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BOTD 02-27-14 - Spanking Instructions - An Eldo Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Spanking Instructions
An Eldo Production

You have two sons, Aaron and Richard. They are 11 and 12, respectively. They are both good-natured and generally well-behaved boys, but are spanked very firmly when necessary. They do not primarily feature in this story.

Aaron 11
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Richard 12

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Aaron's best friend is Chris, and he lives next door. You are very good friends with Chris' father, Martin. Today is a pool party over at Martin's back yard, and he has asked you to help manage the situation. You and Martin have been friends for over a decade, and often help each other out with projects or life problems.

Chris 11
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During the party, Chris gets over-excited and rather roughly dive-bombs one of the other boys. Martin seperates Chris, and instructs his son to go indoors. Martin exclaims "Sometimes I just don't know what to do with you!"

Chris is twelve years old, and as far as you are concerned he definitely has a bit of an attitude in the last few years, and is certainly due some proper punishment. Without thinking, you mumble to yourself "A spanked bottom wouldn't hurt him." You were only thinking out loud, but Martin does overhear you. He turns to you and asks, "Do you think that would help?"

You and Martin manage to get into a discussion about it. Martin confesses that he has never spanked Chris, and he is quite aware that your boys are spanked when they misbehave. Martin has no moral objections to the concept. In fact, he admits to you that the only reason he has not tried it is that he is unsure how to properly administer a spanking.

He seems embarassed to ask, but takes a deep breath and finally spits out "So how should I do it? I mean, properly. Could you, like, give me a step by step on what I should do?" It's clear that he is intending to give Chris a spanking, and is asking you for clear instructions on how you should give it.

What instructions do you give him?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I believe in a good Demo Smile

Can you dig it?

John Boy

I will offer what advice I can but this really is a father son instance.

David M. Katz

I agree with JB. I will offer advice and pointers but the actual deed is a matter between Chris and his dad. I will interject that I would wonder how well Chris would accept a spanking considering the late advent of them.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

I'll tell Martin my routine with my boys and how it has evolved over time. Then it will be up to the Dad and his Lad to figure out how to make it work.

I too have/had some concerns about how Chris will take this. On the other hand, if Chris has been a "pain" lately and has been subject to groundings/restrictions/lose of privileges and with his knowledge how how I punish his friends (my boys) this may be his way of asking for a change in how he is punished.


I agree with Stoney. I'll also point out that Chris, whether he's 11 or 12, having never been spanked isn't likely to need much of a spanking for Martin to make his point, and for Chris to understand it "loud and clear".


I'll suggest to Martin that we go inside and then I give him a practical demonstration. I'm sure after that he'll have the procedure firmly imprinted.  Evil or Very Mad


I agree with JB and Stoney.

I wonder, though, if Chris refuses to cooperate, whether a talk between the boys could help him...


Martin has been around long enough to know what a spanking is even if he's never experienced one himself.  "Properly" is the key word here.

I'll describe my method and recommend that for a first time for Chris it should be bare, held securely over one knee with legs firmly clamped and to keep going until he's crying ........ properly


I think a demo might be best, if the situation came up, but I don't think this is the situation for a spanking, especially considering that Chris is either 11 or 12.

I'm going to tell Martin that he needs to let Chris know he's thinking about this, and at least give Chris a chance to come to terms with it. He also needs to set down some clear rules. Spanking the boy because he's upset isn't going to do anything but cause problems.

Boys being boys, I'm willing to bet Chris already knows how my boys are spanked, so I'd suggest him starting by asking Chris that, and what he thinks about it, then trying to figure out what would work for them.

But, you know... bare bottom, hand and paddle work great for me.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I think on this occasion just throwing the warning out there might work with Chris provided looks like he mans it. It may just ge Chris thinking about it. I wouldn't suggest Martin ups and just does it this time. Make Chris understand that this sanction is on the table. I think the bare over the lap clam the legs in method is the way to go. See if hand brings the change of attitude required and step it up in future if Chris is still being a pain.

12 Instructions... on Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:45 am


Instructions on how to administer corporal punishment to a naughty teenager...

1. Find a nice birch thicket.

2. Cut about two dozen thin and supple branches each about three feet long.

3. Bind them together with twine at one end creating a convenient handle.

4. Close all windows and doors to prevent the neighbours from hearing the screams.

5. Tie Martin down to his bed... a strap at each limb would do... it would probably be a good idea to place a couple of thick towels underneath his waist to catch any drippings (i.e. blood or urine, for example).

6. Take his trousers and underpants down to his ankles and lift his shirt up, leaving his bottom fully exposed.

7. Wash his bottom being sure not to forget the gluteal cleft, then swab it with disinfectant... alcohol will do, it's less messy and smelly than carbolic acid and all.

8. Swat the bared buttocks with the birch using all your strength until you have either administered a round two dozen, or the birch breaks, whichever comes first.

9. Wash Martin's buttocks carefully with a washcloth to remove any pieces of the birch which might remain lodged in the skin.

10. Swab the buttocks thoroughly with another application of disinfectant.

11. Release Martin from the bed, but leave him locked in his bedroom for a couple of weeks (or until his bottom heals).

12. Confiscate his cellular telephone.

13. Remember to snap the breaker to his room so none of his other electronics will work (even the battery operated ones will eventually fail).

14. Leave him a bucket and a roll of toilet paper as well and let him out twice a day to empty it into the toilet.

Stevie.  Twisted Evil


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with others who have questioned whether Chris will accept spankings at this point. He is at an age when most kids are transitioned towards other punishments. I would certainly warn Martin that he should not simply start spanking Chris with no prior warning unless he really wants to know how bad his son's attitude can be.

If Martin is serious about adding spankings to his disciplinary arsenal, I suggest he talk with Chris. During the talk, he should emphasize that Chris's good friends are subject to spankings, which will help take away some of the stigma a boy this age might feel. He should also allow Chris some input into how the spankings will be administered. Even though an otk hand spanking might seem the least painful option (which is by no means universally true), Chris might be more comfortable bending over for a paddling or a few strokes of his dad's belt. Any punishment will be more effective if the one receiving it is accepting and cooperative.

I would also counsel Martin that he should not make tears the measure of a punishment's effectiveness. Beating someone until they break down is merely torture. Whether or not the punishment is beneficial will be determined before Chris feels the sting of the first swat or smack. Of course, Martin should reassure Chris that it is okay if he does cry, as he probably will.



At 11-12, it IS rather difficult to add this tool to the box especially as it's never been so before! I know well how at 12 the introduction of SEVERE punishment altered my view of the individual imposing it!!

First and foremost has to be a discussion with the soon to be spanked boy explaining why we are stepping up to this level and giving him a chance to "mend his ways' and a thorough explanation of what will happen the next time he falls short of expectations. Following that, the next time he fails to meet the mark provide punishment in the manner discussed and be consistent afterwards; if done in a manner that is both loving and consistent I think you'll have a much improved boy-at least that has been MY experience!!

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