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26 April 2014: Friday's Child is Loving and Giving

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You walk into your son's bedroom.

13-Year Old Taylor
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"How was school today?"

"Okay," he answers, looking up from his book.

"Nothing special happened?"

"Not really."

"I only ask, because I received an e-mail from the vice-principal, saying you'd been paddled, and I thought your first time being paddled at school might be something special."

Taylor looks a little guilty now, but he just shrugs.

"You wanna tell me about it?"

He shrugs again, but he can tell you're not going to drop it.

"Did they tell you why I got licks?"

"Throwing paper after the entire class was told to stop?"

"It wasn't me."

"If it wasn't you, then why did they paddle you for it?"

"Because I said it was me."

Taylor sighs.

"Dad, please don't tell, but James..."

13-year old James, who is Taylor's best friend, and the son of a close friend of yours
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"... did it. He didn't really mean to, he just does it, and he didn't think about it."

"Why did you take the blame, if James did it?"

"Because James got whupped last night, and you know Uncle Carl whups him at home if he gets it at school. As soon as Ms. Jenkins started asking who did it, I could tell James knew he'd screwed up, and how scared he was, and it was only a couple of swats. You're not gonna tell Uncle Carl, are you?"

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Stone Man

"You're not gonna tell Uncle Carl, are you?"

Nope. I will be talking to James one of these days soon and see if Taylor and I can help him in any way to get over his habit. I'll also advise my son to be careful how much interference he runs for his friend, as his own good reputation could fall by the wayside and it's had to recover a good reputation from a bad.

 Twisted Evil I'll see if Taylor thinks a whippin' at home for him will be of any help.  What a Face


I'm not going to tell Uncle Carl. Maybe next time James is over, we can read chapters 19 and 20 of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer out loud and see whether that leads to a discussion.

Failing that, I'll talk to Taylor privately and let him know that while this was a very nice gesture, sometimes taking blame, especially for something you didn't do, can have consequences that are much farther reaching than the temporary burn of a couple of swats (though in this case, I'll bet his street cred gained from it too).


A friend in need is a friend indeed

John Boy

Is the boy reading Tom Sawyer? Razz What is done is done he got his "street cred" and was able to THIS ONE TIME look out for a friend.


I will be telling Taylor that I will bewhupping him again if he volunteers to take James's licks again as it is clear it didn't seem that much of a deterrent to him.  I 'm sorry for James that Uncle Carl believes in double jeopardy but it it is not for Taylor to take responsibility for James' behavior and the bad marks on his record.

And no I won't tell Uncle Carl


ivor wrote:A friend in need is a friend indeed

They are 'one off' circumstances.

He no doubt feels good about himself and any adult pontifications will fall on deaf ears ... so I'll just pat him on the shoulder and save my breath


Punishment room... for a couple of weeks...

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Of course, we have to make sure he doesn't have any way to have fun in the punishment room so, before we throw him in there, we will strap on his new anti-onanism belt and all...

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Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Stoney and Kier. I think it's sort of rotten the school called me. As a former teacher, I can understand the reasons why; but as a former kid, I feel that what happens at school should stay at school unless there are exceptional circumstances.



Since we also employ the 'trouble @ school=trouble @ home' credo I'm wondering why Taylor risked his backside. Is it because "Uncle Carl's" discipline is too harsh and he is trying to protect his friend? If so, that is perhaps an avenue that needs to be explored.

I'll let him off the hook this time but it will be with the clear understanding that if this happens again, regardless of altruistic motives, I'll be burning his butt again when he gets home from school.


I shall remind Taylor that when asked such a question by anyone in authority he should reply only with the 5 words: "I have nothing to say!"


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