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BOTD 09-21-13 Meandering Mickey - A Late Chat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Late Chat Production

Your family (you, your spouse and ten year old son, Mickey) are on vacation in Florida and are staying at a well known resort in Orlando. You have been at the resort hotel for three days now.

Today, after a busy day at parks and sight seeing you are napping in the hotel suite while your spouse does some shopping. Mickey becomes bored and decides he is going to go to the pool. Not wanting to wake you, Mickey leaves you a note saying he has gone to the pool.

On the way to the pool Mickey passes by a private dining room that has been set up for a dessert break for a visiting seminar. The dining room is roped off and there is a sign up that says "Reserved For Private Party." Being curious, Mickey looks in. Mickey sees all sorts of cakes and goodies but the ice cream bar catches his eye. Mickey slips under the rope and helps himself to a sundae and takes a seat in the dining room. Mickey finishes his sundae and decides to have another.

You wake up and find Mickey's note and go down to the pool to retrieve him. He is not there. You become concerned and are about to alert the hotel management when you happen to look in the private dining room and see Mickey seated at one of the tables involved in his sundae. You walk in and he sees you but is obviously shocked to see you there.

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Mickey explains that he was going to go to the pool but he saw the ice cream and wanted some.

What do you do?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
half a dozen stingoors!

Can you dig it?


Mickey was able to write a note that he was going to the pool. That would seem to indicate he can read a note that says: "Reserved for Private Party". I'm pretty sure he knows he wasn't invited to said private party, and that he further knows that, even at Disney World (or especially there), ice cream isn't free (nor is anything else, except the air once you pay the price of admission). And he didn't actually go there.

It's stealing. And he's A.W.O.L. We'll talk, but unless he can come up with a really good story, which I doubt, we'll be going back to the room for a, um, chat. The sort referred to in another thread in this blog.

John Boy

Stealing AWOL and even with a lifeguard on duty, he knows I want to be around the pool area when he goes there. EmbarassedEmbarassed

David M. Katz

I am going to make myself a sundae as well and sit down with him and enjoy some dad-son time. We can then go to the pool together and have a grand time.

What, you say? You think that is an irresponsible answer? Well, have you seen what I am paying to stay at this place?

Razz Razz Razz Razz 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Brings to mind a very ancient UK advertising slogan:

"I scream for ice cream!"


Well, here we have a boy and there we have ice cream. And only a rope between and no adult present...

That doesn't make it right, though, so we will have a little chat.

But hey, it's Mickey, isn't it his resort after all?


Two years ago, I got a call because Van (and one of his friends) had stolen a drink from a convenience store. This convenience store is pretty famous for overcharging on their fountain drinks, because they charge by the cup, not the drink. Van and his friend had decided that, since they charge by the cup, if they had the drink in the store, and didn't take the cup, that would be okay.

Needless to say, it wasn't.

This isn't exactly the same, but it seems similar to me.

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with Mick going to the pool by himself, so I'm not going to say anything about that. At 10 years old, I'm just not sure he'd really understand what 'reserved for private party' means. Instead, I'm going to lecture him for that, then spank him for not being where he was supposed to be. That should link the two things in his mind well enough that we don't have future problems.


Well I dont want him swimming without me but to go a bit iconaclastic he didn't say that was what he was going to do! So far so good? assuming he is allowed to roam the hotel without me. Now the roped off area with the notice. Which bit of private party did Mickey not understand. What made him think that free ice cram sundaes were on offer to any old kid who just wanders in. Afraid this doesn't look like that kind of joint. Finally, why was Mickey not at the pool where I expected him to be? All to be discussed back in our room before Mickey goes over my knee and when I have explained how this was stealing.

Mickey scores 9 for enterprise, 2 for thinking.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Skateski. I think a few stingoors ought to take care of this, along with an offer to recompense the hotel or private party for the ice cream he has eaten, which will come from his spending money for this trip.


Stone Man

Mickey and I will retreat to our room before discussing anything.

As far as the purloined ice cream, it was "stealing" but I see no reason to alert the staff for the minor amounts removed. My boy and I will talk about what the sign means and from there decide if anything else needs to take place.

I'm sure that Mickey was told he couldn't go to the pool without us. Most of those pools say 14 or older to be on the pool area (even if not swimming) and at least a 16 YO to supervise an under-aged child.

Mickey will get stingoors at the least and possibly a moderate spanking depending on what his Mom and I have said about the pool rules. Either way Mickey will soon get a chance to cool of his bottom as I think a trip to the pool is a great idea while we wait for his Mom to return.


I believe a hybrid of Stoney's and Skate's fills my bill. He's old enough to know what a roped off area means, especially so in a place like this. Granted, I have overpaid for everything (and the air) here so I don't have any great outrage at their loss. I will however offer recompense with Mick watching as a lesson.

A few stingoors to reinforce the lesson and let's go swimming!

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