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BOTD 11-23-2013 Lee gets the Switch? A Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Lee Gets The Switch?
An Ivor Production

You threatened your 15 year old son Lee that the next time you caught him smoking he would feel a switch. You caught him earlier and sent him out to cut one half an hour ago. You wonder what can be taking him so long and go outside to see what he is up to. This is what you see running towards you.......

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Now what are you going to do?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
What am I gonna do? You mean me?

Switch away!

Can you dig it?


I promised the switch?!?  I've really got to stop this; it's a bad habit that I don't mean and the boys all know it, otherwise he wouldn't be running towards me with a handful of rushes!  (At least that's what those look like to me!)

Now put that crap down and prepare for a dozen proper scorchers with the strop!!!


I won't need nearly that many, but it was promised, it's not an unreasonable promise, and I'm going to carry it through. Unless he's a confirmed spankophile at 15, I doubt he'll look quite so happy in a few minutes.

David M. Katz

He thinks he can trick me with a handful of reeds/rushes.

I will go with him and we will select one proper switch together.

Does he need counseling or medical intervention to help stop smoking?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Those weeds won't do much good... glad I have my well oiled up strop handy.


At least my boy has a sense of humour.

I'm no killjoy, I'll tape the flower ends together and use it like a birch until it wears out Twisted Evil .................... then I'll continue with the strap.


That's what I see running towards me? I go back into the house and wonder what happened to my back yard!

Seriously though, I don't know what he's playing at, but this is very serious, and he and I need to sit down and have a long talk about it. If I've caught him smoking before, maybe a switching isn't the problem, but it's been promised, and it will be delivered, and then we'll try to find some way to help him stop.


I obviously haven't trained him well enoughI could tie that lod together and see if it works but I think I said a switch , not a birch. Guess I will show him what I meant, I'll prepare one and he can prepare one, in case one breaks! Then we go ahead as (I) planned.

Pi Beta

I'm getting my cane out of the wardrobe - then he's getting it!


Editor Extraordinaire
We'll make the switch -- to my belt.


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