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BOTD 02-13-14 The Blind Eye - An Ivor Production

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Yes, this picture has almost a prophetic and symbolic quality, for the fully grown-up (?) Mr. Blair has turned his back on weapons of mass destruction (conkers) and gone full tilt in reverse down the middle of the picture into the Church - except that the Anglican Church has proved to be too liberal for him so he has gone to Rome instead.

[My apologies for turning a perfectly serious question with thoughtful and serious answers into a bit of fun.  It is an unfortunate tendency I have.]


Push - apologies are unnecessary.

Those who are here more often than you will confirm that I suffer from the same tendency. I certainly have no problem with your comments on this BOTD.


ivor wrote: I certainly have no problem with your comments on this BOTD.

As long as you're not just trying to be offensive or pick fights, I think there's a place for all comments here.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


More politics for our British friends... NO POO CONTENT but if you are a Conservative you might not like it...

You've been warned and all...


Stevie.  Twisted Evil 

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