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BOTD 04-18-14 Feeling No Pain? An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Feeling No Pain
An Ivor Production

This evening you have been to the bar and as you have had a few, decide to walk home. Taking a short cut across some waste ground you come across your two sons:

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Twelve year old Dan standing on the shoulders of his 14 year od brother Davy.

They have been told in the past that they must not go spraying graffiti on walls so you tell them they can come home with you and prepare for a whipping.

They point out that it is a derelict building and that lots of others have made their mark there.

Is that argument going to persuade you not to make your mark on them?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I'm letting them off this time!  drunken 

Can you dig it?


I'm pretty sure it's far past the time they should be home without permission, so....


They've been specifically told NOT to do it. And "everybody else is doing it" isn't a good, or even an acceptable bad, excuse.

And if I'm walking home from the bar, it has to be well past dark as well.

They're toast.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm not sure that its being a derelict building or that others have vandalized it first matter. They have no business with the spray paint. They're toast. If they like to make graffiti, then I'll take them to the Cadillac Ranch or some other spot where it is permitted.


David M. Katz

K Klub intact except I probably also need to discuss with Dan that tat on his leg.

Valid point - I should sober up before I dole out justice.  drunken 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

I'll have the boys come home with me. The boys can sleep on it and worry some about what they'll be in for, and I need to sleep it off before I consider raising a belt to them.


Maybe, depends how many I've had.  I'm a happy, rather than a belligerent drunk.

In either case their hidings will be lighter than if I was stone cold sober. drunken

John Boy

ditto all.


Embarassed Apparently I not only had enough that I needed to walk home, but now I have these two 'gentlemen' mad at me for confusing them with my kids!  Embarassed 

I think the important part is not that 'everyone else is doing it', but that if they were caught, someone could try to blame them for all of it. They're being warned again, and hopefully the sore butts will stress that I'm serious.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Stevie hates graffiti with a passion... he'd even spank Banksy and all...

They're going to be fairly severely punished next morning, when I'm sober... I don't assign punishments when I've been drinking...

Most likely they'll be spanked... perhaps extra chores that involve cleaning up and all...

Stevie.  Twisted Evil 


I'm in agreement they will have toasted buns the next day when we have all had some time and space, I also like Stevie's idea of them cleaning that crap up.

Then I need to figure out how they even got their grubby little hands on spray paint as I know most stores won't sell that stuff to minors.......

Hugs kal


As everyone else has said, "everyone else is doing it" is NOT a valid excuse. If I'm so  drunken  that I walked home I'm too  drunken  to punish the kids; that's something I'd never do.

In the morning after my head has returned to normal, they are going to receive a right proper thrashing for their behavior and then we can go back to the building and I'll watch them clean their mess up as well as some of the others' 'artwork'.


I'm spanking them, when I'm sober. I too loathe graffiti. For whatever reason, a street with graffiti always seems to be a bit more threatening

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