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BOTD 9/25/13 "A Picture Paints A Thousand Words" A Jack Production

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David M. Katz

A Jack Production

So, what are you going to do?

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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

I am going to go find his big brother, Dylan. David told me all about how Dylan did this and then told David he was going to blame him. I am going to wear Dylan out. Then Dylan can clean up the bathroom while David and I go get ice cream.

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I think Katz is onto something.

Even standing on a chair (or the toilet), David doesn't look like he could manage to drape the TP so neatly over the drapery rods.

Since he's posing, I'm guessing he at least helped (even at 6, if I knew I were going to be blamed for something, I wouldn't have posed for photos). But we will talk before taking action. My guess is more than one boy is about to end up with a bottom to match David's t-shirt.


I want to know how he explained himself. May if it were the UK he could blame the Andrex puppy which would be a nice story even if it was a lie

I should explain in case this stalwart of tv advertising is a purely British thing. The Andrex puppy. a cute white labrador has been the device by which Andrex toilet paper has been advertised for years. In trailing an unravelling roll of toilet paper the strength of such toilet paper is demonstrated for all to see.

At 6 young David will be going over my knee for a little big boy spanking and he can help clear up the mess he made


Even if it was him it's no big deal if it was a first timer. We will have a serious talk, maybe some stingers, but that's it (no big brother mentioned).


The paper is not wet, so it can be rolled back. He'll have to stay home until its all tidied up.

Very Happy It is something to keep and show his kids. Twisted Evil


I like Leti's approach to this. Given his size he had to have an accomplice though. They can clean it up and we'll get on with the day. I think this is one where I'd have struggled to keep a straight face and the 'appropriate demeanor' needed!

John Boy

I like where Katz is going with this, but maybe add a few stingeroos to David as well.

Stone Man

With or without an accomplice, this is simply a fit of silliness and will be treated as such. I will be warning David, as we clean things up, that this best not be in anticipation of any Halloween activity because THAT will earn him a red bottom.

Stingoors and tickles go without saying.


I'm with Stoney today.


I do want to know how he did it.  Since he and I are the only ones whom, I'm fairly sure he didn't have an accomplice (if he did, then I'm more worried about living in a horror movie than the mess).  I think  mostly agree with Padraig - a quick mention that this kind of mess just isn't acceptable, and a few smacks, then we clean this up.

The way he's posing in the picture, it looks like he's expecting the smacks.


The Andrex puppy. a cute white labrador has been the device by which Andrex toilet paper has been advertised for years
Ah... here is the real reason for the decline of the British Empire... the population has gone soft...

Real Britons use either IZAL:


or else Bronco:


(cut and paste replacing the "x" with "t" in hxxp and all...

Stevie Twisted Evil

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