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BONUS BOTD 10/7/2013 "That Darn Cat" A DMK Bonus Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Bonus Production

You have a thirteen year old son, Nathaniel.  Nathaniel is an animal lover and is especially fond of cats.

You currently have three cats and a guinea pig residing in your home.  (Actually the cats would say you reside in their home.)

Your cats are Killer, Esther and Pumpkin.  You acquired Killer from a shelter, Nathaniel "found" Esther as a stray a couple of years ago and Pumpkin is the result of a litter from a stray you took in over the summer.  Pumpkin's mother, Pepper, was with you for a while but she decided to leave for greener pastures.

Today you ask Nathaniel and his visiting friend if they would go down to the local neighborhood grocery and pick up a few items.  The boys always seem to enjoy doing this and were eager to help.  You gave Nathaniel your debit card and a small list and sent the boys on their way.

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The boys return and you hear a bit of noise and commotion in the kitchen. You assume the boys are putting away the purchases but Esther is also not happy about something and you hear Nathaniel telling Esther to "go away."

You go to investigate and see Nathaniel and his friend opening a can of kitten food and putting it in a bowl.  You also notice a small gray and white kitten on the floor.  Nathaniel says, "I know it wasn't on the list but I got Smokey a few cans of food while I was at the store. I can pay you back if you want."

You assume Smokey to be the gray and white puff ball on the floor.  You ask, "Who is Smokey and where did he come from?"

Esther is vehemently protesting the new arrival and is also wanting to sample the specialized lunch Nathaniel is providing for Smokey.  Nathaniel asks you if you will put Esther outside so Smokey can eat.

You ask again, "Who is Smokey?"

Nathaniel explains, "He is my new cat.  A lady outside the store was giving away kittens.  He was the only one left and she said she was going to take him to a shelter and that they might kill him.  I knew you didn't care if we had four cats when Pepper was here so I brought him home."

SMOKEY - Approx. 8 Weeks Old
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Nathaniel asks, "Do you like him?"

How do you answer?

Does Smokey have a new home with your family?

What about that "unauthorized" kitten food purchase?

(About the pictures: No, that is not Nathaniel and really doesn't even resemble him. However that is a photo of Smokey.)

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Yes I like him.

Since we already have three cats... whats another one to care for!?!?

I'm going to take the costs of the food out of Nathanial's What a Face hide and then he can pay the rest out of his allowance.  Razz

John Boy

Well he said he would pay you back. The other two are harder....


Aw Geez.

If you already have three cats, and you previously had four, another feline mouth to feed shouldn't be a big deal.  Nate already does the feeding and litter scooping.  And he IS saving a life.

Being an animal pushover, Smokey can stay so long as the rest of the feline family can tolerate him (or her?).  A couple of cans of kitten food is a trivial expense.  So the only real issue is acquiring Smokey without prior permission.

Knowing you as I do, you'd have said yes, at least after the first round of whining Wink   So I'm going to settle for reminding Nate that while it may be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, the right thing to do would have been to ask FIRST.


I do understand and sympathise with Nathaniel, but where do you draw the line - other than across his butt?


'(a)nd visiting friend' complicates this a bit. I do not want to embarrass Nate in front of his friend, but I'm very unhappy with him right now.

I'm going to let Nate know that the kitten can stay, but that Esther needs some extra attention, and he and I are going to have serious words. Those words basically are going to deal with the type of decisions he can make without checking with me, and about the specialized, legal term for borrowing without permission.

As much as I feel like spanking him for this, I'm not sure that it would really teach a lesson. After out talk, I will ask him how he thinks we should deal with it (or maybe if we need to deal with it). I just don't really see this as a spanking situation though - more one for setting more specific limits.


Well at least Nathaniel did not charge Smokey at a pet store for $50 or $60.  Actually this is a common way by which cats are acquired for free, I have done so myself.

I also agree with Kier but Nathaniel no doubt thought he had to make the decision on the spot, so he did!

The most important thing is that Nathanial continues to care for the cats, without protest.


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I'd prefer that Nathaniel had told the lady he would check with me first and allow me to see the kitten before just bringing it home. As to charging may card for kitten food I daresay it will be difficult for Nathaniel to understand what he did wrong. But subject to a check-over at the vets, certainly an expense thereNathaniel I suppose we can cope with another little. mouth and more litter training. Smokey better not be the type of cat who kills birds and drops them on my carpet!No 

When his frien has left we will talk about better ways to do this. Like ask me first!


This situation would NEVER arise in our house!

Lyn barely tolerates Max nearly 7 years in and if the kids or I brought another animal home (especially a cat) both the animal and the person responsible for its appearance would be in the pound or at least the doghouse!!!

Trying to answer this from the perspective that I think this one comes from, I'd be more bent out of shape over the fact that permission wasn't sought than from the appearance of another furry friend. I think a talk in the vein of "you have a cell phone you could/should have called and asked" is in order here. Given that he already takes care of the feeding and other tasks surrounding kitty ownership I'm sure there won't be any issues on that front. Following that, it'll be 'welcome home Smokey', now let's get him/her acclimated to the rest of the felines here.


Dmitri, I honestly can't imagine myself in your situation.

Me: I love you. I can see us spending the rest of our lives together. But where are your cats.

Significant Other: I don't like cats.

Me: Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

I feel sorry for people with cat allergies, but I've had my feline friends around for almost my entire life (and I mean, except a short period, right after Mom's second divorce, when we lived in a furnished apartment that didn't allow pets, and when I was first out on my own), and I can't imagine a house without them.


This is the one item I dislike about Lyn; her distaste for animals. Fortunately there is more to our relationship than animals. Tatu had a little mutt that he loved that went to Baba and Didu after he died.

We had tons of barn cats at the farm so it was fairly normal to always have cats around that I never cared so much about 'who' was around.

Boots (a collie and ? mix) was my best friend and constant companion through the worst years of my life and the reason I believe (and told Lyn unequivocally) that 'no boy should be without a dog'.


1strappedboy wrote:This is the one item I dislike about Lyn; her distaste for animals.  Fortunately there is more to our relationship than animals.
Well, different people have different... preferences? priorities? And there is a reason that Cathy and I didn't last, even though she does like animal-friends.


Stevie loves cats. They are delicious when sauteed with sauce chasseur and served with patates frit...

They're also good in cat foo yung...

Of course the kitten can stay for dinner...


Stevie... Twisted Evil 

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