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BOTD 02-14-14 Nothing to Do - A Leti Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Nothing to Do!
A Leti Production

You are invited to a party with an old friend you had not seen in years. He tells you that he has a pool and that your kids can use it. You arrive with your 3 kids, 11 yo Patrick, 9 yo Jonathan and 5 yo Suzy.  The pool is small. Patrick and Suzy do not mind and get in the pool and are playing and having fun. Jonathan just lays on the stone bench and is bored. You try to talk to him, and he tells you he is bored, that it is a boring party and wants to go home.

Jonathan 9
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What do you do?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I wonder if a good spanking will cheer him up?

Can you dig it?


I'm going to tell him that everyone BUT him is having a good time, and that, despite his feelings, he is NOT the center of the universe.

I'm sure we've brought along some personal electronics (which is probably what he'd be doing at home anyway). He can play with his PSP or equivalent, and let everyone else enjoy him or herself. If he can do that, I'll make it up to him later. If that isn't satisfactory to him, I'm sure we can find a more forceful was of convincing him that's his best course at this point.

David M. Katz

I'm going to pick him up and throw him in the pool.  Razz   Twisted Evil 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

sigh I'm saving time and hitting the Ditto all button. Razz



Maybe a cooling off will help his mood or we can DITTO kier if that don't work

Hugs kal


I think Doc's answer would be my first response and if he is still wearing that face I'm going with Katz's fine response!  Twisted Evil 

Stone Man

David M. Katz wrote:I'm going to pick him up and throw him in the pool.   Razz   Twisted Evil 

I'm going to strip him down to his briefs, then I'm going to throw him in.


I'll tell him the only boring thing I've noticed around is somebody who chooses to mope around and be miserable instead of stirring himself to try to make the best of a situation that doesn't particularly interest him.

Then I'll walk away and leave him to it.


At 9 Jonathan will fit nicely on my lap or over it. I will try on it first. I'd quite like to know whats eating him. Is he not into swimming. Is he a tv addict. Have we brought an electronic toy, or god forbid a book Exclamation ? Is he feeling that the company of big brother or little sister isn't what he wants at this moment. What a Face  ? I need some input. One thing I won't be doing is ending this visit with my old pal because a lttle boy is pining for home and I expect him ,if not to play nice, to be more pleasant than he is being otr I am sure my friend will find us a nice quiet room where we can try things the hard way. Life does not always revolve round Master Jonathan.


Editor Extraordinaire
As I see it, Jonathan is minding his own business. His comment about being bored is in direct response to a question from me. I can't see that a kid's being unhappy is ever a reason for punishment. I'll try to engage Jonathan in some activity that will be fun for him, but lecturing or threatening him will not improve his attitude at all. If he is lying on the bench, looking miserable, as a form of passive-aggression, then I'm only rewarding his efforts by noticing them.



Kat is right. Being bored and miserable is no reason for punishment.

I'll encourage him to swim with his siblings, telling him that if he does he will soon be having fun, but I will not force the issue. If he doesn't want to do anything I'll explain that he'll just have to be patient, because in a family sometimes we have to do things for other people even if we do not feel like it, and we can't just end our visit because he doesn't feel like playing. I'll remind him that if he changes his mind about the pool, he can change and jump in whenever he wants.


Kat is right, but I do like Katz's answer  Laughing


I surely would have had more information than this before I came to the party, so, unless there are kids Jon's own age, I'm sure he has his 3DS with him, or I'll let him play with my tablet or read. Boredom just isn't the problem it was when I was a kid.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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