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BOTD 03-14-14 Rock and Roll - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Rock and Roll
An Ivor Production

Mr Garvey who lives a few houses down the block, has complained to you on a few occasions in the past that your eleven year old son Jayden is a pest and has been rude to him. Mr Garvey is a senior citizen and has a reputation for being somewhat anti social and cantankerous. On the first couple of occasions he complained you confronted Jayden who flatly denied being involved. The last time Mr Garvey complained you told him you were fed up with him moaning, that you were confident Jayden wasn't being a pest and that unless he could give you proof didn't want him coming knocking on your door again.

A few days later he does knock on the door. You start telling him you are sick and tired of his moaning when he shows you this:

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Will Jayden be sitting comfortably on his bike tomorrow?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I will advise Jayden to steer clear of the old man but I won't be spanking him for showing the Rock and Roll signs of his old man!

Now if this was Jayden:

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different story... OTK!

Can you dig it?


Ditto Skater. I have little patience for elderly people who go about looking to cause trouble.


Ditto. Cool bike, btw.

David M. Katz

Dittos to the dittos who dittoed.  Laughing 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

David M. Katz wrote:Dittos to the dittos who dittoed.   Laughing 
All the Ditto day

Stone Man

Same thing.


Oh dear, oh dear!   Ever the contrarian and odd man out, being a senior citizen with a tendency towards cantankerousness, I have a sneaking sympathy for the old curmudgeon.

"On the first couple of occasions he complained you confronted Jayden who flatly denied being involved."    OK, so somebody is lying.  Who is the more likely, if not the one who is trying to get out of trouble?   The Curmudgeon is hardly likely to have mistaken Jayden's identity, since he is a near neighbour.  He might even have quite liked Jayden when he was a sweet little four year old.   But you evidently took Jayden's word for it.  Without trying to establish the truth?  What kind of a little monster are you bringing up?  Sometimes the young need a firm hand.


Seems like the little chap got a wee bit out of hand and needs a reminder.
We don't want the neighborhood turn into a battle field so Jayden has to learn some respect before I end up at the bottom fo the food chain myself.
Jayden will get spanked and assuming he took advantage of me before he will get a VERY serious warning about future behaviour because I will be somehow reluctant to believe HIS side of the story if there ever is any complaint about him.
So I am very much on the same road with Pushkin.


If I flat out believed Jayden from the first, it's because the actions of which he was being accused were so out of character for him. In this case, there have been multiple (at least 3) accusations against him (two of which he has to be aware, since I talked to him about them), so why would I expect him to have good feelings for Mr. Garvey.

I will inform Mr. Garvey that the gestures Jayden are making are not insulting. I will also ask him how he'd feel if someone who'd made multiple accusations against him started stalking him with a camera.

In the end, Jayden and I are going to have a talk about him avoiding and/or ignoring the old man. He sounds too much like my grandfather, which means there's no way to win this, and trying will only make everyone miserable. Well, everyone but the old man - he's a carrier, not a sufferer.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


As the creator of this BOTD and an old man myself, I have to say that I do not know what this gesture does mean.

All I can say is that if a kid who had been giving me trouble made that gesture towards me and with that look on his face, I would not consider it was meant kindly.


Are they both my boy? I will be saying to my son that yes he may be a cranky old whatsit but you need to be better than this or you are just as bad. Any more rude gestures to ANYONE and you will be for it. For now you will apologize , GRACEFULLY and we will see if the old boy has the class to accept it , GRACEFULLY.


Editor Extraordinaire
Perhaps the problem all along has been a misunderstanding. I won't punish Jayden, but will remind him either to avoid Mr. Garvey altogether or make sure that his interactions are unambiguously polite. It is possible he has been antagonizing Mr. Garvey with gestures that are unfamiliar to the old man, but which will leave Jayden in a position to claim innocence. I will explain to Mr. Garvey that the gestures, which are used in a couple of contexts, are not insulting. Surely the best thing is to respond with kindness and try reaching out to our neighbor. Both Jayden and Mr. Garvey will be happier if they can be on friendly terms.



As always, Kat brings the voice of calm reason to the equation which I have been known to lack on occasion.

I would be better for all if we can peacefully coexist but I'm afraid the old fellow rather has it in for my boy and it may be best for me to keep Jayden away from him.

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