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BOTD 12-21-2013 Asking Aidan's Acceptance - A Kat Production

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Asking Aidan’s Acceptance
A Kat Production

You recently married a divorced woman, who has an eleven-year-old son, Aidan. You’ve always enjoyed being around kids, so bonding with Aidan was no problem for you. Aidan’s biological dad is very much in the picture, and he is very supportive of the unique relationship you have developed with your stepson. After the wedding, the three adults in Aidan’s life have a family meeting to discuss how your role will now change. Both your wife and Aidan’s dad spank, though Aidan refused to cooperate with his mom the last time she attempted to spank him, which was six months ago. Aidan’s dad assures you that he is comfortable with your spanking the boy, but the three of you agree that before you take on that responsibility, you should consider how Aidan feels about it.

Aiden 11
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His parents broach the subject to him first, and then you have a private talk with him. Not surprisingly, he isn’t leaping for joy at the prospect of another adult spanking him; but on the other hand, he isn’t hostile. You would best describe his attitude as guarded when you bring up the subject of spanking. He tells you he is afraid that it will make things weird between you. He wants to know how you would spank him and he also wants reassurance that his relationship with you won’t change in a bad way. What will you say to convince him that you can share in his discipline without losing his confidence and trust?

Can you dig it?

John Boy

I would tell him that I will keep it consistent with how his Dad does it. It might be awkward at first but I want him to know I would do it because I love him and that will never change.

Stone Man

John Boy wrote:I would tell him that I will keep it consistent with how his Dad does it. It might be awkward at first but I want him to know I would do it because I love him and that will never change.

Sounds more than right to me.


I would start by reminding Aidan that both his parents agreed that he should be spanked when he was bad.  That now he was growing up and uncomfortable about his mother baring him for a spanking the alternative was to stew until his father's next visit instead of looking forward to having some fun with him.

I would then go on to reassure him that although I wouldn't like spanking him that contrary to having a bad effect on my relationship with him it would probably strengthen it because I would feel that I had a real part to play in helping him to shape his life.  As to how it would affect his relationship with me was up to him - that was why we were consulting him before it became a reality.

Finally I would give him a great big hug.

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We could be in for another unanimous day.  Smile


I'm not going to do anything much different from Aidens Dad in terms of severity or implement used and that if Aiden is used to bare bottom spanking that is how it will be with me.  It is likely after the last experience that Aiden  will be referred by his mother to me or his Dad should she feel spanking is deserved. I will tell Aiden that the lat thing he or anyone wants is for his biological Dad to be seen as mean dad while I play easy going dad, or vice versa. Upgrades or instances requiring  a more severe punishment than normal will be discussed in advance

The aim is to produce as seamless as possible the transition for how Aiden is raised.  The benefit is Aiden not having to wait or being grounded which none of us are keen on.  We will always give Aden a fair hearing if he wishes to discuss how he is punished

I will also say to Aiden that once a spanking is over the matter will be closed and it will not affect my view of him as I hope it will not affect his view of me. The aim will always be to put the matter behind us and move on

David M. Katz

ivor wrote:We could be in for another unanimous day.  Smile 

I agree!

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


As someone who's actually gone through this...

I'm going to tell Aidan what my views on discipline are, and why I think spankings are a good and needed thing. I'll tell him how I spank and why, where I'm willing to bend and where I'm not. We'll also discuss alternatives. At the end, I'll suggest that we give it a trial period that may (or may not) have only one spanking, before we decide if it's something we should continue or not.

At 11, Aidan is at the age where spanking is still probably the best choice, as well as being the age where boys seem to need the most 'feedback' on their behavior. Still, I think it's best to at least let him be active in the choice, since his acceptance will make it much more effective.

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I agree with all the previous responders but would offer Aiden the opportunity to choose whether he would rather I spanked him on pants/pyjamas rather than bare.


I join the "all" club

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