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BOTD 12-07-2013 Myron the Emo - Part Two - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Myron the Emo Part Two
An Ivor Production

See yesterdays BOTD for the rest of this. But below is a followup!

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When you go into Myron's room and see his hair you explode (it has been a long and tiring business trip) and tell him to get ready for a paddling.

He responds that he agrees he has breached your agreement and broken the school rules, but points out that the ban on dyed hair only applies to boys which he doesn't consider to be fair. Does this change what you do next?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I think I will up the total from 5 licks to 7!

Can you dig it?

John Boy

he still gets spanked but we will talk and discuss how to properly convince administration to change a policy, not by outright disobedience.


I wasn't spanking him yesterday. And I'm still not.

If, in fact, the ban only applies to boys, I'm setting a meeting with the principal, the school board, and my attorney, or better still the ACLU (which is normally an organization I despise).

I'm no lawyer (thank God), but I believe the school is in violation of federal law. They are definitely hypocrites.


Editor Extraordinaire
Okay, I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest that Myron either misunderstands the school's rule or is misrepresenting it. Banning obviously unnatural hair colors is pretty commonplace among school dress and grooming codes. Usually as long as a hair color is even somewhat close to something that occurs in nature, it gets a pass, regardless of sex. If, in fact, the school is permitting girls to come in with sherbet-colored hair and not boys, then I damn sure will be taking action, starting with a call to the superintendent. I won't spank him.


Stone Man

John Boy wrote:he still gets spanked but we will talk and discuss how to properly convince administration to change a policy, not by outright disobedience.
Put me in the JB club.


Not at all.

That is a separate issue I may or may not take up with the school.  

The rule was in place when we made our agreement - and he broke it.

Drop 'em.


I still feel like I'm missing something. Did he refuse to dye his hair back, and was only suspended after that? And what if he leaves his hair green? Does he still get to go back to school after five days?

The fact that only girls are allowed to dye their hair (if he's correct and accurate) is unfair, but there's actually a lot of unfair things about dress codes, and it's something with which you have to live (most of them are private, like at jobs, and there's not much you can do about them accept quit).

NOW, if he dyed his hair green as a protest of school rules, and was suspended for five days because of that (and he's right about the rules), then I agree with Kier. As for anything else, I'm still sticking with yesterday's answer.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I think he's splitting hairs.

If he wants to campaign on that at school that would be up to him. It has no effect on what he is getting here. Id be mighty surprised if the girls are allowed green hair, Drop 'em and bend young man


squarecutter wrote:I think he's splitting hairs.

Id be mighty surprised if the girls are allowed green hair, Drop 'em and bend young man
Having dealt extensively with our legal system (which I will never EVER refer to as a "Justice System" again), I've been "mighty surprised" at the things that happen regularly which I was taught in school could NEVER happen.  If judges and lawyers are content to play fast and loose with actual law, rest assured school administrators are even happier to twist rules, or simply make ridiculous or unfair ones.

I won't take Myron's word, but will find out the actual facts.  And if they are as he narrated them, my original answer stands.  If he's lying about it, he'll be getting way more than he bargained for.


I rather like Skater's take on this! Twisted Evil 

The fact of it is that Myron broke the rules and our agreement arbitrarily. If he had asked we might have had the discussion that leads to his pointing out the flaw in the school's handling of this issue. I believe Kat is quite correct in pointing out that the rule of colors which don't (normally) occur are probably out for both sexes.

If however that is not the case, them Myron and I will take that that up with the appropriate people (the school admin/board, etc). He's still not off my hook for the original issue!

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