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BOTD 3/4/14 "Diff'rent Strokes" A Memory Man Production

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David M. Katz

Diff'rent Strokes......?
A Memory Man Production
Your ebullient eleven year old son Clifford is a fountain of (largely) innocent mischief.  Although at times he crosses the line a moderate bare bottomed interview across your lap suffices to set him back on course.  Severe disciplinary hidings, for him, are collectors items.

Together with your wife and Cliff you are spending the weekend with your wife's sister who's son, Alan, is two years younger than Cliff.  The cousins have developed quite a close bond and play well together.  Alan looks up to and admires Cliff and tends to follow him round, at times like a little puppy.  Cliff, in turn relishes his big brother role.

Cliff - 11 & Alan - 9
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Today the boys have been caught in a joint prank.  Whilst technically naughty, it is the sort of ingenious prank that would normally have you suppressing a smile as you chewed Cliff out over it.  You have just started out on him when sounds behind you cause you to spin round to see that Alan has been swept across his dad's lap, he's crying and his legs are flailing away as your brother in law pounds his little bare bottom.

The short sharp hiding is over before you've had time to reorganise your thoughts and Cliff, who'd been looking on aghast turns to you with an anguished look and tear filled eyes.  "Dad.  You're gonna hafta' too"  he whispers hoarsely "It was all my idea and all my fault"  as he starts fumbling with the fastening of his shorts.

Actually you don't hafta'

You don't really wanna'  ...........

...........but you know your son well; that he is a loyal friend, and that he has a strongly developed sense of fairness.  His anguish that Alan has been spanked unfairly for following his lead is transparent.

So will ya'?  - and if so will it be similarly short and sharp or will there be a leader's bonus?

And if not .............????

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

Yes, and we shall see about the leader bonus. All's fair in love and spanks. EmbarassedEmbarassed


Editor Extraordinaire
I can certainly see where Cliff is coming from. He doesn't feel bad about the prank so much as he feels responsible for his younger cousin's punishment. As Cliff clearly needs to take responsibility to set things right in his own mind, and perhaps also in Alan's, I will give him a similar short, sharp spanking to Alan's. I will not go further.



I really hate this kind of thing. I'm going to spank, because he feels he needs it, but I'm also going to have a talk with BIL - at the very least, if the boys are in trouble together, we should agree on how to treat them.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Amen Jack!!

I am now in a position where I will 'hafta' because of BIL's actions and the fact that I know my boy will be plagued by guilt if he doesn't pay a similar price, so "a short, sharp shock" and a HUGE piece of my mind to BIL later in private!

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David M. Katz

I agree with Jack and Dimitri.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Short, sharp and age and experience appropriate. Cliff knows I'm not angry with him so I'll have to remind him that I need a few tears to go along with what I would normally call a good boy spanking for Cliff where he's used to giggling all the way through.

Later I will try and talk with BIL and see if we can be on the same page next time when both are boys are involved in something.


I agree with Jack and Kat (and Dimitri). My hand has been forced, and I'm not happy about it. Cliff will get the same as Alan, no more. And hopefully I can have a private chat with BIL about thinking first and spanking later in future.


I don't hafta but I reckon I gotta.  Smile


I agree. He gets the same as Alan It doesn't need to be fierce . I suspect Alan is past noticing how bad his was in comparison to his cousin. Not sure its for me to say how BIL deals with his son but yes he did force my hand some. Just glad Cliff isn't begging to be let off

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