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After The Party 11/23/13 "The Investigation" By: John Boy

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David M. Katz

My apologies to Bransom and most especially to John Boy.

John Boy sent a story to be used after the Halloween party. My life and health got interesting and John Boy got busy with his move and the story got left behind.

Finally, without any more delay, we offer you a story for after the party.


The Investigation
BY: John Boy

The following takes place between 16:00 (4pm) and 17:00 (5pm) on the day after Halloween.
**16:00 - Sam**
“Mommy! Sam has my candy!”
“Jason, wait!” I can hear everyone coming this way.
“Hey, he has my candy too!” Jake shouts. That little weasel!
“Sam, whose candy do you… Samuel Reece Barrett!” Gulp, my full name. “Why do you have your brothers' candy bags?”
“My bag is missing candy!” Jason whines. “I put some Twizzlers near the top, and they are gone!” Don’t look at my hand, don’t look at my hand. “Hey, Sam is holding some! He stole my candy!”
Uh oh, Mom does not look happy. “Mom, it’s not what it…” SMACK! “Ouch!” She gives me a hard swat and takes the bags of candy.
“Go to your room,” she tells me. “When your father gets home, we shall see what it looks like.” I head towards the stairs and towards my room. “The rest of you go play.”
“But Mommy, what about my missing candy!” Jason cries.  I reach the top of the steps, and don’t hear her answer.
I close my door, grab Minion Dave and Simba, and lay down on my bed. This is so unfair; I was only… I can hear the door opening, I look up, and Jason, Greggie, Ricky and Kevin come in, everyone else is right behind him.
“What are you guys doing here? You know I am in trouble, and that means confined to room, ALONE, 'til Dad gets home.
“You’re mean, Sam,” Jason says. “You stole my candy. I hope Daddy spanks you with the spoon!” Ricky, Ian, and Kevin are giving me dirty looks behind him. With the way Jason will tell Dad, I will probably get the spoon and a double!
“I’m innocent…”
“Hold on, Jason,” Andy says. “Sam wouldn’t steal candy. He might trade or ask, but not steal… especially from us.”
“Whose side are you on, Andy?” Jake adds. “He stole from me too, and he probably stole from you.”
I’m a dead man! I give Jay a sad look. “I’m innocent, there is more to this then what you saw!”
“Liar!” Jason shouts.
“I think we need to investigate,” Jay says.
“We don’t need to investigate!” Jason argues. “He had the candy, so he is guilty.”
“Jason, everyone deserves a chance, especially when that person could get a spanking,” Jay tells him. I smile, if anyone can prove guilt or innocence, it is Jay!
“He had my Twizzlers in his hand!” Jason reminds everyone.
“How do you know those were your Twizzlers?” I demand.
“You had my bag!”
“I think I hear Auntie Alex!” Greggie says.
Sean grabs our walkie-talkies and hands one to me. “When the coast is clear, we will call you.”
**16:17 - Jay**
We made it to the play room without Auntie Alex seeing us. I take the walkie-talkie from Sean. “General Jay to General Sammy, come in.”
“I don’t feel much like a general, sitting here in the brig,” Sammy gripes.
“Come on, Sammy, don’t give up,” I tell him. “What were you going to say before your mom came?”
“All I can say is this… The candy is the answer to all the questions.”
“Check the Twizzlers, I marked mine so I could tell mine from the others if they got mixed up.”
“We need to look at the candy,” I say.
“How are we going to get past Auntie Alex?” Artie asks. “She is in the kitchen and she put the candy up high.”
“I know how to get the candy,” Sean answers. “But Artie is right. We need to get Mom out of the kitchen.
“How?” Andy asks.
“Ian, remember that time you were running up the stairs and fell and hurted your hand,” Ricky says. “Mommy ran from the kitchen to make sure you were okay.”
We head upstairs and Ian jumps on the stairs, and makes a loud thump, and then he grabs his hand. “Owie! Auntie Alex I hurt my hand!”
Auntie Alex comes running in. “What happened?”
“My hand it hurts!” Ian pretends. “I was coming upstairs, and slipped on the steps!” Sean, Artie and I hurry into the kitchen, but we can still hear Ian and Auntie Alex.
