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BOTD 05-11-14 High School - A Mahoover Production

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High School
A Mahoover Production

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Mark, John, and Adam (from left to right) are high school juniors, and they decided to partake in the great tradition of senior skip day a year early. The three families have been friends for years, and all of the dads have spanking permission for all of the boys. Spankings haven't been needed in a while, since the boys are fairly well behaved, and other means of correction have worked well.

They love to go hiking, so they decide to make a day trip to a nearby mountain (about a 45 min drive) and spend the day hiking. Adam is your son, and he has his own car, which he drives to school every day. His friends ride with him, and help out with gas money. As far as you know, Adam headed off to school this morning with his friends. But about 4pm, you get a call from Adam. He is in the National Park parking lot, and his car won't start.

What's next?

Can you dig it?


I want my son to know he can call me any time with any problem. Yelling at him when he's called for help doesn't send that message. So initially, I'm just going to find directions to where he is, and go get him. Hopefully, it's a minor thing like a battery, and we can get the car started and get home.

Once there, I'm going to give all three boys an earful. The "natural consequence" to this behavior at their age is loss of car keys (and/or ride) for a period of time, and unless they are totally unrepentant and unaware that what they've done is a very big deal (illegal, dangerous, very inconvenient to me to have to drive to the mountains to fetch them), that's "all" that will happen. If they persist in "no big deal", I'll demonstrate, painfully, what a very big deal it was. I'm betting that won't be necessary.

David M. Katz

I am sitting here trying to improve on Kier's response or think of something different. He makes valid points all around so, yet again, I will simply say DITTO Kier.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


45 minute drive? Wonder how many miles that is?

Bet they'll have blistered feet by the time they get home but then I can take their minds off those by adding blistered butts to their tale of woe.


Dunno what this quaint American custom of skip day is - but over here its simply called truanting - and my son wouldn't have been old enough to drive anyway.

However............. The breakdown ensured they have been nailed.  If I can be sure its just an isolated 'one off' escapade its just that - a not particularly serious escapade and at least they've spent it healthily.  

Mark and John can choose between being sharing Adam's resultant strapping or being referred to their own fathers.


Wouldn't happen.

This is a serious answer... no son of mine would have his own car while attending high school. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

Not even if he paid for it himself. I would not countenance him working the type of hours he'd need to support an automobile while he was attending high school. I'd much prefer that he participate in extra curricular school activities at sixteen than stand behind the counter in some pestilential fast food outlet and all...

Upon occasion he would be allowed use of one of the family cars... but he'd always have to ask permission first, which would not, of course, be granted for a truanting expedition; unless he lied and said he needed the car for a school event, in which case he'd be fairly severely punished for this.

In the event that I had foolishly allowed the boy to take the car and it had broken down, I would go and help him... I would not leave three sixteen year old boys stranded 80 kilometers from home... I would not be able to live with myself if anything happened to them.

I'm not sure about the punishment I'd impose - spanking is not an option for a sixteen year old here - but it would be a while before he'd be fully trusted with the car again... yon lad would be restricted to running errands for his mother and I for some time to come.


Pi Beta

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I'll rescue them but will deal only with my son. I will let all three of them know, however, that I will be informing the school of their unauthorised absence and leave the school to deal with them for that.

My son will lose his keys for some time.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll rescue them but I won't lift a finger to save them from any consequences at school -- and I'm sure there will be consequences at school.


Stone Man

Since I know all the Dads so well I'm sure when they hear what our boys have been up to that they'll want to ride to the rescue with me. Laughing

The looks on the boys faces when they see all three of us is priceless. Back peddling, red faces and lots of stammering greet our questions as we set to getting the vehicle running again. We Dads have had ample time to plan our actions and present a united front when finished with the task at hand.  Twisted Evil 

I'm not particularly upset with what they did, none of the Dads are. It is against school rules and all will be in for swats the next day they attend. But it is a beautiful spring day and none had a test or other serious work that required their attention this day.

The boys know they're in for something, as we Dads stand staring at them with our arms folded. All the boys know that what they have done was direct disobedience, as they are supposed to be in school. And it was dangerous, something could have happened to them or at the school and we would not have known where to find them.

SO Mark's Dad leaves us and returns with a freshly cut switch. John's Dad removes his wide and supple belt and I reach back into my truck and haul out the razor strop. There's no one about, but we Dads do look for a secluded spot and all find places to sit, whereupon we each take our own very worried boy, bare his butt and give him the hardest, and most like last, hand spanking he will ever be getting from us.  Embarassed  Embarassed 

There are lots of yelps and pleadings; red faces, bottoms and thighs; and a more than likely last of its kind bonding experience between three Fathers and their Sons.


I consider Stoney's answer takes today's prize.


When I wrote the scenario, I forgot that there are people that wouldn't be familiar with the US "custom" of Senior Skip Day. Sad At my high school, it was the Friday before the Prom (held on a Saturday), where the girls got their pedicure, had their hair done, etc. And the guys picked up their tux, bought the corsage, etc. So it was for the most part ignored by teachers and administration at the high school.

My answer is very similar to Kier's. I agree with his points that I want them to call me with problems, and that yelling at them isn't going to be constructive. My thoughts were that I would go help them get the car running again, and then tell them that we would be having a discussion when they got home, so come straight to my den. I would further tell them that I was debating one of three things happening: 1) taking the keys for 1 month, 2) three swats over boxers, or 3) two swats bare. And when they get to the den, I am expecting to hear what they think is appropriate, one of those three options or something else.

This is one of the cases where I want them to think about their behavior and the consequences, so hopefully during the drive back they will think and discuss. Since a month without car keys would extend into summer vacation, I don't think they are going to want to go there. So I am expecting that they will "recommend" either the swats or something they came up with.

During the discussion I will start by telling them I am proud that they made the right decision to call for help. Then I will tell them that I am not that upset about them skipping, what I am upset about is the deception. I will twist the knife by letting them know that if they had asked, I would have probably said they could go, but they would have had to deal with the consequences at school. As it is, they will still have to deal with school themselves.

I had my answer before I sent the scenario, so I decided to post it as I originally conceived it. But I agree with Ivor that Stoney has the best answer. Very Happy


I'm glad I caught this one late.  I would have probably gone into the K Klub but I really do believe Stoney nailed this one for me with the exception of the fact that (at least for mine), as Juniors it won't be the last dance we do!  I ended up with a 20 year old doing the spanked boy dance!! affraid (Dave's little spring break escapade  Rolling Eyes )

In our home it is on the table "as long as you are under my roof!"


I think I like Mahoovers reaction. He is right, as a Brit I don't get turning a blind eye to truancy. My own thought was that in lieu of a day off they shouldn't have had, the choice for me was a  weekend grounded with schoolwork missed and chores filling the daylight hours and no social contacts, with friends, either physically or electronically. This could be traded for 3 swats on boxers school style. I am assuming competence to drive includes mountain roads. I won't go to town on them because as stated, when in a hole they felt able to call me for help and I want them to feel they can do so. This does also need to be discussed with the other Dads in case they have a different take. I feel equality of treatment would be important or we will start to divide the boys amongst themselves, not what you want if they ever get stuck in the mountains again. 

Oh and if the school do want to take action, i would not stand in their way.

John Boy

I will help him fix his car, let the school handle the skipping, and then restrict his car use to school and back.... if I can trust him with that.

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