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BOTD 01-24-2014 Just Some Fun for Talbot? An Ivor Production

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When I got my driver's license in 1973, it was not very long before I ended up doing almost all the chores that required use of the family automobiles (we had a second car by 1972). The result of this was that I never was punished by having my driving privileges revoked since the result would have been more inconvenient to my parents than to me  Laughing 

Even the day after the I had accident on my seventeenth birthday, I was running errands in the car (actually, I almost had to be forced to get behind the wheel).

For a fairly accurate account of the accident see my story: Sweet Seventeen... except that I was not, of course, caned at school and all (since Burlington Central High School didn't do corporal punishment to my knowledge in 1973)...

My punishments were normally restricted to being yelled at by my father... for an example see A Canuck at St. Edwards - Cycling Into Trouble... this story is early and not very well-written, I'm afraid...

To get to the point...

I don't think I'd punish Talbot... I would take him aside and carefully explain that he could easily have caused expensive damage to the car, and would ask him to refrain from doing the same thing in future. If he disobeyed again, he'd probably get the rougher edge of my tongue over the matter and might be further punished... but most teenage boys of my acquaintance would certainly take the hint about causing damage and be more careful in the future...



ivor wrote:
Jack wrote:If a kid is in a hurry to watch TV, but has to clear the table first, and so he picks up everything on the table, trying to do it all and once, and something drops and breaks --- that's a foreseeable accident.  I don't see denting the hood by sliding down the window as foreseeable.  It's regrettable, and something he'd best not repeat, but it looked like fun to me, so why should I complain?

But the first is the consequence of an action that had to be done whereas there was no need to slide down the roof of the car while cleaning it.

I'm not sure I agree with you there, Ivor, but it's really not my point, either. To me, dropping something because you're carrying too much seems like it should be easily foreseeable. If he actually was 'sliding' down the window and not doing cannonballs, I just can't see where this was something that I'd call careless, much less malicious.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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