your birthday. You scolded Phineas and told him it was the same as stealing. You spoke to the manager privately and explained the issue and paid for the piece of cake. The manager was less than cordial and said if the problem happened again that you all would not be welcomed back. When Phineas got home he got a serious lecture and you told him if it happened again that he would be spanked.

Phineas is part of the cross country team at his school. He and some team mates want to go out for dinner after practice. You tell Phineas that will be fine and that you will pick him up at the restaurant and you all agree on a time and you make sure Phineas has money to cover dinner and a tip. Phineas and his team mates select a restaurant that is within walking distance of the school. They also offer free cake on a patron's birthday. Phineas says it is his birthday and he gets free cake.

One of his team mates takes a picture of Phineas and his free cake and posts it to Facebook. This team mate happens to be one of your Facebook friends. You log on and happen to see:

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The photo has a comment that says, "Phineas turns 13 again and gets free cake." Phineas has 'liked' the photo.

How do you deal with your "birthday boy?"

Can you dig it?


This is priceless!!  It is a real demonstration of the perils of social networking as your misdeed is right there for the parental unit to find.  It's also a testament to the short sightedness of teens; I'm sure Phineas never envisioned this occurring or I would hope he wouldn't have been dumb enough to have 'liked' it! Rolling Eyes 

Now that I've covered the obvious with him as the above would have been in our pre-punishment conference that I always have with my kids.  He's really in a bit of a tight spot here since he's already been warned what would happen if he repeated the behavior.  Now that it's out here for God (dad) and the world to see there really isn't much else to be done but drop drawers, bend over and wait for it.

In short, I'm spanking him! Twisted Evil


Dimitri covered it.....

his booty is toast!!

hugs kal

John Boy

Time for a "birthday" Spanking he will never forget.


I'm torn. As someone whose MOTHER taught him about "free" birthday cakes, even when it isn't your birthday, I'm not sure I see this as such a heinous crime, especially given that the price of such goodies is built into the very high prices restaurants now charge. I'm old enough to remember when a family of four could go to a nice restaurant for twelve dollars including a tip. I Red Robin burger for one costs about that now.

I guess people like her, and Phineas, are the reason that many restaurants no longer provide free stuff on your birthday, or require a photo ID with birth date before doing so.

But I digress. The scenario is very clear that I have spoken to Phineas about this issue in tones of great disapproval previously, warned him of what would happen to him if he did it again, and made clear that I believed this is the "same as stealing". He went ahead and did it anyway. And posted it on Facebook, to boot. That being the case, like everyone else, I'm not giving Phineas a pass. In fact, I think he gets the "mother of all birthday spankings."


Editor Extraordinaire
Phineas gets a spanking. I hope the punishment, along with my disappointment, will have more effect on him than my previous attempt to explain why lying to get free cake is wrong.

I have to say that the manager of the restaurant where  Phineas lied about his birthday during a family outing won't have an opportunity to tell us we aren't welcome there. His belligerent attitude has already ensured we won't come back to his restaurant. After all, I explained the issue and paid for the cake voluntarily. He had no need to take such an abrasive attitude.


David M. Katz

Although it appears the circumstantial evidence against Phineas is strong I need to talk to him. What if this is a staged prank by he and his friends?

If he is indeed "stealing" cake then a spanking was promised and a spanking will be given.

Also, Kat, I agree re the restaurant manager.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.




Very Happy  I also agree with kat on the not returning to that place ....

hugs kal


kalico wrote:Dimitri covered it.....

his booty is toast!!

hugs kal
I'd say Dimitri uncovered it! Laughing


There are two problems for me. One is that Phin has disobeyed. He was promised a spanking, and I see no reason not to give him one. Considering that I told him this was the same thing as stealing, I see no reason it won't be deluxe.

The real problem is why he'd keep doing this. I doubt it's for the free cake, which makes me think it must be for the attention. Is it also possible that he doesn't understand, despite what I told him, that this is wrong, more fraud than theft, but not much of a difference.

Phin and I need to have a long talk to try to sort these things out. I don't see much chance of him not ending with a sore butt, but it's the understanding and reasons that bother me more than the actual behavior.


Its the devilment. Wanting to see how many he can fool. He's been called on this one and will get what was promised, Its dishonest and disobedient though I'm not sure its out and out stealing. So this will be a paddling for this cheeky pup. Hot cross buns anyone

Just by the by I'm not sure we could go back to that restaurant again. A bit embarrassing


Agree re the restaurant. Even of Phin DIDN'T repeat the behavior that I'm whacking him for, the rudeness of this manager will cause me/us to cross them off our list. Since I let management know about my son's dishonesty AND paid the over inflated cost of a piece of cake, I SHOULD have gotten a "thank you" for the business. Since we eat out often I hope the manger is satisfied with his snotty attitude; it has cost him quite a bit!

Stone Man

Ditto Dimitri's first post and two thumbs up to JB's post.

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