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BOTD 4/1/14 "An Insistent Request" A Stone Man Production

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David M. Katz

An Insistent Request
A Stone Man Production

Jordan, your twelve-year-old, sixth grader son, is a piece of work… a well behaved, cute, full-of-life piece of work, but a piece none the less. Jordan does well in academics, is active in the school music programs and is a willing-to-learn athlete who gives his all and has a ball doing it.

Jordan - 12
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Jordan is rarely in real trouble and perpetually into little almost troubles which mostly earn him a hug and a swat as he walks by. Jordy responds positively to spankings, rarely repeating a behavior that has earned him one. Up to this point all spankings have been bare bottom, OTK, hand spankings by either you or your spouse. Jordy has an old belt of yours hanging in his closet, but it has yet to be used on him… by you or your spouse anyway.

An interesting thing about your son is the regularity of being involved in “real trouble”. From the time Jordy first got two swats to the back of his bare legs below his diapers for a serious misbehavior, up to the present day, Jordan’s been on a cycle ranging from 68 to 72 days between serious misbehaviors necessitating an age appropriate real spanking. These can be noisy affairs and are very embarrassing to Jordan, particularly if others may be aware of them. For this reason, you do your best to keep his punishments private.

Shortly, the three of you are headed off on your first ever cruise in the Caribbean. Jordan has been looking forward to this since the subject was first broached. He’s been finding maps and pictures and hanging them up in his room, and anywhere else you will let him. He is SO excited.
Today that excitement crashed and burned for Jordy. He had taken a look at his calendar and done some calculating and re-calculating and discovered that days 68 thru 72, since his last real spanking, all fall on the days we’ll be cruising. Your son is devastated and is near to sobbing trying to tell you what he’s found out.

You and your spouse talk with him, offering assurances and suggestions that possibly being in a different location will change the cycle. But for Jordan it’s written in stone, and nothing but a real spanking will remove the weight of his discovery. Jordy goes to his room to be alone and pine.

Just before supper, a purposeful boy returns to you. In his hand he has the belt that’s been hanging and waiting for him to need it. Jordy tells you that the only way he can see to break the cycle is for him to receive a pre-emptive spanking. He feels it needs to be the worse one he’s ever gotten to make it work. He hands you the belt and begins removing his jeans.

As he steps out of them and reaches for his briefs, he looks up and sees you and your spouse staring at him, open mouthed. With his hands on his hips and a determined set to his jaw he says,

“If I have to I’ll do something really bad or smash something really important to you to get this done!!!”

How do you react to this unusual display?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

This is hard, and not just the spanking he is asking for. I do not like pre-emptive spankings but I don't like that he feels he has to get in trouble just so he can break a cycle. I can point out that maybe we can try other options if he gets in trouble on the cruise... Long time-outs missing out on an on deck activity... baby swats. Or if he does earn one he can maybe get a longer but milder spanking to keep the noise level down.


Is a pre-emptive spanking going to work? I have no idea but Jordy seems to think it will and he has that so fixed in his mind that I reckon I'm going to have to go along with him.

If it does problem solved; if it doesn't we'll just have to use cruise control.  Smile


Well, this is a hard one.
First my spouse and me will sit on the couch with Jordan inbetween and our arms in sideway hugs and have a talk.
I don't believe in some special 68-72 magic and I don't believe a pre-emptive spanking would really solve the problem.
Maybe the exciting adventure of the cruise might keep him completely out of trouble because his mind is filled with the experience.
Maybe he'll meet some boys his age as playmates on the cruise and they might get in trouble even despite any pre-emptive actions.
I am promising that if he really needs a spanking during the trip I'll offer something like John Boy: a longer but milder spanking to keep the noise and embarrassement down or other sanctions.
If the boys should get spankings together than that even might give him the strength to take it as bravely as his pals.
So, please Jordan, stop worrying. Just try to savor the excitement of this special experience and maybe the cruise might break that doom loop completely by itself. You NEVER should give up any hope.
And IF you are still really worried the evening before we start I can show you the special magic of loving stingoors right at bedtime. And if you don't believe me I can show you right now ... So put that belt away and hop up.


