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BOTD 09-22-2013 Take me Out to the Ball Game? A Late Chat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Late Chat Production

You have a twelve year old son, Hank. His best friend is Aaron who is also twelve. Aaron's father passed away when he was just a baby and he is being raised by a single mother. You and your spouse are good friends with Aaron's mother.

The boys are very excited. Hank's birthday is coming up and to celebrate you have tickets to take both boys to a home game of the local Major League baseball team. The big game is this coming Saturday.

Hank and Aaron are out and about and stumble across some cigarettes and a lighter abandoned on a park bench. Boys being boys they get curious. You just happen to walk up on them and catch them in the act of smoking the cigarettes.

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You take the boys to your house. You lecture both boys on the dangers of smoking. You have Aaron wait in the den and you send Hank out to cut a switch. Hank returns with the switch and you and he go to his room and you take care of business. It is a noisy affair and Aaron hears all.

You now take Aaron home and, while you supervise, you have him tell his mother about the smoking. Aaron's mother stopped spanking him two years ago. She says he just got too much for to handle and now that he is beginning to "mature" she definitely does not wish to spank him. Aaron is told he is grounded for two weeks. Aaron realizes if he is grounded that he will miss the big game. Aaron starts pleading with his mother not to ground him but she stands firm.

Aaron then tells his mother that Hank got a spanking and even though it sounded really scary he thinks they should be punished the same way and he asks her to please spank him instead. She still holds firm to the grounding reminding Aaron that he no longer cooperates with her when it comes to spanking.

Aaron then points to you and asks his mother to let you spank him. His mother thinks for a minute and says she trusts you and that he can have a spanking instead of being grounded if you are willing to do it. She then looks to you and says it is up to you.

You have reservations about spanking someone else's kid but Aaron looks at you with pleading eyes and says, "Please do it."

What do you decide? If you do spank Aaron does he cut a switch as well or do you spank him differently?

Can you dig it?


They did it together. Hank has already been spanked. Aaron knows what was involved and not only agreed to it, but asked for it. His mother knows, and approves. What's the problem?

Hank can go teach Aaron how to pick a switch. Ow.

David M. Katz

Aaron, let's go learn how to pick a switch and then . . . drop 'em.

Both boys can now enjoy the game together.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

If both him and his Mother are agreeing to this, then it is SWITCH time EmbarassedEmbarassed


Perhaps one day, but I'm sure not this Saturday, the boys will tell me how good a switch hitter I'd make. Smile


The attitude's of this parent are so far removed from my own that it's hard to put myself in his shoes: from dealing with Hank while his friend was there, to being hesitant to spank the other boy. Neutral 

Obviously I think a good switching is going to help the boys avoid this activity in the future, or I wouldn't have done it with my own kid. I understand why my friend is uncomfortable spanking her son, but if the boys are the same age, I don't have a problem with it.

I think I'm going to have a private talk with Aaron, and if he still wants it, I'll agree, and he I will head home. I'll have Hank help him pick a switch, then he can wait in the den, while Aaron and I go to his room, and he'll get the same earful his friend got earlier.

After that, they can spend a bit of time in Hank's room comparing stripes.


I want Aaron and his Mom to be aware of what happened to Hank as I think if I spank him he has to have the same. I will do so if she is in agreement


What Jack said!

I shudder to think what would have happened if someone brought me home with a report like this! Hank and I could compare stripes afterwards, but it sure wouldn't have been because she wouldn't provide them!!


Editor Extraordinaire
Despite having heard Hank's punishment, Aaron clearly has no idea what he's letting himself in for -- but he'll find out. Twisted Evil


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