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BOTD 10-20-2013 Gavin the Good - A Skater Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Gavin the Good
A Skater Production

You have three sons, Greg, Gary and Gavin. You certainly use spanking as a discipline method. Lately it seems that Greg or Gary is over you knee for some mischief or another.

Greg 13
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Gary 11
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Your youngest is a very good boy. In fact you don't think you've had to spank him since the incident with the marker in the 2nd grade. Well today after dinner Gavin asked to speak to you in private.

Gavin 9
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You see Gavin as asked you to give him a spanking. It seems he is tired of his brothers calling him a goody goody and a baby. He even implies that he would do something naughty enough to get spanked if you don't grant his wish.

What do you do? Is this blackmail?

Can you dig it?

John Boy

THat is difficult, I don't want him to do something to get himself in trouble but I don't want his brothers teasing him either.


Gary and Greg, get your butts to the den right now!!

There will indeed be a spanking happening and it will be upon the rears of the two boys teasing their little brother for behaving himself! Twisted Evil 

As to Gavin, after I'm done hugging the little guy I may take HIM out for ice cream (or whatever special treat HE wants).  cheers 

While we're out, I'm going to praise his fine behavior so far and encourage him to keep it up.  I'll also let him know that he should never deliberately try to get in trouble.  I'll also tell him that if he does indeed do something deliberately just to get a spanking it will be much worse/harder because I'll know he willfully did 'whatever' and that always gets a worse spanking than an accidental or careless misbehavior.  He can ask his brothers about that!


I don't agree with Dimitri as I reckon that course of action is going to lead to a schism between Gavin and his brothers on the basis that he has broken the brotherly code.

What I will do is tell Gavin that spankings are only delivered to miscreants. If he wants to go and do something that will earn him one then I can't stop him but I am not going to deliver 'on request'.

Maybe it is also time for some 'reverse psychology' here and to give Gavin some small rewards for his good behaviour. Hopefully Gary & Greg may cotton on and cut down on the number of spankings they get.


I think the name calling here is more sour grapes than anything else. I intend to speak to his big brothers about the idea of building themselves up instead of tearing other people down, and about the possible consequences of anything that could be seen as bullying in today's world.

I'd like to say I'm torn on spanking Gavin. After all, he's a really cutey, and he hasn't had anything but birthday spankings in a close to two years. Still, the honest truth is I'm not terribly tempted.

I might consider getting his bottom bared and getting his paddle out, then having a discussion with him. For one thing, while I don't want him to make a habit of lying, it's not like his brothers are around all the time. The next time his brothers tease him about this, he could simply reply, "you guys aren't around all the time," or, better yet, "you're just jealous because I don't get caught."

I think that kind of evasion would stand him better than a spanking.

And if he does decide to go earn one, then he'll get the same thing his brothers would.


This is a difficult one and I'm broadly in the Ivor camp.  

Deliberately earning a spanking will have to be Gavin's decision.

I'm not so sure about the reverse psychology bit since this may exacerbate the situation with extra allegations of "Daddy's pet"

I will however watch Gavin closely and jump on any minor infringement that I may otherwise have let pass because he is normally good.  The spankings he gets can be mild, the sound of hand on bare bottom behind a closed door doesn't give too accurate a clue as to its velocity.

As for Greg and Gary Mad .............. Well they are old enough to be graduating to the strap.

PS.   Hmm - threatening to be naughty?  I suppose I could spank him for trying to blackmail me. Twisted Evil


I don't know if Gavin is just naturally good or trying harder to stay out of trouble than his brothers. Has he turned down opportunities to do things with them that could end in a bit of mischief. May be he tag along with them more, if they ask him. Then at least if he does get in trouble he would have some company. I'm not going to call the older two out as bullies lest I see or hear it for myself as I think this might just increase any teasing/resentment. I will be watching them more closely because I also don't want Gavin being dared ino something dangerous.I will remind Gavin his brothers earned everything they got and he will too if he starts playing up as well. I am not going to spank him for nothing and I'm not actually sure thats what his brothers mean or want. They want him to misbehave like them. I want Gavin to be himself. Thats what matters most in the end

Stone Man

Some kids are just naturally good and Gavin is one of them. They see no need to get into trouble as they have more than enough fun things to do without misbehaving.

I'll tell Gavin that I will not be spanking him (for real) when he has done nothing that would earn him one. If he chooses to misbehave, that is his right, but I will warn him to not overdue it as there will be no mercy.

Time to talk with all the boys. Teasing at some level is to be expected, but meanness will no be tolerated and this is where the teasing appears to be headed.

I'm not sure if a rewards system for Gavin would be helpful or backfire into more ire shown to their little brother from the older boys. I like the idea of them inviting him along on one of their adventures and see where it leads them. Embarassed Embarassed ...Embarassed Embarassed ...Embarassed Embarassed


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Ivor on this one. I don't want to do anything to make a big rift between the brothers, and punishing the others will almost surely do that.


David M. Katz

Ditto to ivor then Kat!

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I hadn't taken 'the code' into consideration, and upon further review I agree; my approach may cause broader issues.

I still think a compare and contrast needs done with the boys and I still want to reinforce/reward Gavin's exemplary behavior.  That being said, I won't punish the older 2 for what amounts to tacit bullying of their little brother but I WILL tell them they 've dodged the bullet barely with this.  

Perhaps Gavin is simply one of those kids who just don't often misbehave; Jon was certainly that way and yes, his brothers DID tease him about it a bit.  Ryan seems much the same way. I've had remarkably little misbehavior from him.

Maybe a bit of positive reinforcement is a good idea for the older kids; I don't like to 'bribe' good behavior though.  Coming from my childhood, there was the expectation of "X" behavioral standard "or else" and that sort of authoritarian view still colors my child rearing outlook I suppose.


Gavin probably should get it, it would reinforce his sense of being good and would show his bros he was sharing their experience. And you should tell him this will prevent whatever he would do to earn this.

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