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BOTD 11-02-2013 Low Down Logan Sags Again - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
This BOTD is a sequel to "Low Down Logan"

An ivor Production

You are still on vacation.  Yesterday when you saw Logan sagging you decided against the promised spanking so as to not put a damper on the vacation.  However, you gave Logan a stern warning and told him he was out of chances.

Today you are walking along the beach and see Logan:

LOGAN - 12
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Did he really listen to you?  Is he out of chances?

Can you dig it?


Had he just dived into the water, it is possible his shorts would be in that position. Walking along the beach, I don't think so.

I'll ask, though. Unless he has a really good answer, he'll lose the board shorts then and there--it is, after all, a safety issue, lest he trip over them, and walk back to the room in his briefs. Since he's been promised a spanking (which I wouldn't have promised, but that's what the scenario says), he'll get one. And then he'll be doing the rest of his swimming/outdoor time in speedos until we go home.


Since Logan can not keep his pants on he can take them OFF! NOW, and the underpants/swimsuit ALSO!

And he must keep them off the rest of the day!


Big Kid Now

Since he put a damper, I'd make him wear a Pamper!

That would solve his sagging problem in a hurry.

Yes, I'm kidding. Smile

But perhaps making him wear some "childish" underwear might entice him to make a habit of keeping his pants on properly. At 12, he should still be able to fit into cartoon briefs. It's a bit extreme, I admit, but it would end the sagging issue, teach him a lesson, and force him to learn good habits.

I'm assuming this is deliberate disobedience on his part. Based on the picture, you could argue that he's just having fun playing sports and being active, and he didn't realize. But I'm not so sure he has earned the benefit of the doubt after his past mishaps.

John Boy

I will calmly tell him that he is out of chances, and ask if he wants some hard swats now or a trip to the room.

Stone Man

Logan has had his warning. Since a spanking was promised, a spanking he will get. Then it's of to the store to buy him a speedo or two for the rest of the trip. No shorts allowed!!

David M. Katz

It is sad that it has had to come to this over such a matter.

We will go back to the hotel room. Since Logan's shorts are half way down already it won't take him long to prepare himself to be spanked. I am certain I packed a hairbrush.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


(I looked back, and the answer I shared in the previous BOTD is in no way similar to what this scenario posits, so...)

I'm going to do what I said I was going to do last time, which is the same basic thing I did with Charlie. He's going to be wearing nice, white, Fruit of the Looms for a while. Since I did give him yet another choice, and he chose not to except it, those FoLs might look pink for a while, until he cools off some.


My little muchacho is coming back to the hotel with me. He had his warning and chose to ignore it.

He's obviously keen on football so I'm sure once the pants and briefs are off, he'll be impressed with my abilities as a striker Laughing


When I promise - I deliver.  So its back to the hotel.Mad 

I also like BKN's idea.  How would he look in Minnie Mouse or Goofy undies.Laughing 

Failing that, its cheapo's with no designer label.


What's the use of underpants beneath bathing shorts? Let's get them off and we will see if he's still sagging to display his red posterior...


Not much to disagree about here! He's been warned, he disregarded said warning and if he's my boy he knows what this means! Twisted Evil 

To the hotel room with you, and I'm certain you will not want to show off the red rear you will now be sporting. As to the undies themselves, I'd take him back to 'tighty whiteys' or perhaps something sufficiently mortifying to a 12 year old that he'll want to keep covered!

Now, back to vacation! Cool 


ivor wrote:My little muchacho is coming back to the hotel with me. He had his warning and chose to ignore it.

He's obviously keen on football so I'm sure once the pants and briefs are off, he'll be impressed with my abilities as a striker Laughing 

 He 'll be paying the penalty anyway. I still don'tr know why he isn't in swimmers. I am wondering though if it is the kicking of the ball hat has caused this particular bit of sagging:oops:

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