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BOTD 10/23/13 "The Green, Green Grass Of Home" A Late Chat Production

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David M. Katz

A Late Chat Production

You have a thirteen year old son, Jeremiah. Jeremiah is subject to spanking and finds himself getting one about every six weeks.

Jeremiah, is responsible for mowing the yard.  Lately he has been reluctant to take care of his chore and often requires a reminder to get the yard mowed.  This time has been bad.  The yard should have been mowed five days ago.  You reminded Jeremiah for the first two days and he had every excuse in the world not to do it and kept "forgetting."  Then there were two days of rain and Jeremiah couldn't mow.  Yesterday the grass was still too wet.  Today is a wonderful warm sunny day and the grass is dry but in severe need of a mow.

Jeremiah is lounging around in front of the TV. You send Jeremiah out and tell him to mow the yard NOW.  Jeremiah gets up and goes outside.  You assume the yard will finally be taken care of.  You look outside to check on Jeremiah and you see him lounging on the hammock in the back yard and he hasn't touched the mower.

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How do you respond to Jeremiah?  Will your lawn ever be mowed?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Honestly, I didn't mind mowing the grass so much, as I did the fact that I was the only one who had to do it. All the other chores in the family were pretty much broken up between everyone, but I got stuck with this extra stuff.

I'm going to start by talking to Jeremiah. Maybe I can help with the yard work occasionally, and 'trade' him for chores that I do - enough to make up for them. Maybe there's some other problem.

HOWEVER, for right now, this is his chore, and he's not taking the right approach to changing that. He's getting the ultimatum that he can get the lawn mowed before (dinner or dark or whatever) or I can light up his life.

John Boy

He has either erned a strike or maybe my hand needs to "strike" EmbarassedEmbarassed


Since I was the oldest I more or less 'inherited' the job of cutting the lawn.  Though in theory my brothers were to share this chore it largely remained mine.  In this instance I could cut it myself.  

In the write up it says Jeremiah is 'responsible for this chore.'  That being said, he's skirting my definition of 'disobedience' and y'all know what that buys in my house!Twisted Evil 

Jerry's in for a hot time in ol' house tonite!  After he recovers he can go mow the lawn!!


I told him "mow the yard NOW."

That's not disobedience - its defiance.

An enhanced session with the strap with the promise of more to come UNLESS...........


To borrow a phrase from Skater..... "His ass is grass!"


I shall be going into the yard with the strop in hand and call him: "JEREMIAH FAUNTLEROY MILLER (sorry for that name Laughing) you mow that lawn RIGHT NOW or you do it later with a sore (bare) rear Exclamation"


I am going to take the paddle out, give Jeremiah 3 sharp whacks with it and tell him to get cracking or he can expect a lot worse later


Editor Extraordinaire
Most people are procrastinators, so I should keep in mind my own procrastination before I come down on Jeremiah like a ton of bricks. He may find the long delay in cutting the grass has made the task that much more difficult and daunting. I don't see his actions as defiant, though there is probably an element of passive aggression in them.

Most people respond better to the carrot than the stick, so I will offer him some incentive for tackling the chore: "If you get this done quickly, we can go out for pizza and a movie tonight." I will also remind him, "If this grass doesn't get mown tonight, I'm going to bust your butt, kid."


Stone Man

The time to discuss a problem you may have has long passed. Make your choice, Jeremiah, you can have a white non stinging bottom or a very red, very stingy bottom.... Either way the lawn is to mowed NOW!

Then we can talk about things if the need to do so remains.


I agree with the majority.

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