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BOTD 11/27/13 "Boys Will Be Boys, Right?" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Nathaniel is your thirteen year old son. Nathaniel is spanked when needed.

Jentzen is his really close friend.  Jentzen seems to spend more time at your house than his own.  Jentzen is the son of a single mother.  You do have spanking permission for Jentzen if it is needed.

Isaac is also a very close friend of Nathaniel and Jentzen and lives a few doors down from you. Isaac's father works rotating shifts at a local factory.  Isaac's mother is almost four months pregnant.  Isaac's parents, especially his mother, are, in your opinion, a little overly strict. Isaac is paddled by his father when needed and his parents typically add on some other sort of punishment to his spankings.  You do have permission to spank Isaac but have never used it.

The three boys are typically inseparable and seem to do everything together and have frequent sleepovers at each other's houses.  You have dubbed the trio as The Three Musketeers.

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ISAAC - 13
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School is out for a break and so the boys are spending the night at Isaac's house.  At around 10:00 PM Isaac's mother calls you and asks you to please come pick up Nathaniel and Jentzen.  You arrive and Nathaniel and Jentzen are sitting quietly in the den and look very embarrassed and scared.  You can tell Nathaniel has been crying.  You can hear from Isaac's room and he is in his room and is crying hard.

Isaac's mother tells you that she went in Isaac's room to drop off some laundry.  (She says the door was slightly open.)  She caught all three boys looking at Isaac's computer and they were looking at "girly sites."  The boys were making some hormonally driven comments about what they were seeing and Jentzen had already slipped his hand down his shorts.  She gave all three boys a good tongue lashing and sent Isaac to bed with the promise that there would be hell to pay when his father came home from work in the morning.  She then called you to collect the other boys.

You get Nathaniel and Jentzen home and their version of the story does match what Isaac's mother told you.  Nathaniel does say that, "She went ape s**t on us."  Nathaniel shows you the sites in question.  They could be considered soft porn but do not involve nudity or sexual content.  The sites mostly show scantily clothed women in suggestive poses.

You do not have a rule about such internet activity with Nathaniel.  You have told him that hard pornography is illegal at his age.  A discussion with Jentzen's mother reveals that she too has no specific rule about such sites.  However, Isaac's parents strictly forbid such sites.  After some stammering and squirming, Nathaniel and Jentzen  admit that they knew that what they were doing was against the rules of their host home.

You call Jentzen's mother and explain the issue.  She does not have a major concern about what happened and considers it boys being boys.  She says she does not feel a serious punishment is needed and that she trusts you to handle the matter.

You decide to deal with the matter in the morning as you want to have a conversation with Isaac's father.  You send Nathaniel and Jentzen on to bed and tell them that you all will come to a fair resolution in the morning.

You do call Isaac's father in the morning.  He is mostly upset at Isaac's disobedience.  He tells you he will be paddling Isaac and that Isaac will lose his internet privileges for a week.

Nathaniel and Jentzen are now up and sitting at the table eating cereal.  They look like two condemned men having a last meal.  

Nathaniel looks at you and asks, "You gonna whip us?"

What is your response?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm really kind of torn on this. They knew the rules of the house. I kind of feel that, by going over there, they agree to abide by them. On the other hand, I honestly don't feel they've done anything wrong.

I think I need to meet Nate's question with one of my own: "Do you deserve it?"

They did something they knew they weren't allowed to do in that house (though I'd love to hear how Isaac's parents phrased a command to not look at females), and their friend was punished for it. I'm going to make it clear that I think they were doing nothing wrong, and that Isaac's mom was wrong for busting in on them, but I'm sure they're going to agree they deserve something, just because Isaac shouldn't be the only one to pay for their actions.

If they do feel that way, it'll be enough that they feel they paid, but pretty darned mild by normal standards.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


They are the three musketeers. All for one, and one for all.

I think they were boys being boys. And I'd personally have had no problem beyond telling them to close their door. Given Isaac's parents, had the door been fully closed, or closed and locked, I think it would still have been a problem.

I suspect it would have been less of a problem were not Isaac's mom pregnant, and were his parents not already "overly strict". But it was. And Isaac had already been punished.

Nathaniel and Jentzen clearly felt it was unfair for them to get away with only a telling off. So I think your handling was spot on.

In a perfect world, no one would have been in trouble. And I wonder how much time Isaac will end up spending "in therapy" when he moves from that house.


Probably as much time as I did after I left mine, Doc. This is an over-reaction of the greatest magnitude, and SHE barged in!!

This just doesn't rise to a 'crime' in my book; it IS boys being boys. I would probably have tried to convince Isaac's dad not to paddle him. I'm ok with the week restriction for the overt disobedience but nothing further is warranted.

As to the other 'musketeers', I think the guilt they are feeling about this really is its own punishment. They know what their encouragement and involvement has bought for their friend and they are feeling quite badly about it by all indications. I really think a discussion about "being a good guest" is in order and perhaps an apology to Isaac's parents would be a good idea to get into their 'good graces' again.