“Let me take a look at it.”
“Owie, it hurts! I think I broke it like Brady!”
I stop at the door while Sean grabs a stepstool and starts to reach for the candy. “Let me get an ice pack for your hand, sweety.” Sean points to the freezer door and Artie grabs an icepack out, and runs out of the kitchen.
“Here, Auntie Alex, I brought this for Ian’s hand.”
“Thank you Artie. Ian put this on your hand, I better call your mom.  If you did break it, we need to go to the doctor.”
“The ice is helping Auntie Alex, maybe it isn’t broken!” Artie is standing looking nervously at me. I signal him that we need more time, Sean is almost done. Artie nods at Ricky and Greggie, and they start to spin in circles!
“Whoa, I am dizzy!” Ricky says.
“Me too,” Greggie adds. Artie giggles, and spins too.
“They are spinning?” Artie nods his head. Auntie Alex looks at them like they are crazy. Sean gets the candy down, and I look at the Twizzlers. Sam put the first letters of all three names on the candy. I look in all the bags and frown. “Sean, we need to have a pirate council.”
**16:32 - Sam**
I look up because the bedroom door opens. My brothers and friend tiptoe into the room. “He’s guilty isn’t he?” Jason questions. So much for a fair trial... A pirate council is supposed to be a way for us to deal with problems. We each get a vote... well, except the person on trial, but to call me guilty before it really begins isn’t fair.
“I looked at all the candy, and Sammy put his initials on his," Jay begins. “The Twizzlers that Auntie Alex took from him are his.”
“Whaaat?” Kevin sounded like a minion when he said that.
“I also found a big Butterfinger bar in Jake’s bag, with Sammy’s initials.” Everyone turns to Jake. “Care to explain?”
“What are you talking about, Jay?” Jake tries.
“You stole my candy?” Jason asks.
“No, I didn’t!” Jake argues. “You saw Sam with your bag.” Ok, the cat’s out of the bag.
“Yes I had his bag! I was trying to replace the candy YOU took!”
“What are you talking about, Sam?” Jay asks.
I sigh, “I did my writing assignment for Dad. I was going to put it on the kitchen table for him to see. I was almost to the kitchen, when I saw Jake with Jason’s bag… He was taking candy out…”
“Jakey, let him talk,” Jay says. “Go on, Sam.”
“He takes the candy, and heads outside.”
“That wasn’t the candy you shared with us? Was it Jake?” Ian asks and Henry’s eyes go wide.
“Why did you have the candy bags?” Jason asks.
“Because, I didn’t want you to get upset, so I was trying to replace the candy. I noticed my bag was missing candy too, but I was willing share with you. I grabbed Jake's, because I thought some of his candy should be yours.”
“So you were going to steal from me?” Jake accuses. “That means he is guilty! I say we vote!”
“Raise your hand, if you think Sammy is guilty,” Pirate King Jay says. Jake raises his hand. “Not Guilty!” I hug Jay. “Raise your hand, if Jakey is guilty.” Everyone raises their hand. “Guilty!” Jake looks shocked. “You have to tell Uncle Agent Will the truth.”
“What about Ian and Henry?” Jason asks. They both get scared looks.
“We were tricked,” Ian says.
“Because we shared treats,” Henry adds.
“I vote not guilty for Ian and Henry,” I say. Jay raises his hand also. Everyone except Jake raises their hand.
“Not Guilty!” Jay declares.
“Jake, why did you steal the candy?” Sean asks.
“Because he got more candy!”
That ticked me off. “He is seven and cute, besides, he took several little candies when we took some big candies!”
“That’s very greedy, and mean,” Jay adds. Everyone nods their head in agreement. I hope he doesn’t try that argument with Dad.
I hear Dad pull into the driveway a little early. He comes in, and I bet Mom is telling him about today… “Sam, come down here please.” Yup.
**16:55 - Sam**
“What is going on?” Dad asks.
“Dad,” Sean says, “Jake has something he wants to tell you.” Dad looks at Jake.
“I… It was…”
“We stole candy from our brothers.” Wait… Andy? I look at him.
“I’m sorry Sam, I took some of your candy, I was going to trade with you, but… but I heard someone coming, and couldn’t replace the candy.”
Jake looks at his feet, “I took some candy from Sam and Jason.” Dad does not look happy.
