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BOTD Extra: 12 June 2014: Flashback - Hot, Hotter, Hottest!

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It's the summer of 2009. Your twins, Johnny and Josh, and their best friend, Will, are all ten-years old. Will's mom is an old friend of yours, he's spending most of the summer with you, and you have permission to treat him like your own, which you've used: and you've spanked him in combination with the twins and by himself. They've decided they want to go see the new Ice Age movie again. They've even saved money from their allowance for it. You explain that there's a lot going on, and that you don't have time to take them, but you'll see if you can all go see it again soon.

They're not happy, but they seem to agree. They go inside for a while, come back, then ask if they can go bike riding. You make sure they all have drinks in their sports bottles, and let them go. They all know their boundaries, and how long they can be gone without calling you, and these three are all good about following those rules so you don't bother reviewing things with them.

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About an an hour and a half later, you get a call. The boys are at the movie theater, which is most of the way across town. The long and short of it is, it took them longer to get there than they thought, so the movie had already started, and they had to stop and by Gatorade, and they didn't have enough money left for the movie, and they all feel bad, so would you please come get them.

When you pick them up, you realize that all three of them are showing early signs of heat stress. You stop and get some (room temperature) water. When you get back home, you get them more to drink, rinse them down, then get them undressed and in the pool, having them continue to drink, though not much at a time.

When they all seem to be feeling better, you dry them off and take them to the twins room. Because they've been drinking cool drinks and all the way in the pool, you have to check their core temperature. None of them are happy about that, but they're smart enough not to make a big fuss.

All their temps are down to normal.

The boys are all saying they're very tired now. Is it nap time or lap time?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

Jack wrote: you dry them off

Is there any other answer on Bransom?

I even them out.  Laughing 

I will tell the boys they have earned a spanking and why. They can do it before the nap or after the nap - their choice.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Agreed!!  Glad they didn't complain about the core temp issue; that would have been the PERFECT time to explain the 'error of their way'!




There will be time for both, I think. Not too harsh, just to let them know they were wrong.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think in this instance, experience was the best teacher. I could still punish them for disobedience on general principles, but punishment hardly seems necessary. I'm inclined towards mercy.



I'm with Kat on this. When I was in practice, I treated many a kid who was promised a spanking when he/she got home after getting stitches or a cast for some stupid kid stunt. I always thought that was mean and they'd suffered enough. In retrospect, maybe those parents were "more consistent". But I still think it was mean.


Ditto katz!

Hugs kal


This didn't offer whether the cinema was outside their range or whether an hour ansd a half was a case of gone too long.. I think our felines have it. The heat exhaustion will have been the best punishment and nothing needs adding except a word about, perhaps being careful about being a little crafty, economic with the truth even, I think I could play that on them before passing my non corporeal sentence.


squarecutter wrote:This didn't offer whether the cinema was outside their range or whether an hour ansd a half was a case of gone too long.

90 minutes wasn't a curfew violation, though riding over there, then seeing a 2 hour movie, then riding back, would have been. On the other hand, the theater was definitely outside their boundaries at 10.

I'll go ahead and admit now that, while I did feel like I was being a bit inconsistent, I agree with Kat and Kier. There were no spankings in this case. However, all three boys lost their biking privileges for a week (I think).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

John Boy

Lap time then nap time.

Stone Man

John Boy wrote:Lap time then nap time.

That has nice ring to it.

Emlyn Morgan

Ah, yes! The summer of 2009. Um? Err?  scratch  I don't remember it at all.  Sad 

Never mind, I'm going to whack him.

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