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BOTD 10-13-13 Pizza Night! - A Late Chat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Late Chat Production

You have three sons. Tom is thirteen, Rick is twelve, and Harry is eleven.  Spanking is an effective punishment for all three boys.

Your spouse was called on last minute to baby sit for a friend for a few hours this afternoon and agreed to help.  Your spouse made a casserole for dinner and left it in the refrigerator.  A note was left for you, Tom, Rick, and Harry saying dinner was in the refrigerator and to heat it in the microwave.

The boys get home from school and see the note and open the fridge to check out dinner.  The casserole contains broccoli and the boys don't particularly like broccoli and so they devise an alternative dinner plan.  Your family keeps an emergency cash fund hidden in a canister in the kitchen.  The boys are aware of the cash.  The boys call for a pizza delivery and leave the casserole in the fridge. The boys pay for the pizza and driver tip from the emergency cash fund. They throw the note away.

You come home and see the boys eating the pizza.

HARRY-11, TOM-13, RICK-12
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The boys tell you that your spouse left a note and is out for the evening.  They don't mention the casserole.  They offer you a slice of pizza.

You don't think much of the situation until your spouse comes home and asks why no one has eaten yet.  You are a bit confused and say that you all had the pizza.  You are then told that there was a casserole.  You confront Tom, Rick, and Harry and they admit to taking some emergency cash and ordering pizza because they don't like broccoli.

What's next?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
What's Next? The sound of one hand spanking..... and spanking

Can you dig it?


It's not the crime of the century, and the senior member of a recent political dynasty banned the stuff from the White House during his tenure.

Still, being left a dinner choice you'd prefer not to eat hardly constitutes an "emergency".  Using the emergency cash, especially without permission, and when there is already food prepared to buy pizza instead is theft.  Hiding the note, and then "accidentally forgetting" to mention the casserole or its contents is lying.  I guess you could make a case that leaving the "emergency cash fund" empty could be dangerous as well.

Deliberate, deceitful, dangerous, disrespectful disobedience.   Sorry,'re toast.  Watching The Addams Family growing up, I never understood the concept of one hand clapping.  But I think this is it.


Not only a spanking, but what would have been their pocket money will go towards replacing the emergency cash fund they used to pay for the pizzas.


I hope it was a hot pizza as then how they feel inside will match how they are about to feel outside.

But broccoli in a casserole?? I can understand how the boys feel as surely it would turn to mush with all that cooking,


If it were my spouse I would be upset. I stop short of calling it theft but they have disobeyed in not eating the meal prepared for them and they have been very dishonest in not letting me know a meal was prepared and they do not also do things that entail opening the door to strangers. That would be a no no as well so they will be getting spanked, they will be refilling the coffers to the cost of the pizza from their allowances and I am sure the casserole will be good for tomorrow. There had to be more than broccolli in it anyway?


Privately, I'm going to apologize to my spouse for angering her. I don't know what I did, but there must have been something if she's trying to poison me and the boys. Seriously, why do some people insist on trying to force others to eat foods the other people don't like?

However, what the boys did was dishonest at best, as well as taking money from the emergency fund (and as much as I agree with them, this does NOT qualify as an emergency - they could have made sandwiches instead).

Because of the close ages, I don't think any one of them was a lot more responsible, so all three will be getting a deluxe session with their normal instrument, after a very long lecture.


We've had several scenarios of late that require
me to hide my true feelings/pretend to be angry as I deal with the behavior at hand and this is one more such case.

While I'll eat it fresh, I don't particularly like broc, and in a mushy casserole I find it repellant at best so I am sympathetic to the boys' (and my) plight!!

In the prespanking conference I will point out that had they told me about things they would not be now facing a serious stropping for stealing and lying.

After I let that scare sink in, I'll let them know that I'll "just" be spanking them instead.


Editor Extraordinaire
As the scenario states the boys don't particularly like broccoli but gives no indication that they hate it, I'm giving my spouse the benefit of the doubt here. After all, she put in the effort to see to it that we had a meal prepared for us. The boys get mild spankings and serious guilt trips.


David M. Katz

Had they waited on me to get home and explained their (our) plight then I would have sprung for pizza and ironed out things with the dear SO later.

As it is, they made a rash decision not understanding the nature of the emergency fund. I think some substantial extra chores to "pay back" the emergency fund will be in order. And, if there is any 'tude about the chore assignments then they can do the chores with a sore backside.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

As the only one here, apparently, who actually likes broccoli from raw to cooked I will attest to the fact that it doesn't ever have to be mushy... even in a casserole.

AS far as the boys, I shall soon be wiping the smiles from their faces via the application of my hand to their bottoms. Thus adding another "and spanking" to Skater's list.

The boys will be light their allowances until the emergency fund is replenished.

John Boy

They are each getting a good paddling for this, and I will bring up it technically was stealing.


Shocked JB, you don't like broccoli.

John Boy

LLALVA wrote:Shocked JB, you don't like broccoli.

Not always, but I wouldn't sneak to avoid eating it, and I definitely wouldn't steal emergency funds to avoid eating it.

Big Kid Now

I blame myself and my spouse. My spouse should KNOW that the boys can't stand broccoli, and we should know better than to keep money where it can easily be found. Our boys aren't thieves, but they are boys and that makes them impulsive and prone to reckless, irrational behavior.

They deserve a spanking for stealing, and they'll get that, but me and my wife also need to have a serious chat too about respecting the boys' tastes (within reason).


I do not blame the boys (too much) for thinking the emergency money in the KITCHEN is for just such an emergency as they perceived. The casserole is safe in the refrigerator for another occasion when my spouse can demonstrate that it is good to eat!

But the boys had better be ready to share more then one piece of pizza with me!


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