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BOTD 11-22-2013 Seth the Sneak - A Skater Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Seth the Sneak
A Skater Production

Yesterday your 13 year old son Seth ask you if he could go to a party as some other kids house. As per your rules if he wants to go to a party a parent needs to be available for you to speak with and of course be present during the party.

He could not provide you with this information so you told him he could not go.

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Well being a teenager this made him unhappy with you. He decided to spend some time upstairs away from the family. After a little while, (it was almost 830pm) you felt a little bad and decided to go cheer him up. Well when you got to his room you find he is not there.

You called around but couldn't find him. Two hours later he tries to sneak back in the window but you're waiting. (he did go to the party but said it was lame)

What now?

Can you dig it?


He's toast.

I hope it was worth it, because he's about to get the mother of all spankings. It is only because of safety considerations that I'm not barring his window.


I will be waiting with a drug test kit in my hand!

After I see the results I will decide what to do!



And I was annoyed with Jeff when he did this at 14?!?

Oh yeah, burnt buns are on the menu in short order!!!

David M. Katz

Yep, toast.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


1strappedboy wrote:Oh yeah, burnt buns are on the menu in short order!!!


Yep this one is clear . The mother of all lectures about us needing to know and safety followed by the strapping of his life. He is indeed toast


Burned toast Mad Mad


At 13, I'm not even sure why I would have a standard rule on parties yet. It sounds like this boy will need close observation in the future.

In the meantime, we're going to have a long talk about why I have the rules I do in place. Then I'm going to ask him what happens when he's disobedient, and I'm going to follow up. Considering the nature of what happened, he's probably got a long, sore evening ahead of him.

Oh, and I think there are devices available to make sure he doesn't go out that window again without letting the entire house know. If he wants to act like a criminal, I'll let him know he can be treated like one.


Seth has set me seething.

He's about to find out that is not a good thing to do - when I've calmed down of course!

Stone Man

Lame party... very sore backside... sounds like a delightful evening for the dear boy.

John Boy

Butt Warming Party!!!!


Editor Extraordinaire
Ditto on the toast.


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