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BOTD 05-16-14 A Cruise, A Chaperone, A Crash - A Late Chat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Late Chat Production

You have twin thirteen year old sons, Alex and Alan.  When Alex and Alan need redirection you find spanking is still very effective.

You are fortunate and your twins are able to attend a prestigious and sound private school.  Each year the school has an end of year tradition of offering students an opportunity to go on a cruise to celebrate the conclusion of a successful school year.  You are able to allow Alex and Alan to go on the cruise.  You are also asked to attend as one of several chaperones and are able to do so.

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Discipline issues on the cruise are typically rare but, as chaperone, you do have several options available to you to address behavior concerns if needed. The school does not use any form of corporal punishment and CP on the cruise from chaperones is expressly prohibited.

On one night of the cruise the students are invited to have dinner at the captain's table and tonight is the night for your boys, yourself and a few other students and chaperones to dine with the captain.

Your twins envision themselves as budding magicians and like to practice their tricks and are certain they have one trick mastered.  Dinner is underway and Alex and Alan get up and together jerk the table cloth off of the table.  The trick goes horribly wrong and dishes and table ware and food crash to the floor.  You and the others are in shock.

After several embarrassed apologies and assistance with cleaning up you take Alex and Alan back to their cabin to address the matter.

How do you handle this?  Does the CP ban still apply since they are your sons and not an unrelated student? Is this even an offense that would earn a spanking?

FYI, you are wearing a leather belt, there is a hairbrush on the night table, Alan has brought his leather soled carpet slippers, Alex brought a fly back paddle toy to play with, and your hands are in good shape.

Can you dig it?


This wasn't a malicious act. It was a magic trick gone wrong.

I'm sure the boys were horribly embarrassed. They've already apologized and helped clean up without prompting from any adult.

I don't think this is a spanking offense. I think if I am chaperoning on behalf of the school, the school ban on CP would keep me from spanking if I did think so. The boys' bottoms are safe. There'll be a word about tricks going wrong, but just a word--sounds like they've already learned a lesson without any input from me.

John Boy

For my next trick, I shall make these boys disappear for a while. Abracatoyourcabin. Razz Razz Razz


I'm sure they are rather embarrassed about this. Nothing worse than a good trick gone bad. They can apologize and CLEAN UP THE MESS!!!

We will discuss this together tonight in the cabin. If they are sufficiently chastened, this shall be the end of it. If I get a scintilla of 'tude I will tell them that they can expect our very most deluxe spanking package when we get home!


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Kier. I think that the best way to ensure your kids hate for you to chaperone events is for you to treat them differently from other kids.



Kat wrote:I agree with Kier. I think that the best way to ensure your kids hate for you to chaperone events is for you to treat them differently from other kids.

Absolutely right about that! Whenever Lyn and I go to ball games as 'band parents' the kids make sure to ride a different bus than the one we chaperone. That's the only times our kids act 'embarrassed' about us. I make sure to give them as much space as they need for their comfort zone. And no, not even Darren has caused an incident in which we as band parents have felt the need to intervene.

Stone Man

I agree with Kier's way of handling things. Even if I felt CP was needed, I would not subject the boys to it as I am there as an extension of the school and the school does not practice CP.


"K" club again.




I'm pretty darned ticked off with the kids, and they will be receiving some type of punishment, simply because I feel that at their age, they should know that a formal dinner like this isn't an excuse for them to show off. If they'd wanted to make silverware disappear and reappear, I would quickly have stopped that.

Having said that, I do agree with everyone else on the CP issue, and I'll also be turning the issue over to another adult to decide what is appropriate punishment, beyond the lecture on behavior from me.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

I am with Jack on this.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Pi Beta

Once they have cleaned up, they are returning to the table for the rest of the meal. They are embarrassed about their trick going wrong; they will be even more embarrassed returning to the table in full view of everyone and having to live with what they've done in the company of those who've experienced their trick at first hand.

That will be a far more effective "punishment" than banishing them to their rooms or even a spanking to end all spankings. They will also spend some time next day writing abject apologies to the captain, all the others at the table that night (including me for my embarrassment!), the steward who was serving their table and their headmaster for letting down the school.

No spanking


I think they should be made to 'vanish'.

How about they go for a small cruise of their own - cast adrift in an open boat?  Evil or Very Mad

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