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BOTD 10/30/13 "Unmasked!" A Late Chat Production

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David M. Katz

A Late Chat Production

You have two sons.  Jerry is ten and Tyler is seven.  Both boys are given spankings if a punishment is needed.

JERRY - 10 & TYLER - 7
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It is a few days before Halloween and you and the boys are in the store shopping for their Halloween costumes.  Both boys want to be Ironman.

To everyone's dismay there is only one Ironman mask left in the store.  It would fit either boy.  Jerry and Tyler start bickering over who will get it.  The bickering becomes an all out argument then it turns to a shoving match.

How do you deal with this?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I put an immediate stop to it, with a firm voice - letting them know that trick-or-treating is an option, not a right if it comes down to it.

Then we go outside.

If both boys really want to be Iron Man, I'm sure we can hit another store or order online. However, I think this kind of behavior is inappropriate, and neither of them will be Ironman, if they can't settle down and behave.

Spankings will occur if the behavior continues or if I get more attitude than just a bit of sulking, but I don't see any reason to tell them that now.


Ditto Jack. You saved me a lot of typing.


Nothing to add.

John Boy

Jack hit the nail on the head or the paddle on the butt Razz


I see no reason to buck this trend! Reasonable and logical.


Very Happy  COUNT ME IN WITH Y'ALL..........

hugs kal

Stone Man

No arguments with the recommendations here.


Editor Extraordinaire
Unanimous so far.



I think same as all before



Good solution suggested. Will warn the boys to knock it off or they'll wish they were iron men


I'm not joining the consensus.

We will leave the store and return home where I will start by warning the boys they are only inches away from a spanking. Mad 

They will next be told that we are going back to the "Old Days" and that if they want to go out Trick or Treating I will help them fashion some home made costumes.

 Alternatively they can stay home and become candy donors instead of recipients.

At least this year I wont be helping to line the pockets of Third World sweat shop owners.

Big Kid Now

I can understand the disappointment of young boys, especially that young because they can't really control their emotions as well. I can't hold that against them.

Luckily, we live in an online age. Go on the web, order the costumes, and pay for expedited shipping...problem solved.

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