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BOTD 03-21-14 How to Cook a Goose - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
How To Cook A Goose
An Ivor Production

Your 14 year old son Phil has spent the day at the beach. You told him that you would pick him up from a different place to where you have picked him up in the past, but when you arrived there he was nowhere to be seen. You assumed that as it was a nice day he'd stayed a little longer than he should have so you sat in the car and waited. When he still hadn't showed half an hour after he should have you decided to go to the previous pick up point. When you get there you see:

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Before you say anything Phil asks

"Where the hell have you been? I've been waiting for you for about 45 minutes and I got so hungry and thirsty I had to go and buy this. Hope you're gonna reimburse me."

Has Phil cooked his goose, bearing in mind the last thing you said to him as he left the house this morning was to remember you'd be picking him up at a different place?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
Looks like his mouth is going to write a check that his butt is going to cash! Where is my Jokari paddle?

Can you dig it?


I'm going to politely remind him I'm not one of his buds, and that I won't be spoken to in that manner. I'm also going to jog his memory regarding the different meeting place specified. If he's the boy I've raised him to be, at that point he's going to be very apologetic with very red, embarrassed "superior" cheeks.

If not, scalded buns may well be on tonight's menu.

David M. Katz

I agree with Kier.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Very Happy  yup "K Club" for me.......

hugs kal

John Boy

Skater wrote:Looks like his mouth is going to write a check that his butt is going to cash! Where is my Jokari paddle?
stealing answer.


And the K Klub continues to have the right answer!!

Stone Man

I will suggest to Phillip that he rewind the day, think about this mornings conversation and to be sure of what he wants to say and how he may want to say it before opening his mouth again. (Remember to totally engage one's brain before engaging one's mouth)

I'll cut Phil some slack, as it looks like it was a long hot day in the sun. Even the most fun filled day can go sour and make one forget one's place in the world. so to speak.

With any luck, Phil will now remember about the days correct pick up point. He's so red I won't be able to tell if he blushes. I will accept his blubbering apology and suggest we head of for some ice cream to get our temperatures down.


The K club reigns


I don't think he's cooked his goose. We are going to have a talk about respect and handling anger... And I somehow doubt he was going to starve to death.

I've dealt all too many times with others (adult and child, with me telling and me being told) where someone thought they were very clear, and they really weren't. There have been other times when someone is just used to doing things a certain way and the new thing slips.

"Phil, I told you I was picking you up (at the new place), and I waited there for you for... amazingly enough 43 minutes. I'm not reimbursing you, because if you'd done what you should, you wouldn't have had to buy that. I will, however, be glad to blister you if you don't watch your tone and language with me."

Knowing my son, he'll probably be intensely embarrassed for a few minutes, then sheepishly apologize, and all will be well (and I suppose I should wonder why I didn't just call him, but I rarely think of those things right off the bat, even now).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Since John Boy already stole Skaters answer Stone Man's will suite for me very well Wink

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K Club for me.



I join the queue...


Kier and Jack have this one between them. If Philip can wind it back and apolgize cooked goose a la Philippe won't be on the menu tonight

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