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BOTD October 1, 2013 "Harvest Moon: Reap What You Sow!" A Late Chat Production

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David M. Katz

A Late Chat Production

Your thirteen year old son, Harvey, is in eighth grade at the local middle school. Harvey is a good student but has a reputation as a class clown. The school principal is allowed to administer CP (up to four licks with a paddle) with parental permission.  When needed you find that spanking is still a very effective punishment for Harvey.

The principal is on the phone with you and is requesting permission to give Harvey a "full count."  If you do not agree to the paddling then Harvey will be suspended.  There is an appeal process.  If you feel the punishment is not warranted then you can appeal the decision to the District Supervisor.  If you elect to appeal then punishment is stayed waiting an appeal decision.

You ask what Harvey did and the following is related to you:

 Harvey's first period teacher had a medical emergency in the school parking lot this morning.  She took a nasty fall but will be OK. She was unable to make it to class and, because of the short notice, the substitute had not yet arrived at school.

The principal went to supervise the class until the substitute arrived.  The principal arrived to a chaotic classroom. The students were being typical unsupervised eighth graders and Harvey was in full clown mode. Harvey was standing on a chair the middle of the classroom yelling for the other students to look his way.  Just as the principal walked in Harvey dropped his shorts and underwear and gave all present a full moon.  The other students saw it as no big deal and as hilarious and burst out cheering and laughing. Harvey returned his clothes and took a bow.  The principal sent Harvey to the office. The substitute has now arrived and the principal is ready to deal with Harvey.

Harvey - 13 (Just moments Before The Full Moon)
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Do you give permission for the licks?  Do you let Harvey be suspended?  Do you ask for an appeal to the supervisor?

Is Harvey also facing any sort of punishment from you?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

I will grant permission for the licks.

As far as at home: since he likes showing his bare butt . . . .Twisted Evil 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm going to talk to the principle and see if I can get the number of licks reduced, 4 seems a little high. I will ask if another student on another day would get the same number of licks if someone other than the principle caught them. However, if the principle holds firm, then Harvey gets the full count. I will talk to him at home about appropriate behavior in school, but no further punishment.
He did the crime, he pays the price.


If four licks is the district's "nuclear option", this hardly seems a nuclear level offense.

I think Harvey's bought and paid for licks, just not sure he's deserving of a full count. I will make that case to the principal.

Assuming I know said principal to be someone who uses only "reasonable force", if he's unwilling to make the reduction, I'm still giving permission. It's a far better option than a suspension.

If I don't believe that, we'll transfer schools or home school.

As for's a school offense, which has been dealt with AT school (and back in the day, having signed a permission slip at the beginning of the year, a parent wouldn't be called for this unless there was some OTHER problem).

We'll talk about "appropriateness" at home, including the topic of today's insane world where such a (formerly typically childish) stunt could land him on some list as a "sex offender". He already had his licks, though I may take a peek to make sure that the school's nuclear option wasn't really nuclear.

David M. Katz

AFinch wrote:
We'll talk about "appropriateness" at home, including the topic of today's insane world where such a (formerly typically childish) stunt could land him on some list as a "sex offender".  

Very excellent point.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm in essential agreement with Doc's thought processes and his approach to the school's handling of the issue. Where we differ is of course how we handle misbehavior(s) in school; he will be getting a 'reinforcement' of the lesson from me when he gets home. By this age, he should know better so I intend to make sure he does going forward.

John Boy

He gets the licks.

Stone Man

Harvey gets the licks at school. We talk and I get a look-see when he gets home. I'll likely reinforce each talking point, but Harvey won't be in for a full deal session unless he tries to be a home clown as well.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm in agreement with Kier.





I'm also with Kier.

I think today's moon will be a little red. Embarassed


I'm going to talk to Harvey, but I see the punishment as acceptable (maybe a bit over the top, but not by too much).  Maybe the kids see it as no big deal, but I see it as mildly offensive.  More than that, there's no telling when some prude will report the 'nudity' to the cops, resulting in a real problem.  

As a matter of fact, I'm going to suggest that a full count for this kind of thing is really too much, but if the principal insists, I'm not going to say no.

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I think the full tariff is a tad high and will say so but in principle I think this should be a paddling and not a suspension. In the end I will bow to the Principals

judgement and may be we have been here before with young Harvey. If Harvey gets anything from 2 to 4 licks we may have a talk about it at home but the

matter will be closed there

Pi Beta

In a mixed class and in the light of the signs on the wall behind him - no contest. He takes what's coming.

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