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BOTD 10/17/13 "Leader Of The Pack" A John Boy Production

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David M. Katz

A John Boy Production

You are the leader for a group of Cub Scouts.  This is part of your pack.

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Your seven year old son, John, is part of your pack as is his seven year old best friend, David.

JOHN - 7
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Today you had the Cub group at the local recreation center pool for some basic swimming instruction.  The lifeguard was working with each boy one on one while the other boys were seated on the edge of the pool. The boys were supposed to be observing and learning as the lifeguard was teaching.  Each boy was then led on a lap around the pool by the lifeguard.

As the lifeguard led one boy around the pool, John started kicking and splashing water on them.  The other boys followed John's lead and started kicking and splashing as well.  The lifeguard called them down and you warned them to stop.  The next boy had his turn and as he was led around for his lap John started kicking and splashing again and the other boys followed his lead again.

You ordered all of the boys to go stand against the wall and you gave them a sound lecture and another warning.

The boys were again seated by the pool as another Cub took his turn.  John started kicking and splashing again and the other boys followed suit.  You decided to call off the time at the pool and had all of the boys get dressed while their parents were called to pick them up.  You explained to all of the parents as to why the pool time was being cut short.  

David is staying with you for a few days while his parents are out of town. You do have spanking permission for David.

On the way home you explain to John and David how disappointed you are in their actions and you tell each boy that when you all get home that they will be given a spanking.

David protests saying he didn't do anything.  He says it is John's fault because John started it.  David says he doesn't deserve a spanking.

John says that you can't spank him either.  He says it was a problem at a scouting event and that you aren't allowed to spank scouts.

Do either boys have a valid argument?  What happens when you all get home?

Bonus:  You are the parent of one of the other boys.  The Cub leader has called you to pick up your son and explains what happened.  What do you do?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I've already decided John and David are getting spanked, and I'm sticking with that.

As for David, he needs to learn now that peer pressure isn't an excuse to do something. He did the act, he's doing the time (over my lap). As for John, I have the same decision to make as a parent that all the other parents do. The fact that I'm playing two roles for him doesn't change anything.

As another parent, if I normally spank, then I think this is an excellent reason for it. I can see once or even twice, but doing it after they've been removed and lectured is just ridiculous. At first it might have just been play, but if you keep going when you've been told to stop...


I'M a Cub-scout leader?!!?  Dear GOD how'd I let THAT happen?!?! affraid Razz 

OK, since I've allowed this lapse of sanity on my part I now have to deal with this age group and all that entails!

I barely survived Jeffy until he was 10 so I must admit I don't deal well with the little guys.  As to these 2, no there is not a valid argument here.  Regardless of where he misbehaves MY son is expected to be good or suffer the consequences thereof.  He's getting spanked, end of discussion. Shocked   

As to his pal, it could be argued that he was 'enticed' into the misbehavior by his buddy and I may reduce the number/velocity of swats, but he still deserves punishment for the behavior.  Therefore, there shall be 2 Embarassed Embarassed 's staring at me in the den by the fireplace!Razz 

Bonus Q:  I'll ask the other parents what they are doing with their boys.  He shall get the same as his friends.


Its news to me that you can't spank scouts. In any case we are now out of scouts and I don't see why the boys cannot be held to account for their behaviour during scouts. I think David among the others followed Johns lead and will get a hand spanking.

John will be the 'cute little cub with a bear behind' as per the paddle I will be using. At 7 it will be mostly hand spanking but he will be getting an enhancement with this to show that one bit of disobedience and leading other little cubbies astray might have been amusing but three times will definitely mean a very sore bottom by a seven year old's definition.

Oh and all those seen to be splashing more than once will have their parents notified as to why the session finished early. I don't see why just one household should have all the fun

As the parent of one of the boys. If he disobeyed instructions he will be going over my knee, this, after I find out how the leader planned to deal with his two charges

Stone Man

John, I'm not spanking a Scout at a scouting event, I'm spanking a misbehaving little boy (who happened to be dressed in a scout uniform but who wasn't acting very scout like) once we are home. (John is in for extras for instigating)

David, you chose to follow another's actions even after being warned multiple times that that was not a good direction to go.

They should fit together nicely over my lap Embarassed Embarassed ..Embarassed Embarassed 

Other Parent:If I had gotten this message about my son's repeated poor behavior he would be getting a spanking.


I'll go with Stoney - David gets less than John not being the instigator.

There'll only be one lap to kick over now boys - MINE!


Editor Extraordinaire
Count me in with Stoney and Ivor.


John Boy

They both get spanked. Plain and simple. Lets just say the pool and lecture part are true the rest is just the spanko in me LOL. More details later if you want.

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