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BOTD 12/17/13 "The Standoff" A DMK Production

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1 BOTD 12/17/13 "The Standoff" A DMK Production on Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:05 pm

David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Your twelve year old son, Bobby Lee, is in trouble.  He was playing around in your workshop with yur power tools without supervision.  You caught him before there was any injury but some of your better drill bits are bent.  When you spoke to Bobby Lee about it all he became belligerent and started cursing at you.  You had meant to just talk the issue through with Bobby Lee and possibly even relax some rules.  You told him that but he continued to be argumentative and belligerent.

You sent him in to his room to calm down. On his way to his room he passed your spouse in the kitchen and asked what was for dinner.  He didn't like the answer and did some more cursing.  He went to his room and slammed the door.  You decided that Bobby Lee has definitely crossed the line and needs a spanking.  You go to his room and tell him he is going to be spanked and why.  He says, "No way," and storms out of the room. He says he is not gong to take a spanking and goes off to his friend's, Billy Wayne's, house.

You wait about a half hour and call his phone.  Bobby Lee doesn't answer.  You decide to go over to Billy Wayne's house.  You never embarrass Bobby Lee about his spankings and they are always a private matter between he and you - who he tells is his business.  You do know, however, that Biily Wayne is spanked by his parents when needed and you know Bobby Lee has told his Billy Wayne that he is spanked as well.  You arrive a t Billy Wayne's and his mother greets you.  You tell her that you would like to speak to Bobby Lee and take him home because "a family event" just came up.  She invites you in.  Bobby Lee and Billy Wayne are busy playing a video game.

BOBBY LEE - Your Son (Blue Shirt) & BILLY WAYNE - The Friend (Red Shirt)  -  BOTH 12
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You say to Bobby Lee, "Time to come home.  We've got something to do."

Bobby Lee continues to play but says, "I told you I ain't doing it.  I ain't coming home."

You encourage him to come with you.  Billy Wayne and his mother are both right there and so you don't want to make a scene at someone else's house.

You say again, a little firmer, "Bobby Lee, I need you to come home now."

Bobby Lee responds, "I'm not coming home and you know why."

What do you do?  How do you not make a scene in your neighbor's house?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

hard one, I either A. make a scene or B. go home and wait him out and just add to the punishment for the disobedience.


Really a tough one but I think I will ask Billy to save the game and shut it down. Then I will ask for some private time with my son. I'm sure Mrs. Wayne got the hint by now and will take Billy out for a moment.

I will then explain to my son that he is just making it worse and it will happen no matter what he tries to avoid. He can either come home with me and we can handle it privately or he can have it right here and now

The decission is his.


"Okay son, you'll come home eventually and when you do the problem and its solution will still be there."


'How do you not make a scene at your neighbor's house?' By stopping the boy before he ever walked out the door.

The worst mistake I made was waiting 30 minutes to go after Bobby, which let him think he was in charge, and gave me time to realize how badly I was screwing things up.

The way the scenario reads makes me think that Bobby's behavior is unusual, so I should have been more concerned with what was motivating it, than in punishing him for it. Since I wasn't, it's just made things worse. However, at this point, the most important thing is to get the situation back under control (unless I really want to spend the next 6 years begging my child to behave).

"Bobby, come here so I can talk to you privately for a second," is his last chance. Whether he takes it or not, the next words out of my mouth (either quietly enough just for him to hear or loud enough for the whole room to hear) are, 'we can either go home, talk about this, and try to solve the situation, or I can pick you up, wear you out right here, then carry you home - your choice.'

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I incline to Jacks idea. Either he walks out the door or I frogmarch him out by the ear. I think we already started a scene when he dissed me in front of the other



Editor Extraordinaire
I take it this sort of defiance is an aberration for Bobby Lee, which suggests to me that some upsetting event has precipitated it. I think the best thing to do is ask to speak to him privately in the hopes that I can find out what is going on. If worse comes to worst, I can remove him forcibly, but I want to avoid that option if at all possible. I will, however, make it clear to him that I will do that if necessary. Whether or not I spank him when I get him home will depend  on the reason for his behavior. If this sort of thing is not unusual, then I probably will have to seek professional help to get the discipline back on track.



Why ever did I allow him to walk out of the house in the first place? scratch 

However things are as they are.

The "scene" is set for the next act.

As the curtain goes up Bobby Lee's pants come down.  Evil or Very Mad 

I'm sure the audience will applaud.

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