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BOTD 6/18/14 "Let Him Eat Cake" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Jeff is your eleven year old son and is still subject to spanking if needed. The cake was for a special dinner tonight and you told Jeff he could not have any cake until dinner. Jeff decided to sneak a piece anyway.

JEFF - 11
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What now?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

he eats standing up! EmbarassedEmbarassed


I am in no position to punish Jeff for this, I would not be able to resist either! So I will cut the cake in half (of the original) and have a big piece myself also!



Was the cake for something special, or "just dessert"?

If it's just dessert, as long as Jeff finishes his dinner, I'm not going to get too upset, though this was blatant disobedience.

If it's an occasion and he ruined the presentation, at 11, he's certainly old enough to know better. In which case, yeah, he eats standing up.


I'll rearrange the remaining slices so the missing piece goes unnoticed; then we'll retire upstairs where I'll rearrange Jeff's pants - - round his ankles.

Emlyn Morgan

Hmm! When I was his age we never had cake like that: only Scribona.

I'm going to whack him!


It says the cake was for a 'special dinner' so I'm presuming the cake was meant to be viewed and admired in its entirety rather than with a piece missing or cut into slices.

I thus hope Jeff enjoyed his slice as I'm pretty sure he won't enjoy the spanking he is going to get now.

(Emlyn - what is/was Scribona?)


One part of me is going with ivor.
But since we now have to present a ruined cake for our special dinner and I am not willing to take alle the blame I wont spank Jeff NOW.
BUT when the cake is arriving at the dinner table I will of course explain why one slice is missing and why Jeff will not get one for dessert.
This (hopefully not to big) humiliation will teach him more than spanking could about spoiling other peoples special events.
IF he throws some kind of fit about that, well, we can still spank after dinner ...


I know I don't keep a lot of junk food around the house, but there's always something to eat, and it's not like we don't have cake and stuff fairly often.

Nope, this is direct disobedience. Depending on why we're having a special cake tonight, it's also rude to the guest of honor.

Sorry, but it's a deluxe session with the Tail Blazer - cake flambe!

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Stone Man

John Boy wrote:he eats standing up! EmbarassedEmbarassed

He's wishing I'd allow him to anyway. Direct disobedience has a direct consequence for Jeff.


Whether it was dessert or a presention he was told 'no' and it was disobeyed.  I hope that cake was tasty
Indeed as it is going to cost him a very sore rear indeed.  He'll be standing for lunch; that is certain!


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier.



ditto Jack and Dimitri

hugs kal

Pi Beta

I'm sorely tempted to tell him he'll be on a bread and water diet for the next week that, no doubt would soon have him pleading with me to wallop him instead.

However, I think a sound spanking will do - oh, and he will have to forego the slice of cake he would have had during the meal - "You had it earlier, son!"


Direct disobedience. He's gettting paddled. He is 11 not 5 so should know better. If anybody asks I will find it hard to lie

Emlyn Morgan

ivor wrote:(Emlyn - what is/was Scribona?)

The Scribona bakery used to make cakes out of old tractor tyres back in the Ice Age. You couldn't get butter, sugar and raisins when I was a boy.  

I remember when we had to break through twelve-foot glaciers to open our front door, walk five-hundred miles bare-footed to the Franco-Cantabrian refuge to pick nettles for breakfast, and get back in time for school.  Kids today?  They don't know they're born.

Mind you, in them days, you could buy five Woodbines, see a film in the Gaumont, have fish and chips after, and still get change out of fourpence-halfpenny.

Bread and water?  We had to make our own water!

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