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BOTD 06-13-2014 Duane and The Wood Pile - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Duane and the wood Pile
An Ivor Production

You have a 15 year old son, Duane.

One of Duane's chores for the last couple of years has been chopping logs. It was something he was initially very keen to do and for which you were glad not to say grateful. This is because you have a shoulder problem that makes it very difficult and painful for you to raise your arms above shoulder level. However you can still draw them back to deliver a good paddling as Duane will attest.

For the last few weeks though Duane hasn't been wood chopping and the stocks are now very low. You told him this morning it had to be done - or else.

He went outside and half an hour later you walk out to see how he is getting on. This is what you see:

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Duane just sitting there and no wood chopped.

Has he put his butt on the block? Are you going to invite him into the woodshed? Or are you going to hold off the paddling threat while he has that axe in his hands?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I think a trip to the woodshed is in order -- a short march... where's my belt?

Can you dig it?


I may ask him why he's sitting there. Pending the answer I get, he may no longer wish to sit once I've finished with him!


Ditto Dimitri


I'm going to asume he is taking a break ........

What a cutie....although I'm not fond of the lip junk!

Hubs kal

John Boy

AFinch wrote:Ditto Dimitri
Ditto the ditto with a Ditto Skater in as well.

Stone Man

I can't believe he's just sitting there all this time. I really want to find out what's going on in his mind.... THEN I'm gonna spank him!


This really does all depend on the answers I get, assuming he can communicate with all that metal around his lips. May be I should tread warily while he has an axe in his hands Question


It breaks my heart to think of my poor immaculate pretty boy having to break out a sweat. Shocked 

Since I can't do the job myself it seems I'll have to start buying in ready chopped logs --Idea -- unless of course the wife...........?? Rolling Eyes

Emlyn Morgan

As a boy, one of my chores was chopping firewood. We had coal fires in those days and you needed wood for kindling. I could still lay a good fire but nowadays I would never have an open fire because of all the work.

Anyway. I'm going to whack him!


If Duane has been doing this for a couple of years, it's no wonder he's tired of it. I think a talk would be more productive than a paddling, though I won't say a paddling is completely off the table if we can't work something out.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
I can't add much to the answers already given.


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