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BOTD 12-06-2013 Myron the Emo - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Myron the Emo
An Ivor Production

About a year ago your 14 year old son Myron decided he wanted to become an Emo. You discussed it and told him that you would support him in what he did, how he looked and what he wore provided that he did not breach any of the rules relating to school dress and appearance. Everything has gone well and Myron seems to be a lot happier since he adopted Emo 'philosophy'. Certainly the occasions on which you have needed to paddle him have been considerably reduced since then.

You have been away on a business trip for three days. When you get home your spouse informs you that during your absence Myron has been suspended from school for a week but refuses to tell you why. You go up to his room and this is what you see:

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The school code bans dyed hair - hence the suspension.

Myron paid for the dying. Is he going to have to pay again to have it removed - or died back to black which just might be acceptable to the school?

And is he in for a paddling for breaking the agreement you made?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
Easy one.. 5 licks with the paddle.. grab your ankles Myron!

Can you dig it?

John Boy

Skater wrote:Easy one.. 5 licks with the paddle.. grab your ankles Myron!
Ditto with an added of paying for the fixing of the hair.


An episode of "Leave It to Beaver" this week referenced Wally wearing what would now be called an "extreme hairstyle". June, unable to deal with the matter herself, contacted the school's principal for advice in dealing with the situation (OK, she wanted him to ban it so she wasn't the bad guy).

Clearly this is a show from the 1960's, and not today. Because the principal used very good sense. "Extreme hairstyles are a boy's first real experience with self expression. If you ignore them, they quickly realize themselves that they look ridiculous, and the problem goes away". And indeed, by the end of the 24 minutes, they had.

I think he exercised good sense. And basically, in this case so will I.

I'm going to tell Myron that while I disagree with the school's ban, it is there, in black and white, in the student handbook. And he has to go to school by law at 14. I can't afford to transfer him to a more tolerant school (and isn't it interesting that those who preach "tolerance" the loudest are the most intolerant of anything they themselves don't countenance), and I can't stop working to home school him, so the dye is going to have to go.

I believe there is some sort of dye that washes in and out at will, and I will approve his use of that during non-school times (weekends, and vacations, if he still insists on doing this by then). I'm not going to paddle him.

I can understand a ban on behaviors that are disruptive. I can even understand a school requiring a uniform, in which case green hair would definitely not be on the cards. But the picking and choosing of what some administrator considers to be "freaky" is hypocritical. Still, Myron is better off learning now that when you are under the control of others, and that will happen everywhere in life unless you are Steve Jobs, sometimes you just have to suck it up. Life isn't fair.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm taking Kier's approach. There is plenty of temporary hair color Myron can use on his own time. For now he has to obey the school's dress code.


David M. Katz

K club intact!

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


All you have to do to get a week long holiday is to dye your hair? Crazy world...


Kier has pretty well nailed it but there is also the issue that he has reneged on our agreement.  I'll remind him that by doing so the way is clear for me tear it up although I wont on this occasion.

Then he can drop his pants and give me a private display of his emotions.Mad


Why didn't my spouse handle this?

Myron might be at risk of having his pocket money cut off for a while, depending on his attitude, but if the school suspended him (talk about overkill), why didn't he just dye it back? Did I really need to be there?

Now, if the problem is that Myron is refusing to dye his hair back, then I won't force him. I have those dog clippers around here someplace, and we can .... "Yes, Myron, I will run you to the store for a box of black dye. I'm glad you changed your mind."

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


A week! and I wasn't told. Does thisx mean my spouse is unaware of the school rulesor scared to tell me what Myron did? Fetch me Sir Emlyns lawyer!. Myron can lose the green hair, either dyed black or returned to its natural state. And yes this complete disregard for school rules, contrary to our agreement, and entirely unnecessary suspension does get him a paddling. A hard one too. I hope my spouse has been finding some chores for Myron rather than have him loaf around.

Stone Man

Well last nights post went off into the ether. And I've seen better answers this morning.

But(t) to repeat: Myron will be getting a spanking and he can pay for the hair to be recolored in a form acceptable to the school code. With that done, I will see if the suspension can be lifted.


I'm troubled by the week long thing too!  In this day and age of easy visual technology I could/should have all the essential facts in minutes.

While I can't quite wrap my brain around the green hair, we (Myron and I) did agree to let him indulge in this type of  behavior bounded by school regs.  It would appear that Myron violated his end of our agreement.  To this point, I was in the K Klub in terms of having him use a temporary product on his own time, which is something I may try after I use Jack's approach.  

Max's shears will fix that green mess just fine, son! Razz And yes, getting suspended for a week has earned you a hot time in the den tonight! Twisted Evil 

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