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BOTD 10-9-13: Sleeping With The Fishes: A Late Chat Production

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A Late Chat Production

You have taken your two children (your son, ten year old Ollie, and your thirteen year old daughter, Princess) for an overnight camping trip by the lake. Your intent is to give your spouse some much needed rest. Ollie is excited about the trip but Princess is less than happy but goes along any way. Ollie has a way of pushing his sister's buttons and as soon as you all arrived at camp he was irritating her and playing on the fact she did not want to be camping. You finally tell Ollie to leave his sister alone but he keeps teasing her. Having had enough you take Ollie to the woods and give him a mild spanking as a reminder to stop picking at his sister. It was just a few swats from your hand over Ollie's trunks and Ollie didn't even cry but you felt you made your point. All seems to have calmed down and Princess sets herself to reading while you and Ollie fish.

OLLIE - 10
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That night you all settle in to your sleeping bags and Princess starts screaming. You shine the flashlight her way as she extracts a dead fish from her sleeping bag. Ollie bursts out laughing and says that's what she gets for "getting him in trouble." He says it was just a joke and that she needs to lighten up and enjoy the trip.

How do you resolve the issue?


With my own joke: Ollie gets another spanking this time nude, harder and longer!



Well, Ollie's already been spanked for "picking at his sister". This is an escalation from "picking at her".

On the other hand, it's a camping trip. She needs to lighten up. If she really didn't want to go, I'm sure she could have found a friend with whom to stay and do makeovers for the weekend rather than joining us.

I think I'm going to let them BOTH know they've just gotten on MY last nerve and any more trouble from either of them is going to result in a performance of "The Night of the Living Dead"--using the alternative meaning of "dead" (i.e. they're SOO dead). Unless they are really stupid, that will end the matter.


Heaven help me act while I have to pretend to be angry with Ollie.

Shades of childhood (a dead fish "appeared" in my sister Annette's sleeping bag during a camping trip.  The 5th Amendment allows me not to admit which of her brothers were responsible.....Wink ), I as dad must now do something to re-establish/keep the peace.

I could beat his behind in front of sis (which is what happened to one of us) but I won't.  

I think a "stern talking to" will get the point across.  Tomorrow morning, Ollie and I will go fishing and I will share the tale of his dad's/uncles' doing this to his Aunt.  I will also tell him that a repeat will get him what it got one of us and I will gently 'encourage' him to apologize and make nice with his sister for the rest of our trip.

Stone Man

That sounds very reasonable, Dimitri. I will have the two kids swap sleeping bags if Princess wishes it.

When I saw Princess as a name, I knew it couldn't go well for the young man. At thirteen, I would think/hope I could leave Princess home if she didn't want to come and she could have entertained herself without interfering with her mother's down time. I'm sure the weekender would have been much more fun for Ollie and me only.

I was/am lucky. I have a sister who was 13 when I was ten and it's more likely she would have put a fish in my sleeping bag than I into hers. We all would have had a good laugh.

John Boy

I think it is time I used a canoe paddle for a different use.


He has already had a light spanking which didn't seem to do the trick, but..... I don't want to ruin the weekend for him (and me) with a major one.

He is going to be made fully aware that he is in the l.ast chance saloon from now on


I'm with kier ... A last pass and they both will know they are on my last nerve

Twisted Evil or in the morning I can help my princes do up a good prank for her brother .., I like this one better!!!

I wish it would have been a fish in my sleeping bag instead of a snake.... Now I can't stand them. This must be at tradition with brothers and sister Rolling Eyes 

Hugs kal


It looks like I'm going against the grain here, but as an oldest child who constantly had my younger siblings (and I'm sure you can guess which one did the majority of it) yanking my chain, and having my irritation dismissed by my parents ('she's just playing', 'you're older, you should be able to deal with it'), I'm not willing to be so dismissive if Princess' concerns. He was warned, he crossed the line, he and I are stepping far enough out to get a bit of privacy while I roast his rear. I don't really see where Princess has done anything to get on my nerves (I'm pretty sure I'd scream if I climbed into my sleeping bag and found a dead fish awaiting me).


While I agree tha Princess needs to lighten up I think Ollie is probably due a  more forceful inducement to to behave. I will find a suitable article of footwear  and let Ollie have his age with that, in earshot if not eyeline of Princess after which I will try to engage Both kids in ths trip.

Ollie may just be grateful I didn't leave Princess to deal with him Evil or Very Mad

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David M. Katz

I am going to throw Princess in the lake and then Ollie and I will eat the fish. Razz Razz Twisted Evil Twisted Evil jocolor jocolor 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Some girls just don't like nature, heck, I know some BOYS who hate camping. I can't really blame Princess if she was forced to come on this trip. Ollie is getting spanked, for real this time.

Side note: I love camping, one of my brothers hates it.

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