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22 April 2014: Monday's Child is Red of Face

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1 22 April 2014: Monday's Child is Red of Face on Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:56 pm


You live alone with your 13-year old son, Devon.

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This weekend is a bit different. You and Devon recently moved back to your hometown, and you're hosting some of your nephews, so Devon can get to meet them.

The problem actually started yesterday. He'd promised to have some chores done before you arrived home with his cousins, and then he told you he'd done them. When you and the cousins arrived, they weren't done.

Devon knows the penalty for that, but you know how intensely shy he is. Instead of making a big deal about it, you get everyone settled in, then you suggest your nephews go across to the park for a while, so that Devon and you can finish up a couple of things that have to be done before dinner.

They go. Devon is not looking forward to it, but he's glad there'll be no witnesses about, so he gives you almost no trouble in getting him ready to warm his butt.

He recovers and cleans up, and you help him finish the chores. Then the two of you go over to the park and join the other kids in some frisbee before dinnertime.

The next day, you hear a commotion coming from Devon's area of the house. You get their just in time to see Devon shoving Mike, who's younger than Dev, but the oldest of the other boys, to the ground. Along with your nephews, there are a couple of neighborhood boys with whom Devon has been becoming friends.

Mike is obviously shocked, but also looks to want to continue things. You break it up and separate them. While you've never spanked Devon in front of anyone before, you're tempted to make an exception. Still, you take a deep breath and find out what's going on.

It turns out that, after you'd sent the boys to the park, Mike had stuck around the house, and had sneaked back in and heard the entire spanking session. Devon had shoved him down because he was sharing full details with all the other boys.

Is Devon in more trouble? Is he the only one?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

John Boy

That is hard part of me says he was still in the wrong. Most of me says he is the victim. I think I need to talk to the cousins Dad and then see how much the cousin likes an audience for spankings EmbarassedEmbarassed

David M. Katz

I am giving everyone a pass on this one as far as spanking. However, some strong lectures about privacy and how to handle anger and keeping secrets and hands to yourself are in order.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

ALL the boys will be hearing my views on privacy as it pertains to personal discipline and other matters that are nobody else's business.

I'm not punishing Devon or Mike for the "fight" as both seemed willing, but I will be talking to Mike's Dad (don't know our actual relationship) about his son sneaking around to listen to his cousin's spanking.


I am in agreement with Stoney and DMK.


From the scenario I don't see how Mike would have known Devon was going to get spanked. Seems more likely he came back to the house to pick up something he'd forgotten and happened to come in while the spanking was happening. Thus I consider it to be an accidental rather than deliberate eavesdrop. Even so he still shouldn't have told Devon's friends but I can understand the temptation.

To me it all depends on how much younger Mike is. If the pair are within a year then I go with the lecture to both answer, but if more then Devon could be in for another spanking. As for Mike then I need to talk to his Dad and see what he suggests.

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Two worlds have become confronted; the Boys World and the Adult World.

Devon is finding out about, and establishing a relationship with, his cousins in the way boys have done since time immemorial.

My part of the adult world is pleased to note that although Devon may be painfully shy he's not a wimp and my interference will be limited to ensuring that nobody gets seriously hurt.

(Political Correctness ............ Pah!!)


ivor wrote:To me it all depends on how much younger Mike is. If the pair are within a year then I go with the lecture to both answer, but if more then Devon could be in for another spanking. As for Mike then I need to talk to his Dad and see what he suggests.

I cut some details from this.  I'd planned on working on it earlier, but yesterday was a bit crazy, so this was finished rather last minute.  My intentions were that Mike is younger and smaller, but not significantly younger and smaller.  I thought of him as 12 and about average, while Devon is about a year older, but a bit small for his age - bigger than Mike, but not a lot bigger.

Also, figure that Mike's Dad is your brother, and you know Mike gets it about the same way Devon does, and maybe more often.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Whether or not Mike snuck back in or heard the spanking accidntally doesn't reallyt matter in the end. The fact that Mike chose to broadcast it is the reason for.I will separate the boys andlet them cool off in separate rooms for a while. see Devon as more the victim here though we will talk about his retaliation. Assuming I have a good relationship with Mikes Dad I will be letting him know and letting him deal with Mike as he sees fit when Mike goes home


Editor Extraordinaire
I don't blame Devon for being angry. Mike invaded his privacy. Witnessing Devon's punishment may be forgivable, but sharing the details with the others is not. I won't punish Devon for shoving Mike. In my opinion, Mike is lucky to have escaped so lightly. I can't see that lecturing the kids will accomplish anything. Mike is old enough to feel empathy, so he should already know that what he did was wrong. I hope this incident doesn't sour the relationship among the cousins.



"Gee, Mike. I'm wondering if I should tell everyone about the spanking your father said he gave you last week, or if I should just demonstrate how I do it. Since you're so fascinated, I'm sure you wouldn't mind..."

Seriously though, I'm going to put a stop to this now. I really am tempted to spank Mike over it, but I doubt it would repair anything. I am going to talk to both of the boys, especially to let Mike know that, whatever the reason it started, it came very close to bullying and harassment, and I would be very happy to wear him out if it happens again.

I'm also going to apologize to Devon. I'd meant this to stay private, and I'm sorry it didn't.

For the record, I had intended that Mike decided he needed to use the bathroom before going to the park, and wandered back in just in time to wonder what chores Devon and I needed to do in his bedroom, with the door shut.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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