On the other hand, the guys may want to rethink visiting at Isaac's home and have everyone meet for a while at either Nathaniel's or Jentzen's where there is a modicum of sanity prevailing.

John Boy

I'm really torn on this as well. It is more the problem with knowing someone else s rules and then breaking that rule with your friends.

Stone Man

The problem I have with Nate and Jentzen is them knowing the house rules where they were guests and ignoring them. They both deserve to get some form of punishment, but it will likely be mild compared to that of their friend.


When in Rome .............................etc

The boys were in Isaac's house and under those house rules.

I may think Isaac's parents are overly strict but if I had any concerns about them I would not have entered into a mutual spanking agreement nor would my son have been sleeping over there.

"You do call Isaac's father in the morning.  He is mostly upset at Isaac's disobedience.  He tells you he will be paddling Isaac ....................."

My answer to Nathaniel?  "No - but I've arranged for Isaac's paddling to be delayed until you both get across to join him."


Pity they chose to do their viewing at Isaac's house.

I reckon they know Isaac gets paddled more often and harder than they do so there is a lot of sympathy in play here.

I'd certainly remove their computers for the same time period as Isaac.

I also think they might feel a spanking would be in order as they were complicit n the activity that has led to Isaac being paddled. From the scenario it seems they are expecting that.


I'm with Dimitri on this....

If I have to punish I think it will be for knowing the rules and willingly breaking them but the punishment for that would be to not let them over to Issacs for awhile........

I'm a total mom but I don't even barge into my girls bedrooms without knocking.... I couldn't imagine barging into a sons .....affraid 

Hugs kal

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
"the door was slightly open" - if so, this was very careless/stupid of the three boys.

I could not in all conscience punish them for what they were viewing, but I can for knowingly disobeying the rules of the house.

They will serve the same period of deprivation of computer access as Isaac BUT I will be open to them asking for a slippering - one whack for each day of deprivation of computer use they wish to have rescinded.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm not really sure how sites with no nudity and no sex can be considered porn of any description, unless Isaac's parents are religious fanatics. I'm pretty much with Dimitri on this one.


David M. Katz

Isaac's parents are good decent people but they do tend to some archaic rules based in their leanings towards ultra conservatism. The mom is a little more problematic than the dad. Nevertheless I have no concerns with letting my child hang out there or associate with them.

OK, this was looking like a mess but it was tempered with a little time and a little more reasoning from the dad. I did not find out the details of Isaac's paddling until late yesterday. It was actually very minimal considering the norm for that household. Isaac's parents have also rescinded the restriction on the internet.

Nathaniel and Jentzen got the privacy, discretion, judgement talk (again) and we did boil it down to "when in Rome." The boys knew they were violating the rules and I did inform them that Isaac was spanked. With that in mind and mostly in a move of solidarity the boys agreed they needed a whipping (spanking.) They were very cooperative. I only gave each three moderate licks with the belt. I know it stung and got their attention but I also know it was very mild for a thirteen year old. Nathaniel teared up a little but never openly cried and Jentzen took it with just a little grunting. I offered the boys the opportunity to be spanked in private but they declined. They dropped clothes and bent over the bed side by side. I started with Jentzen and alternated between them until each boy had his three. It was done and over quickly and after some vigorous rubbing all seemed well. I was still concerned that the boys would relate the spanking to normal sexuality and I really wanted to stress they were being punished solely for the disobedience issue. I asked both boys to write me a quick one page essay on following the rules at other's houses. The essays were done in a half hour and I think they made the connection.

Life then moved on and this bump in the road is behind them all.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


The issue to me revolves around, knowing how strict Issacs parents (the hosts were), did Issac need egging on to get himself in serious trouble. I that were the case I would have a serious problem with the pair and very likely they would share Issacs fate.  Next I think if Jentzens mum is not that pushed then really I should just send Jentzen on home and we will keep all the musketeers apart for a couple of days, a mild restriction. Finally I will remind Nathaniel of the phrase 'when in Rome.' In future if he knowingly breaches his hosts house rules he will be spanked as I see fit and should Jentzen do the same I will suggest to his mother that that should happen to Jentzen as well. I want my son well thought of as a guest.

Poor Issac is in strife obviously but other than my attempt to intercede with the Dad there is little I can do. I note I haven't given Issacs Dad spanking rights!
I hope their won't be any resentment from Issac over the obvious inequality of treatment.

This is one of those BOtd that becomes a moving target. In order not to be overly influenced by the rest I wrote the above without reading other comments and I am intrigued at just how close we all were. Even that When in Rome phrase. I do know that getting  a bad report back from a friends home would certainly have got me in trouble though. I didn't allow for the solidarity shown by Nathaniel and Jentzen but I'm pleased that Issacs Dad didn't go as far off the deepend as his Mom and most importantly they are all still friends

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