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BOTD 10-04-13 The Morning After - An Ivor Production

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An ivor Production

Yesterday you had to give your 13 year old son, Cullen, his first belt whipping because he dropped the 'f bomb' on his mother. Trouble was he did it at breakfast so you whipped him before he went to school and then he got in a fight on the school bus with his younger brother when his brother told his friends Cullen had just had the belt. For that you gave Cole (the little brother) his first taste of the belt that evening and Cullen an additional spanking.

This morning you wake early and, hearing noises from the kitchen while you wife is still in bed beside you, go to investigate. This is what you see:

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Cullen says: "I'm making Mom a cake to try and apologise for yesterday, but I might need some help"

Will you lend him your spanking hand?

Can you dig it?


That's my boy!!I love you 

Too bad he had to have his rear warmed to remind him of his place in the family, but at heart he's a good boy with a conscience. Of course I'll give him a hand with the cake; way to go Cullen!


cheers  what great son I have....I sure will help him.....

hugs kal


I will definitely give him a hand. Though I'm guessing if he were MY son IRL, he'd already be accomplished enough in the kitchen to be able to manage a simple cake.


of course I will help him...

...though... cakes... well, he might be better off without me Embarassed 

John Boy

of course I will help. How precious.


What a great reaction,

of course I will help Cullen, to celebrate the most memorable breakfast for Mom she ever had.



There's a saying, two rights don't make a wrong yet Cullen is making amends for the wrong he did the previous day. He's learned a bitter lesson that saying the F-word at home isn't acceptable, and by wanting to bake his Mom a cake, at least he's showing some remorse.

As his father I'm pleased and as for giving him a hand I would welcome the opportunity. But what would have made me more happier would have been seeing his brother Cole taking an interest as a means of saying sorry to Cullen for telling his friends that he'd had a spanking from you.

Emlyn Morgan

In ''my day'' we did not have cooking lessons at my all-boy school, so I can not help Cullen.

I see he is grating a bar of chocolate into the mix, so I do not mind helping eat the cake when it is ready. Cool 


Heart of gold. Sadly cake making is not my forte but if it were. I thought Cullen was grating cheese when I first saw the picture


AFinch wrote:I will definitely give him a hand.  Though I'm guessing if he were MY son IRL, he'd already be accomplished enough in the kitchen to be able to manage a simple cake.
Quite true in our house too, but if he wants a hand from me I'll be more than happy to work with him. The many years I spent before I made the leap to marry a gal with kids allowed me to become quite accomplished in the kitchen and I shared that enthusiasm with the boys! They will not have to rely upon anyone to cook a good meal/treat!


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with everyone else. Smile


David M. Katz

Sure, I'll help even though cakes are not my thing.  Uh, hey, Cullen what's with the flour and the chocolate bar?  Uh, ya know they have cake mixes in a box?  Add water and eggs and stir.  That I can do.  I do so think this is a great gesture on his part and I will support it in any way I can.

Thanks to ivor for the flattering nod to my story!  This scenario was done with my knowledge and blessing - like he had to ask.  Very Happy 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Pi Beta

I'll find the tin of cocoa or, perhaps the drinking chocolate - much simpler than grating chocolate and easier to measure.

Then we'll eat the chocolate unless he wants to do a chocolate topping in which case he may want to melt rather than grate it.


No, I won't help.

At least I want jump right in.

I'll ask how he's doing with it, and if he has any questions. If he says fine and no, I'll watch for a few minutes, I might make a few suggestions (unless I know he's done this before), and then I'll leave him to it.

Unless, of course, this is another school day, in which case I'm going to be hurrying him along (wasn't he suspended for fighting on the bus?)

Stone Man

If he really needs help I will give it. But would like him to do it all if he can.

Good move kiddo.

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