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BOTD 03-30-2014 Oh Deer! A DMK Good Boy Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK "Good Boy" Production

Your fourteen year old son, Travis, is still spanked if needed but he has not earned a spanking in over a year.  Today Travis comes to you and says he wants to go for a day hike in the woods.  Travis is an experienced hiker and is very familiar with the woods near your home so you grant permission.  You remind Travis that you all have plans with friends for the evening and so he needs to be home by 4:00.  Travis agrees and even says he will probably be home earlier.

Travis enjoys his hike and is headed back home when he encounters an injured deer.  Travis attempts to call the ranger but realizes he has no service on his phone.  He also attempts to call you but, again, he can't due to having no service.  Travis feels he has no choice but to detour and hike to the ranger's station to get help for the deer.

Travis finds a ranger and takes him to the deer and the deer is able to be rescued but Travis is now a half hour late and he is at least a half hour from home.  He tries again to call but still has no service.

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Travis arrives home a little over an hour late and you have already had to postpone the plans with friends.  You are worried and angry but allow Travis to explain himself.  Travis explains the entire situation.

Is Travis in trouble?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
If you consider getting hugged in trouble than yes.. he's for it!

Can you dig it?

John Boy

He gets a hug and a good job... And at least he tried to call...


Handshake and hugs.  He did the right thing and I'm glad to know I'm raising a good man. About those bare feet in the woods, however...... Twisted Evil 


The lad is in real trouble... he didn't bring any venison back home with him and all...

Stevie.  Twisted Evil 

Stone Man

A stingoor or two or... along with a solid hug will be all he's in for. I do like good boy Sundays as most of us are dealing with good boys all the week long.  Cool 


Skater wrote:If you consider getting hugged in trouble than yes.. he's for it!

ditto, even if he could have called from the ranger's...


Oh dear me!

At least it wasn't a stag do we were going to.........


Ditto Skater


Obviously you can't have cell service everywhere, and I've lost my signal in weirder places than the woods. I'm going to accept his word on that, though we might need to figure something else out for the future.

In general, Travis made a good and responsible decision and I can't blame him for it. I am going to point out that the Ranger's Station probably had a phone or radio, and he could have asked for a message to be passed, so I wouldn't be concerned.

Over all, he did the right thing, and I'm going to tell him so.

Did I postpone the plans to later or another day? If it's another day, I think we'll go out to eat, and maybe stop by Game Stop on the way home.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


It happens. Like being witness to an accident. The preamble suggests Travis is a responsible young man. I would want him to do this for the deer so no action from me


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Skateski!


Pi Beta

Though I'm not pleased that he didn't ask the ranger to make the call rather than trying to rely on his own phone, I'm happy that otherwise he made the right decision. So he'll get a grumble then a hug from me.

I will investigate satellite phone or short wave radio provision since I'd like him to be able to call if he goes off on his own and falls badly.

David M. Katz

StevieWeeks wrote:The lad is in real trouble... he didn't bring any venison back home with him and all...

Stevie.  Twisted Evil 

Stevie makes a good point. Had Travis field dressed the creature and dragged it home then our freezer would be well stocked with venison and he probably would not be late.  Twisted Evil Twisted Evil 

OK, I agree with those who give out hugs and understanding with the caveat of "why didn't you use the phone at the ranger station?"

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Jack has nailed it for me.

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