“What were you doing, Sam?”
I sigh, “I was trying to replace Jason’s candy before he got upset, and somebody got in trouble.”
“We ate some of Jason’s candy too,” Henry admits.
“But we didn’t know it was Jason’s,” Ian adds.
“Maybe we need to finish this talk in the office.”
Jake doesn’t look happy. “Dad, Ian and Henry didn’t know, we were sharing, and I gave them some of what I took from Jason.”
“Andrew, Jacob, office,” Dad says. “Ian, Henry, you two are not in trouble.”
“Dad, I’m not pressing charges on Andy,” I tell him.
He smiles and rubs my head, “Nice try, Sam.” They go into the office, and Dad closes the door.
**16:59:58 Smack! 16:59:59 Smack! 17:00 Smack!**
Jake is getting his spanking, and I am waiting my turn. Dad says we are only getting hand singles, but if we ever steal anything again… Double with the spoon! We also have to replace candy we took, with candy from our bags. Jake is not happy about that. Jake gets off Dad’s lap, gives him a hug, and rubs his sore butt. I almost cried while he was getting spanked.
“Andy, come here please.” I walk over to Dad with my shirt lifted up. He pulls my pants and undies down, and puts me over his lap. I can feel his hand move away and I hold his leg tight. I wish I had Skipper with… SMACK! SMACK! “Ow!” I start crying. Smack! Smack! Smack! “Owie!” SMACK! SMACK! “Sorry!--” SMACK! SMACK! “Ow, Daddy!”  
Daddy is rubbing my back, but it is my butt that needs the rubs! “Okay, Andy, it is over.” I give him an ‘I’m sorry’ hug. “Next time Andy, ask and don’t just take.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Jake, no more stealing.”
“Yes, Daddy,” he sniffles.
Daddy’s spankings really hurt! Jake and I go to our room. I want to get Skipper and tell Sam I am sorry. Sam is standing next to the door to my room; I guess he wanted an apology too. “Sam, I’m sorry, I shoulda asked first.”
He hands me Skipper. “I forgive you, Andy, I wasn’t mad at you.” I take Skipper and we both give Sam a big hug. “Don’t worry, I asked Mom if I could get Skipper and wait for you.”
“Hmph!” Jake pouts.
“Jake, if you want, we can share my Butterfingers bar.”
“Hmph!” Jake pushes past Sam and closes the door hard. I hope Mom and Dad didn’t hear that, they don’t like door slamming.
“Let us try and cheer him up,” Ian says. Henry, him and everyone else must have been waiting in Jason and Kevin’s room.
“Give him a few minutes, but I agree,” Sam tells them. “Come on Andy, I bet you could use a rub.” I give Sam another hug.
He takes me to his room. Sean, Artie and Jay are there and made a spot I could lay on my tummy. I pull down my pants and let them rub the stings away.
“Thanks,” I sigh. “It was only a single, but Daddy used harder spanks!”
“I know Andy, Dad has a way of making his point,” Sam tells me.
“Thanks for trying to talk Dad out of spanking me,” I tell him.
“You should’ve asked, but I didn’t think you should have gotten in trouble like Jake did,” he answers.
After the rubs, we all go to the kitchen. I get my candy out and replace what I took. I give Sam a little extra also for being so kind to me. Henry and Ian call their dads, and ask that their candy be brought over. They are going to give Jason candy to replace what Jake gave them, and share some candy with Jake.
Jake is happy now. I bet he got some rubs along with the candy promise.
“Sam?” he asks. “I’m sorry I took your candy. Will you still share the Butterfinger?”
“Sure, Jake, I am always willing to share some candy.”
Uncle Charlie, and Uncle Jason show up in a few minutes with Henry and Ian’s candy. Now everyone is happy and have tummies full of candy.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Aw, so nice!

Thanks David! Thanks JB, great story! I love you


John Boy

Thank you Katz for taking the time to post this so late after Halloween. You are the best.


Yeah JB, he is!cheers 

Nice little story too; I'm glad it was added to the collection.


Hey JB! Cute story! You write for Jay very well Suspect

John Boy

Jkher wrote:Hey JB!  Cute story!  You write for Jay very well Suspect
I learned from the best. Suspect

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