Just for me, I'm going to have to argue with this scenario's definition of either 'real trouble' or 'rarely'.

As to the problem itself, I have no trouble giving a fairly playful, preemptive spanking, but I'm not going to use the belt when trouble hasn't occurred.

The first thing I'm going to do is tell him that if he smashes something, he's going to be grounded and doing extra chores until he pays for it. Then we'll talk about how wrong his threat is, and how it just makes me stubborn up --- which is bad for him since I have WAY more experience being stubborn than he does. If he wants to spend the entire summer grounded, he can try me on that.

Once he understands that he was being wrong-headed and apologizes, we'll get back to the original problem. I think that, even if the different setting doesn't change his pattern, a sock in his mouth and a bit of careful time (being late to lunch maybe?) will give him plenty of privacy.

I'm also going to talk to him about this 'period', because it sounds like he's making it a self-fulfilling prophecy - something to give into, not to break.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

John Boy

On more thinking, I could tell him that if he does have a temper tantrum over not getting the pre-emptive spanking, then I will punish him by treating him like a toddler. So he would get smacks to his legs but more smacks to match the fact he is older now Twisted Evil


I think, Jack has summed it up well.


Serious spankings are the aftermath of serious misbehaviour.  Jordan must have been keeping a diary of his spankings in order to become aware of such an unrealistic tight schedule 70+/- 2 days between his "naughties."  Why 70 days?  The cycle doesn't even fit with the pseudo-science of biorthyms he may have read about.

How long has he been aware of this cycle?  Does he get a secret, perhaps unconscious thrill, about precipitating an occasional "proper" hiding?  Or did he notice he was getting a proper spanking about every 2½ months and  unconsciously refined it so that committing an act of serious misbehaviour within the window has become a self fulfilling prophesy?

Weird? - But we are where we are.  scratch 

Its a positive sign that Jordan wants to break the cycle and I'm going to help him.  As a first step we'll sit down and discuss the issue in depth- but I don't hold out much hope since he's already got it in his head that a only a belt hiding now will accomplish this.

If the talks fail he can step out of his briefs.  I'll tell him he's too old now to be spanked and that he can expect to get the belt in future;  then he can bend over the arm of the sofa and, sorrowfully, I'll berform my unpleasant duty.

I'll comfort him afterwards as I make a mental to be a little less tolerant of his minor lapses in future in order to ensure that there is no pattern established for any subsequent leatherings.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Jack. I think it's important to break what appears to be a superstitious faith in some cycle or pattern.



I agree with Jack and Kat. I can't see giving a "serious spanking" pre-emptively.

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
I'm not going to accede to his request and, like others, will tell him that if he does do something now that would normally justify a belting, he'll get an alternative punishment.

Then I'll try to persuade him that the c70 days repeat pattern is a pure coincidence. It is, of course, a possibility that he is some form of a spanko who "needs" a regular belting - maybe if so he will now admit it (?).

I would follow up by asking him whether he sees this c70 day repeat pattern throughout his life - even after he has left home for college/work. I hope he'll realise that this would be crazy and that, at some time, the pattern will be broken. Maybe I might also offer some sort of reward for him if he can avoid any trouble worthy of a belting for the next 100 days.


Stevie doesn't think this cycle is a coincidence...

It's likely related to a digestive disturbance caused by periodic constipation.

We'll solve the issue by giving the lad a tablespoonful of castor oil every 65 days or so to ensure this doesn't happen again.

It would probably be most efficacious if given on a school morning immediately before he leaves the house so it would be judicious to include a spare pair of tighty - whities in his backpack just in case...

Stevie  Twisted Evil 


I'm in Jack's corner on this one. We need to talk about this with an eye toward dealing with the threat first.

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